Mr. Monk and the End - Part II - Recap

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Upon discovering Trudy’s tape and realizing she had a secret in her past, the dying Monk pauses the tape. Two hours pass and Natalie finally convinces him to continue watching. On the tape, Trudy explains that she had an affair with her law professor and didn’t know he was a married man. As a result, Trudy became pregnant and gave birth to the girl at the midwife clinic in 1983. However, the girl died nine minutes later and Trudy never saw her. Trudy says that Ethan Rickover was the professor; the man who signed the warrant in Nash’s murder.

As the tape continues, Trudy explains that Wendy Stroud, the missing woman that Monk was investigating, was the midwife who oversaw the delivery. Trudy describes how Rickover called her to arrange a meeting, but she isn’t convinced that she’s sincere. She admits that she’s leaving the tape as a present as a precaution. If everything works out, she’ll switch the tape for the digital watch Monk is expecting. If something happens, Monk will watch the tape and know what happened. She says a final goodbye to Monk, saying he’s her entire life. As the tape ends, Monk wonders why Trudy didn’t tell him. He plans to confront Rickover but Natalie warns that he’s in no condition to move. Monk insists that he won’t die until he deals with Rickover.

Rickover is at an appointment hearing when Monk and Natalie arrive. Monk glares at him until Rickover asks for a recess. Once everyone has left, Monk approaches Rickover and drops a wipe. The judge picks it up with a pen and hands it back to him. Monk tells Rickover that he knows about his involvement in Trudy’s death. Rickover denies even knowing Trudy until Monk informs him they have a tape. The judge then claims that Trudy was unstable just like Monk is, and Monk attacks him. The bailiffs pull Monk off and take him away, but Monk insists that he isn’t finished.

Disher and Stottlemeyer go to see Monk when he’s taken to the hospital. As they arrive, Disher talks to someone on the phone and says he loves them. Stottlemeyer wonders who he’s talking to and Disher clumsily lies. They tell Monk that they’ve checked the phone records and confirmed that Nash called Rickover just before his murder. They figure that Nash kept Trudy’s records and tried to blackmail the judge, so Rickover had Nash murdered. The captain promises they’ll get Rickover but Monk asks him to promise to kill the judge. Stottlemeyer does but Monk realizes that he’s lying. He then starts going over the files and realizes that something is missing. The nurse comes in for another blood sample and Monk explains what he’s doing. The nurse doesn’t understand why anyone would bother covering up an affair and Monk agrees. He then remembers that Rickover’s wife said that her husband didn’t want to move, and he realizes that there’s something hidden beneath the house.

Natalie and Lt. Albright go to Monk’s apartment to pack his clothing. Natalie starts to suffer from the same poison that is affecting Monk. They realize that the killer substituted poison wipes at the grocery store, and Rickover knew about it because he picked up the wipe at the courthouse using a pen. They call the hospital and the nurse goes to tell Monk the news, but discovers that he’s slipped out the window into the rainy night.

Disher arrives at the station to tell Stottlemeyer the news, and they realize that Monk will go after Rickover. As they drive to the judge’s house, Stottlemeyer tries to find Disher’s attachable siren in the back and notices a lot of junk in the back. Disher admits that he’s selling a lot of his things… including his siren.

Rickover comes home and finds Monk waiting for him with a gun. Monk tosses him a shovel and tells Rickover to start digging. When Rickover picks a random spot, Monk tells him to dig by the sundial under a tree. Two police officers arrive but Monk refuse to let the judge go. Stottlemeyer and Disher arrive and tell the policemen to back down. The captain explains that they have a cure now that they’ve identified the poison. As they prepare to take Monk to the hospital, Rickover takes one more shovelful and hits a human skull. Disher takes the shovel and digs and they find the skeleton of Wendy Stroud. Monk explains that he realized something was wrong when he was at the house earlier and saw that Rickover had put a sundial beneath a tree.

Here’s what happened: Trudy had the affair and gave birth. She was told that the baby died. However, 12 years ago, Wendy realized who Rickover was when he was nominated to the Federal bench. She had found Jesus, couldn't live with the guilt, and was going to tell everyone. Rickover had no choice but to kill her. He then killed Trudy as well to eliminate anyone who could implicate him.

The weakened Monk drops the gun onto the sundial. Before Stottlemeyer and Disher can do anything, Rickover grabs the gun, tells them "you take care of her," and kills himself.

Later, Monk receives the antidote and recovers completely. He goes to see Dr. Bell, who asks how he's doing. Monk claims he's doing well but soon admits that he feels empty and isn't sure what he should feel. Rickover's last words are worrying him because he doesn't know who the judge was talking about. Bell suggests that it's time for Monk to drop it and move on with his life.

Back at home, Monk packs away the Trudy case files and finds a newspaper article about how Wendy Stroud found an abandoned child and turned it over to an orphanage. The date on the article places it in 1983, the same year that Trudy gave birth. Monk realizes that Rickover was willing to murder to conceal the fact that he had a daughter and she was still alive.

Stottlemeyer checks the adoption records and soon discovers that the girl, Molly Evans, lives in Monterey and works as a movie reviewer for a newspaper. She's a writer, just like Trudy. Monk is reluctant to see her but Natalie and the others convince him that he needs to go see her. Natalie insists that he needs someone to love, and that's the gift that Trudy left for him. Monk waits out side her newspaper office and finally sees someone that he recognizes as Trudy's daughter from her looks. He approaches her, hesitates, and then hugs her.

Three days later, Monk is busy showing photos of Molly to Natalie, Stottlemeyer, and Disher. A lot of photos. Photos of every minute he spent with her. As they talk, Stottlemeyer sees an envelope in Disher's pocket. He takes it out and reads it, and realizes it's Disher's resignation. Disher admits he was waiting for the right moment and figures the time is now. He tells them that he's been hired as a police chief in Summit, New Jersey. He asks Stottlemeyer if he's ready and the captain assures him that he is, and then asks why he's moving to New Jersey. However, they realize he's moving there to be with Sharona.

Later, Monk goes for a stroll with Molly and takes more photos. She tells him that she's leaving for Toronto for two weeks to attend a film festival. Monk suggests that he come along and Molly wonders about him missing work. He admits that he's retired to be with her, but Molly says that he needs the money and there are other people out there who need his help, just like Trudy did. When he notes he has a gift and a curse, Molly insists that it's just a gift, and suggests that's why she's there.

Monk wakes up and for the first time has moved over on Trudy's side of the bed. He gets up, puts on casual clothing, and talks to Natalie in the kitchen. He tells her that he's going to go to the movie with Molly, much to Natalie's surprise. Stottlemeyer calls and asks them to come to a crime scene.

Randy moves into his office in Summit and starts his new job.

Stottlemeyer kisses TJ goodbye as he leaves for work. He goes to the crime scene and meets Monk and Natalie.