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Monk: Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike

When the San Francisco sanitation workers go on a garbage strike, it leaves the entire city littered with garbage. Mr. Monk is appalled by the situation and wants nothing more than to have his city cleaned. When the union boss is suddenly founded dead, with his death being ruled a suicide, Mr. Monk begins to investigate. With reason to believe that his death was a homicide, Mr. Monk must get to the bottom of the suspicious case if he ever wants to live in a clean city again.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x2
Production Number: 502
Airdate: Friday July 14th, 2006
Network: USA Network

Guest Stars
Jayden LundJayden Lund
As Morris
Lonnie ColonLonnie Colon
As Ronnie
Stanley KamelStanley Kamel
As Dr. Charles Kroger
Sy RichardsonSy Richardson
As Sanitation Worker
Wanda AcunaWanda Acuna
As Cleaning Lady
Alice CooperAlice Cooper
As Himself
Chi McBrideChi McBride
As Mayor Ray Nicholson
Darlene KeganDarlene Kegan
As Reporter #1
Dave BushnelDave Bushnel
As Tour Guide
David DeLuiseDavid DeLuise
As Larry Cutler
Frank ClemFrank Clem
As Ron Neely
Glen WalkerGlen Walker
As Reporter #2
Hunter DunnHunter Dunn
As Whispering Child #2
Kai SoremekunKai Soremekun
As Mayor's Assistant
Lauren AntariksaLauren Antariksa
As Whispering Child #1
Lu ParkerLu Parker
As TV Reporter
Marcus BrownMarcus Brown
As Delivery Man
Mark WillettMark Willett
As Contamination Suit Man
Melissa KnowlesMelissa Knowles
As Reporter #3
Michael Shamus WilesMichael Shamus Wiles
As Jimmy Cusack
Robert BlancheRobert Blanche
As Union Vice President
Silas Weir MitchellSilas Weir Mitchell
As Drugstore Manager
Suzanne RicoSuzanne Rico
As News Reporter
Tony LongoTony Longo
As Union Official #2
Main Cast
Tony ShalhoubTony Shalhoub
As Adrian Monk
Traylor HowardTraylor Howard
As Natalie Teeger
Episode Notes
In this episode, we learn that Monk lived 2.2 miles from the garbage dump as a child.

This episode marks the first time that Monk has been wrong in his "Here's What Happened" explanation. This is also the first episode to feature more than one explanation sequence

Captain Stottlemeyer is seen playing with a yo-yo in this episode. This is a reference to the Season 4 episode "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife", in which Stottlemeyer learned that trick in his anger management class.

Episode Quotes
Natalie: Did you just mail your garbage to someone?
Monk: These are desperate times, Natalie--desperate times.

Monk: What?
Natalie: You know what. Mr. Monk, I’m so... disappointed in you.
Monk: What took you so long?

Monk: Some things are bigger than the truth.
Natalie: Like what?
Monk: Like that... mountain of garbage out there!

Natalie: Did you think City Hall was some kind of magical place like the Land of Oz, where nothing bad ever happens?
Monk: Yes, yes I did.
Randy: I did too.

(about Monk)
Randy: He’s like a vigilante. A garbage vigilante.
Stottlemeyer: You could say that. But don’t.

Stottlemeyer: Randy, I don’t think we need to stand here and pick apart the “Alice Cooper wants an antique chair” theory.

Monk: I got it all figured. When this truck’s full, I’ll a drive it into the bay. Then come back, get another truck, keep driving them into the bay. One bag at a time, one truck at a time. One bag at a time, one truck at a time.

Monk: It's true, Alice Cooper is a hippie, but he's the bad kind of hippie. He's the kind of hippie that breaks into people's offices, beats them up, and shoots them in the head. Why? To steal their antique chairs.

(about the garbage)
Natalie: I'm starting to get used to...
Monk: You are? Really? Then you'll going to enjoy Hell.

Monk: Yes sir, it just came to me last night in a vision. One, we evacuate the city, every man, woman, and child.
Mayor Ray Nicholson: Evacuate?
Monk: Two, we burn it down. We just burn it. Scorched earth.
Mayor Ray Nicholson: Uhh.
Monk: Then just to be safe, we collect all the ashes and what do we do? We burn the ashes. Three, we bring everybody back and start over. Think of it, we rebuild San Francisco ...from scratch. Start fresh, everything clean. Everything brand new. Gonna have that new city smell. Fresh off the lot, we can even straighten out Lombard Street while we’re at it.

Randy: (to Monk) So you were wrong? 'Cause usually when you say, "Here's what happened," it's pretty much what happened.

Monk: Somebody ate all the cashews.
Natalie: What does that mean?
Monk: It means that he probably liked the cashews best.

Monk: (Pops out from behind the aisle) Do you have any more of these Odor-Eaters?
Drugstore Manager: How many do you need?
Monk: Oh, about...a trillion.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorAndy Breckman
Executive ProducerTony Shalhoub  |  Andy Breckman
Main Title ThemeRandy Newman
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