Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan - Recap

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Monk, Sharona, Stottlemeyer, and Disher travel to Manhattan in order to talk to the man who murdered Trudy. When they get to the hotel, a an ambassador from Latvia and his bodyguards are murdered. Monk doing what he does best tries to investigate the case, Monk then says the ambassador wasn't murdered for political reasons. More bad news comes when the man who killed Trudy isn't allowed to talk to anyone. Since they came to New York all the way from San Fransisco, Stottlemeyer gives the head of the NYPD a deal. Monk solves the case of the ambassador from Latvia; he gets to talk to the man who killed Trudy.
Monk is barely gaining any progress on the case. Since he witnessed the murder, he is asked if he can give a description of what the killer looked like. However, he can only identify the killer's left ear. Fortunately, Monk heard something the ambassador said in Latvian but doesn't know what he's saying in english. Monk then decides to asks a political rival of the ambassador a few questions, to see if he had murdered the ambassador and his bodyguards. however, Monk's theory on the rival is wrong since he doesn't have the same ear as the killer. Even if he didn't do it, the rival can give a translation of what the ambassador said before dying. The rival refuses to talk. Fortunately, the man who's playing against the ambassador's rival tell Monk that what the ambassador said in english was "this is not my coat". This gives monk a clue but there's one thing uncertain about it: why did he say "this is not my coat"?
Monk's Manhattan adventure isn't going well. First, Monk and Sharona ride in the claustrophobia-prone subway and when you think the pain is over for Monk, a man is peeing on the subway. To avoid that man, monk slowly walks away from the man peeing, only to be pushed away back into the train by an ongoing crowd! Sharona is horrified and immediately tells Stottlemeyer of the incident. He assures Sharona that he'd find Monk. We go back to our OCD detective who is not comfortable in this concrete jungle but decides to make the best of it. Monk wins a game of "finding the queen", to con artists who are illegally gaming. Once Stottlemeyer, Disher, and Sharona find Monk, he is seen with other people telling a crowd of New Yorkers that the world will end. Sharona eventually talks monk out of the madness he is going through and they continue with the case. Fortunately, they will be gaining progress on the case when a man named Steve Leight talks about his recently murdered wife on a jumbo screen. Monk then notices that Steve has the same ear as the person who murdered the ambassador. Monk now knows for sure that Steve was the man who killed the ambassador.
Monk is gaining more evidence against Steve, when he meets him in Central Park when he finds snoring medication ( you only use snoring medication if you have a sleeping partner) and a mint, which was from the same bar the ambassador was last at before he was murdered. Monk then says that Steve killed his wife and stole some of her jewelery to make it look like a robbery. After killing his wife, Steve went to the same bar the ambassador was before being murdered, to get a drink in order to calm himself after murdering his wife. the ambassador took Steve's coat, that had the jewelery he stole from his wife and the gun that killed her, which explains why the ambassador said "this is not my coat". In order to get the coat back so Steve won't get charged for murder, he shot the ambassador and his bodyguard, stole his coat and replaced it with another one. the police eventually find Steve and arrest him. Monk can now talk to the man who murdered Trudy.
Monk goes to the hospital where Trudy's murderer is staying at (he is dying from liver failure and is put on morphine), where Trudy's murderer admits everything. He says that he built the bomb for a man with six fingers on it. Monk then asks for some time alone with Trudy's murderer. Trudy's murderer knows Monk was was her husband and apologizes to Monk. Monk doesn't forgive him and turns off his morphine. after letting Trudy's murderer suffer for a few seconds monk slowly says, "This Is Trudy, the woman you killed, turning your morphine back on", and turns his morphine on again.