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Monk: Mr. Monk and the Astronaut

When a woman is found dead in her home, all signs point to suicide. However, Captain Stottlemeyer has reason to believe otherwise and calls in for Monk's opinion. Monk agrees that this was definitely a murder, and after a little investigating, he believes the killer to be an astronaut. The only problem with Monk's lead suspect is that he wasn't even on the planet at the time of the murder; he was out in space. Monk, still certain that he's the guy, must figure out how to prove to everyone that it was in fact him, despite his airtight alibi.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x14
Airdate: Friday March 03rd, 2006
Network: USA Network

Guest Stars
Emmy ClarkeEmmy Clarke
As Julie Teeger
Stanley KamelStanley Kamel
As Dr. Kroger
Tom OhmerTom Ohmer
As Sergeant
Wanda AcunaWanda Acuna
As Housekeeper
Albert MalafronteAlbert Malafronte
As Congressman
Amad JacksonAmad Jackson
As Security Guard
Ariel WinterAriel Winter
As Donna Cain
Billy MayoBilly Mayo
As Mechanic
Brianna BrownBrianna Brown
As Joanne
Bruno AmatoBruno Amato
As Crew Member
Diane Boehm HimmichDiane Boehm Himmich
As P.R. Person
Eric Allan KramerEric Allan Kramer
As Darrell Cain
Erica ZodtnerErica Zodtner
As Reporter
Jared DostieJared Dostie
As Young Airman
Jeffrey DonovanJeffrey Donovan
As Steve Wagner
Lloyd William CollinsLloyd William Collins
As Lead Security Officer
Martin A. PapazianMartin A. Papazian
As Capt. Savo
Michael BelcherMichael Belcher
As Benny Cain
Natasha PavlovichNatasha Pavlovich
As Nicole Wagner
Willow DukeWillow Duke
As Young Girl
Main Cast
Tony ShalhoubTony Shalhoub
As Adrian Monk
Traylor HowardTraylor Howard
As Natalie Teeger
Episode Quotes
Randy: Here's the ship. And let's pretend this globe represents the earth.
Stottlemeyer: It's a globe. It does represent the earth.

Monk: I am such a --what do you call it?
Natalie: Wuss. No, Mr. Monk, you are not a wuss.
Monk: Well, I'm not a man. I know that. I'm a mutant. Half man, half wuss. I'm a muss.

Monk: (to Natalie) Why don't you ask the captain?
Stottlemeyer: Whatever it is, thank you for asking, but I can't do it.

Natalie: You can't just take mail from somebody's porch.
Darrell Cain: Yeah, you can if it's fruit. The law doesn't apply to fruit because it's perishable.
Stottlemeyer: Actually, sir, the law does apply to fruit. (to Disher) Are you eating one?
Randy: Nope. I was just putting that (nectarine) back.

Randy: (to Steve Wagner)Congratulations on your flight. And congratulations on the crash landing four years ago. And on marrying a figure skater.
Stottlemeyer: Yeah. Congratulations on your whole life.

Stottlemeyer: Okay, maybe you found a motive. Maybe. But it doesn't matter, and I'll tell you why. Because your suspect, Monk, was in outer space. He wasn't on this planet.

Stottlemeyer: (about the outer space alibi) Now maybe we should take a minute and see if we can think of a better alibi.

Randy: It's just a theory.
Stottlemeyer: No, I don't think so. I've heard theories before, and, uh, they don't sound like that.

Steve Wagner: (to Monk) I hear you've been checking up on me, calling Joanne's family, her publisher, turning over rocks. If you want to talk to me, let's talk right now, man to muss.

Monk: He killed his girlfriend.
Dr. Kroger: Which I do not condone--it's indefensible, of course

Dr. Kroger: Which of your fears would you like to work on first?
Monk: Glaciers.
Dr. Kroger: Glaciers.
Monk: No. Rodeos. Nah. Glaciers

Monk: (to Steve) Could we come, too? I'm a big aviation buff . . . fan.
Natalie: So true.
Monk: Fan or buff. I love airplanes.
Natalie: Just crazy about the--
Monk: Can't get enough of them.
Natalie: --the takeoff.
Monk: And the wings and all.
Natalie: And, uh, the . . . the--
Monk: --the rudder.
Natalie: --the landing. You wouldn't mind if we come, do you?

Monk: I can't speak in public.
Natalie: See, that's not true. Remember when I first started working for you and you made that list with all of your fears and phobias, there were one hundred and three things, public speaking wasn't one of them.
Monk: Actually, there were a couple of things I didn't mention; I didn't want you to think I was weird.

Natalie: Mr. Monk, what are you doing?
Monk: I don't know.
Capt. Savo: They're at Ramp Two. He's handling a missile.
Natalie: No, no, no, no! These are missiles. They could be nuclear weapons!
Monk: Then stop me, for the love of God.

Monk: (to Dr. Kroger) Why don't we sit here and name really tall things? I'll go first.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAndy Breckman
Executive ProducerAndy Breckman
Main Title ThemeRandy Newman
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