The Future Dunphys - Recap

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The episode begins with Claire scheduled to go to the hospital for an angiogram because of the minor heart incident she had a few weeks ago. Luke is trying to build a toaster that would automatically fling the toast onto a plateful of butter, so Phil suggests he use a spring from a mattress for his experiment. Haley wants to leave her job at the store because it’s boring, but Claire advises her against it. Claire wants Alex to have more fun, but Alex wants to stay in her room and study. Claire asks Phil to talk some sense into their children, but he ends up doing just the opposite.

At the Pritchett’s, Manny is all dressed up because he has an interview at the Dryden Academy, a prestigious prep school. Jay can’t understand why Manny is making such a big deal of it. He tells Manny that he was in a public school and didn’t even finish college and yet, he made it in life. Claire is at the hospital for her angiogram and while waiting for it, she and Phil discuss about Haley’s issues. Claire doesn’t want Haley to quit her job, but Phil says they should give Haley her space. Norman, a patient in the neighboring bed, agrees with Phil and says he too has raised three kids and feels you have to let kids be who they are.

A while later, Norman’s kids come to see him and turns out, he also has two daughters and a son just like the Dunphys. Phil and Claire both agree that they look like the grown up versions of their kids. After Claire is wheeled away for her angiogram, Phil eavesdrops on Norman and his kids and is alarmed because each of them are similar to his kids and none of them have amounted to much in life. Lily has been asking a lot of questions about the female body, so Mitch and Cam have invited Gloria over to have a talk with her. Gloria is about to go shopping with her, when Lily shocks her by revealing that she is gay.

At Dryden, the prospective students and their parents are given a tour of the school. Manny is really excited about it, but Jay, not so much. Turns out, Jay was a little jealous of prep school kids, when he was himself a kid because he couldn’t afford to go to a prep-school. Even now, he secretly wants to get into one, which is why he wants to make sure that Manny gets into Dryden.

Gloria tells Mitch and Cam what Lily said and they sit Lily down to discuss the issue with her. Lily says that in school she heard a kid say that both his parents are Italian, which is why he too is an Italian, so she concluded that because both her parents are gay she too is gay. They explain to her that the kid was talking about his heritage when he said that and tell her that by heritage she is a Vietnamese. She asks more about her heritage, but Mitch and Cam hardly know about Vietnam, so they aren’t able to give a proper answer. After Lily leaves, Gloria reprimands the two for not bothering find out about Lily’s culture and says Lily has so many questions because she doesn’t know who she is.

Gloria decides to take Lily to a Vietnamese restaurant, so she can get a taste of her culture. At the hospital, Claire is back in her room and she too, like Phil, is shocked to overhear how Norman’s kids have turned out. A worried Phil is in the hospital lobby and over the phone, is ordering Haley to not quit her job. Claire gives Alex a call and tells her that she can study as much as she wants. The girls switch phones because Phil now wants to talk to Alex and Claire wants to talk to Haley. Claire is worried Haley will end up resenting her just like Norman’s kids hate their mother, so she tells Haley she can quit the job if she wants. Phil too tells Alex to do exactly the opposite of what Claire told her.

Seeing their parents behaving weirdly worries the girls and they conclude Claire’s condition is probably more serious than they had thought. At Dryden, Manny is surprised to see that Jay has changed his tune and is now desperate that he gets in. The interview doesn’t go anything like Jay had hoped because Manny chokes and really screws things up. At the Vietnamese restaurant, Mitch and Cam figure out that Lily wants to be gay only because she wants to be more like them. They explain to her that just because they come from different places doesn’t mean they don’t love her. Gloria admits that Manny too is losing connection with his Columbian culture, which worries her.

The Dunphy kids arrive at the hospital to meet their mother, while the doctor tells Claire that her tests came out fine and her heart is stronger than ever. The Dunphy kids run into Norman’s kids in the elevator and find them arguing. After Norman’s kids have stepped out, the Dunphy kids begin to argue just like them. Phil and Claire are busy romancing, when the kids enter and are shocked to see that everything is fine. They yell at their parents for unnecessarily getting them worried and storm out.

At Dryden, Manny apologizes to Jay for choking and says he was under a lot of pressure because Jay had such high expectations. Jay assures him that it’s fine and says he will always be proud of him no matter what. At the Dunphy’s, Phil and Luke are trying to create a self-flipping pancake and just when they think they have failed they pancake flips on its own. The episode ends at this point.