A Slight at the Opera - Recap

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The episode begins and everyone is up in arms right now. Claire agrees to take care of Joseph while Jay tries to teach Phil how to play golf so he can be more client-friendly in that regard. Also, it would help Jay to learn patience, something Gloria says he needs when taking care of a newborn. Cameron's class on the other hand is doing The Phantom of the Opera and Luke can't get anybody to attend to see the scenery he has painted. Manny wants to step in for the lead who probably got sick from chewing on scenery according to him. But it turns out the lead has mono. Cam is panicking because he is afraid of his funding being cut.

That is, until one of the kids makes fun of Luke's scenery painting, which prompts him to prove he can sing better than the kid in the musical. Cam therefore has his Phantom; much to Manny's chagrin. Manny still wants the role, so he offers to tell Luke the good news. He decides to try the “ol' reverse psychology” on Luke, saying he could do the job and won't screw everything up and get mocked by all the cool kids. It works. Luke turns down Cam's offer to play the lead, right in front of the school's theater critic. But Cameron soldiers on. Manny suggests he play the role, which Cameron accepts .Mitchell catches up to Jay and Phil on the golf course, accompanied by Pepper.

Basically, Mitch spent six months getting golf lessons from Pepper just so he could show up Jay, who never thought he could be good in sports. But, Mitchell despite his lessons does a pretty bad job. Claire in the meantime obsesses over almost tripping and falling on one of Phil's golf balls. Haley and Dylan have taken it upon themselves to babysit Lily and Joseph. Actually, Dylan's taking care of both of them and doing a really good job, feeding Joseph his bottle and teaching Lily how to play guitar. Haley even makes Lily her favorite lunch. Gloria on the other hand has to get a bunch of things ready for the musical. But Gloria has enough time to go see her psychic.

Gloria even convinces Alex to go to her psychic. Alex is skeptical, but tags along. Gloria explains to the psychic that Alex doesn’t have a boyfriend. “But she will soon” says the psychic. “Go on” says Alex, suddenly interested. Alex it turns out is trying to prove her psychic is a fake, so Alex makes up a few lines to respond to the psychic to make it sound like she is convinced. Gloria is loving it, so Alex keeps feeding the psychic false information. “It’s like Scrabble with Haley. After a while, you're just playing against yourself” says Alex. On the golf course, Mitchell is doing horribly, and Pepper gives him a good slap. Pepper is sick and tired of Mitchell holding back.

It is time to get angry and aggressive. It certainly works for Phil. Jay apologizes for yelling at him but Phil wants him to keep it up, just like his old tumbling instructor in college used to do. Claire's obsession with tripping and falling is starting to get in the way of Dylan successfully getting Joseph to bed. Haley has thoughts of starting her own family and Claire concludes, she'd put a stop to it by making a lot of noise to get Joseph awake and crying. It doesn’t work. Haley on the other hand thinks she did all of the work today and Dylan takes exception to that. Dylan leaves for home angrily and Haley too goes to her room all irritated.

It’s down to the final hole and Mitchell needs to sink a putt to win the match. Phil likes what Jay did for him, given his own father was often too supportive and not harsh enough. Jay wishes Mitchell good luck and says he is proud of him no matter what, but Pepper puts a stop to it. Mitchell in the end manages to put the ball in the bottom of the cup. Jay congratulates him. Mitch admits he should have golfed with Jay sooner, and Jay admits he never made the time. Phil wants to go to Luke's play; he skips golf with his client and runs to the school. Turns out, Manny's singing is not good. But since time is short, Cameron plays Luke's performance and tells him to copy that. Manny admits Luke can really sing, so he talks Luke into performing.

Alex on the other hand ends up with a bit of karmic retribution, because a cute guy sits right next to her wearing a school sweater with a knight on it, which is on similar lines to what she had, lied to the psychic about. Phil and Claire are wonderfully surprised to see Luke onstage. Phil even cries. On the good side, his client loves trampolines as much as Phil does, so he still gets the commission. The episode ends at this point.