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Monk: Mr. Monk and the Red Herring

Sharona has remarried her ex-husband and moved to New Jersey, Monk still can't t find a new assistant after three months. Meanwhile, Natalie Teeger who is a widow with an eleven-year-old daughter, kills an intruder in her house in self defense. She is baffled as this is the second time someone broke into her house in the past few days. Captain Stottlemeyer suggests she go to Monk for help.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x10
Production Number: T-3010
Airdate: Friday January 21st, 2005
Network: USA Network

Director: Randall Zisk
Writer: Andy Breckman

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) Jun 19, 2010

Guest Stars
Amy AquinoAmy Aquino
As Mrs. Bowen
Eileen GrubbaEileen Grubba
As Mother
Emmy ClarkeEmmy Clarke
As Julie Teeger
Stanley KamelStanley Kamel
As Dr. Kroger
Adam WylieAdam Wylie
As Pet Store Clerk
Bernadette SpeakesBernadette Speakes
As Applicant #2
Brooke BaumerBrooke Baumer
As Applicant #1
David PurdhamDavid Purdham
As Lyle Peck
Rachel WinfreeRachel Winfree
As Applicant #3
Tony ArmatradingTony Armatrading
As Mr. Franklin
Main Cast
Tony ShalhoubTony Shalhoub
As Adrian Monk
Traylor HowardTraylor Howard
As Natalie Teeger


The episode begins in the home of Natalie Teeger a bartender/ single mom, when she and her daughter named Julie are sleeping,a man breaks into the house. Natalie hears this and fights him. After a brief struggle, Natalie finally kills the intruder with a pair of scissors. The next morning, she calls the police.
After three months without an assistant to serve his daily needs, Monk is desperately trying to find another assistant but is not going well since the people he's offering the job to won't work the hours. After a few people who won't accept the job offer, Monk then meets Natalie for the very first time. Natalie then tells Monk about the intruder that broke into her house a day ago and another two days ago. She then asks if he can investigate, which Monk agrees to. After a few moments of looking for evidence, Monk then notices a fish net under Natalie's couch and asks her to smell it. The fish net was new! Monk then believes that the intruder was after the fish but why?
In order to figure out why the intruder would want Julie's fish, they go to the pet store to ask if this is a special kind of fish. One of the employees says they cost a dollar and there are thousands of this species. Then why would the intruder want a fish? Monk and Natalie then go to Captain Stottlemeyer's office to ask if there was more evidence then the fish net. There is, a note that says "Sea of Tranquility" , which is an exhibit that contains a very valuable moon rock. Natalie is shocked, she explains that Julie went there on a field trip just days before the two intruders broke in!
Monk and Natalie then go to The museum to see the exhibit to look for more clues. Once they reach the exhibit, Natalie notices that one of the exhibit's tour guides, was the first intruder to break into her house! The tour guide then leads his group into an exhibit about birth, Natalie then tries to go after the tour guide but Monk refuses to go in telling Natalie that he has a phobia of "The Miracle of Birth"! Natalie then tells Monk to just close his eyes, but it doesn't work since Monk escaped the exhibit by going through the emergency exit door. Natalie finally catches up with Monk in the gift shop. Monk then notices a box in the gift shop
containing aquarium decorations. Monk then concludes that the intruders weren't after Julie's fish, they were after the aquarium decorations.
Once reaching they reach Natalie's house, Monk ad Natalie take time to look at Julie's fish. Julie then tells Monk that her father, Mitch Teeger, a navy pilot, gave it to her before his plane crashed. Julie also says this is the only thing she can remember her father by and has lived for six years. Natalie then tells Julie when she plans to move the aquarium to the school. Julie shakes her head and says she's disqualified.Natalie can't accept that and drives to Julie's school to ask her teacher why.The teacher says the species of fish Julie owns, only lives for a year. In order for Julie to be re qualified for the science fair, Natalie asks Monk to pretend to be a biology professor so the teacher will believe Julie's breed of fish can last up to six years. Even though Monk says he can't lie, he agrees to do so. After a brief moment of rather horrible lying, Natalie admits that the fish isn't six years old. Natalie then tells Julie's teacher that when the fish she buys Julie dies she replaces the fish with a new one without Julie's knowledge of it because that's the only thing she has left of her late father. After reasoning, Julies teacher agrees to qualify Julie on the sole condition that she doesn't win an award. On the way out, Monk feels Major guilt of not being a good liar but Natalie says that she likes a boss that isn't a liar. Could this mean that Natalie can be Monk's new assistant?
Once the science fair projects are setup, Monk notices a moon rock in Julie's aquarium, a very valuable one! He then calls Stottlemeyer and tells him to come to the science fair immediately, he then tells Natalie how it happened. The moon rock at the exhibit Julie went to, is worth over a million dollars. The first intruder decided to steal it when the guards weren't guarding the moon rock and plant a fake moon rock so the guards wouldn't notice the moon rock was Gone. However, there were guards patrolling the exit so the first intruder hid the moon rock into one of the boxes and marked an x on it so his accomplice(the intruder who Natalie killed in her house), would know which box he was to buy. Then, Julie buys the box for a souvenir the next day, which is why the intruders broke into their house.
Stottlemeyer arrives right on time to bring the first intruder to justice. However, the fist intruder arrives as well, and creates a diversion by starting a fire while he steals both the moon rock and the fish! Julie notices and screams for help, Monk springs into action and chases first intruder around the school until he finally trips and both the moon rock and the fish slip right out of his hands. Monk arrives but is faced with the hard decision of what he should save, the rock or the fish? Monk makes the right decision of saving the fish while Stottlemeyer saves the rock a few seconds later, and puts Julie's fish in its aquarium safe and sound. Julie and Natalie are both overjoyed that Monk decided to save the fish instead of the million dollar rock. This makes Natalie think of getting a new job. After tucking Julie into bed, Natalie calls Monk asking if he needs a new assistant. Monk says yes and Natalie takes the job as new assistant, knowing that she's working with an honest and generous boss...

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Episode Notes
First episode with Traylor Howard (Natalie Teeger).

Episode Quotes
Applicant #2: What would my hours be?
Monk: Nine a.m.
Applicant #2: Until?
Monk: Until one.
Applicant #2: One p.m.?
Monk: Until one of us dies.

Dr. Kroger: Your new assistant is out there somewhere.
Monk: God help her.

Monk: What about your wife's niece? The one that's a nurse? She never called me.
Stottlemeyer:Yeah, uh, Monk here's the thing--I love her.
Monk: I understand.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAndy Breckman
Executive ProducerAndy Breckman
Main Title ThemeRandy Newman
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