The Wow Factor - Recap

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The episode begins with Claire and Cam, who are working as a team to renovate Cam and Mitch’s house. They are each under the impression that they are manipulating the other into getting stuff done their way. At the Dunphy house, Phil realizes that his daughters don’t know a thing about home care and maintenance, so he takes it upon himself to show them what a modern, self-sufficient woman looks like. At the Pritchett’s, both Gloria and Jay agree that, because baby Joe is taking up all their time, they aren’t spending enough time with Manny. Jay decides to stay with Joe, so Gloria can spend the day with Manny.

Mitch is dropping Lily off to school, where he sees a boy, called Milo, beating every other kid in handball and gloating about it. Mitch thinks Milo is being a bully, and decides to teach him a lesson by beating him at the game. It doesn’t go as planned because Mitch loses to Milo, which embarrasses Lily. Cam and Claire both realize that they are playing each other to get their way, and get into huge argument about the issue. Jay is getting bored at home with Joe so, after Joe dozes off, Jay brings him along for the latest James Bond movie. At the Dunphy house, Phil is teaching his girls how to be a self-sufficient, but they don’t seem interested.

At Cam and Mitch’s, Cam brings in Pam, who is the parent of one of Lily’s friends, to give her opinion about the renovation. Pam is a contractor and, because she is also gay, Cam feels Pam will agree with what he has to say. During the movie, Joe begins to cry and Rachel, one of Claire’s friends, who’s also watching the movie, offers to take Joe outside and put him back to sleep. Jay is really enjoying the movie, so he readily hands Joe to her. While trying to teach the girls about home care and maintenance, Phil breaks the water heater and begins repairing it himself. He sends the girls to the store to get a screwdriver, just so he can call his dad for help.

Mitch begs Luke, who is really great at handball, to help him improve his handball skills, so he can defeat Milo for Lily’s sake. Cam and Claire are both making their case in front of Pam. Claire has realized that Pam is attracted to her, so she is trying to get Pam on her side by removing her shirt and baring as much as she can. Cam is trying to find common ground with Pam, by driving home the fact that they are both gay. Eventually, Pam sides with Claire, but only because Claire’s suggestion is more sensible. While walking through the mall, Manny and Gloria notice Rachel standing with Joe in her arms outside the movie theater.

Gloria goes inside the theater and reprimands Jay for giving Joe to a stranger. Jay tries to explain that Rachel isn’t a stranger, but Claire’s friend. Gloria is in no mood to listen and storms out in anger. Jay rushes after her. At the Dunphy’s, Phil’s father explains to him how to fix the heater and, soon after, Alex and Haley return. They have gotten him a wrench instead of a screwdriver. Phil doesn’t mind because he has realized that, just like he called his father, his daughters can call their father for help years from now.

At the Pritchett’s, Gloria is still mad about what Jay did. It’s soon discovered that she, too, lied about a show being sold out that Manny wanted her to take him to. She did it because it is a four-hour-long show, and would be boring. She pretends that she lied only because her English is not good, and she wouldn’t have understood the show. Mitch is back at the school playground and, now that he has been trained by Luke, he is ready to face Milo. Mitch defeats Milo and gloats about it, in front of all the other parents and kids on the playground. The other parents don’t look too happy about his behavior and Mitch, as a result, is banned from dropping Lily off at school.

Cam installs a fountain in his backyard, despite Pam and Claire advising him against it, but both the women agree that the fountain looks amazing. At the Dunphy’s, Phil has managed to fix the heater. All is well again, at the Pritchett’s, with Jay reading Manny and Joe a story and Gloria looking on lovingly. The episode ends at this point.