Bad Hair Day - Recap

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The episode begins and Claire is headed for her college reunion, but without Phil. This also means she can catch up with her old boyfriends. Phil on the other hand is joining Jay for bowling. Cameron in the meantime is organizing an Oscar party at home. Mitch is borrowing some stuff from Gloria, for the party. Gloria finds out Jay won second place in the bowling tournament last year and won a spa card as a prize. She discovers that the pass is slated to expire today, so she convinces everyone that she doesn't want it. She hurts her ankle and Mitch feels bad and decides to take care of little Joe. She basically takes Mitch on a guilt trip to convince him. Cam too seems fine with taking care of Joe.

Jay in the meantime is really keen on winning the tournament this year. But, with Gloria away Jay has to attend to Manny who is depressed because he has lost his third singing audition. He takes Manny shopping in order to help him get over his depression but on seeing how long Manny is taking, he puts Manny on a bus and asks him to go home. Then he begins to feel guilty and runs after the bus. He then tells Manny to sing for the people in the bus, because Manny’s main issue is with singing in front of a crowd. Manny reluctantly agrees to Jay’s suggestion and begins to sing. He does a good job of it and people in the bus seem to like his singing. Phil discovers that he is no longer a part of Jay’s bowling team. So he decides to go for Claire’s reunion. There he runs into Tater, who it turns out had a thing for Claire in college.

Phil is not very happy to discover this and is hence wary of Tater. He is then shocked when he discovers that Claire and Tater had actually dated in college and that too right before she met Phil. Turns out, she calls him Tater because she had to once give him the Heimlich when he was choking on a tater tot. But, it’s actually Professor Cook that Phil has to keep a lookout for. Phil even tries to impress Professor Cook with his knowledge of the impressionists, but ends up making a fool of himself. Phil and Claire then discover that the living room in Professor Cook’s house where the party is happening also doubles up as a study and a bedroom. They also discover that Cook’s wife is his ex-student who is an alcoholic. These revelations really put things in perspective for Phil and Claire.

Claire realizes how fortunate she is to be married to someone like Phil. Phil on his part is glad that he doesn’t have to encounter any more of Claire’s ex-boyfriends. Joe and Cam on the other hand have encountered a big problem thanks to Lily. Turns out, Lily has glued one of Cam’s wigs onto Joe’s head. Cam and Mitch try everything they can possibly think of to get the wig off Joe’s head, but to no avail. The only option left for them now is to give Joe a really bad haircut. They then begin discussing as to who would take the fall for the whole fiasco. Mitch tries to bribe Cam into taking a fall for both of them. Mitch basically offers to spend ten days with Cam in Missouri in return for him taking the fall. Cam agrees to the offer.

Before Cam can own up or at least pretend Gloria breaks his chafing dish, Gloria has a bone to pick with Luke, who keeps leaving things out. Cam then convinces Manny to take the blame, by offering him the solo in the school musical. Manny in turn trades the blame with Luke. He does this because he needs a forged signature on a failing grade. Then Jay catches Luke eating the last piece of cake that was sent by Gloria’s mother. But, to secure Jay’s silence Luke blackmails him for having a ringer on his bowling team.

Jay though, is smart enough to turn the whole thing in his favor. He tells Gloria, Joe’s haircut has turned out to be so awful because he tried cutting it himself, just like his father used to do for him. Gloria is glad that Jay had the courage to admit the truth, when no one else did. She then drives everybody out of the house and apparently seems to have the last laugh because she uses the spa ticket that she through away while limping. The episode ends at this point.