Mr. Monk and the Rapper - Recap

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The show opens with a rapper known as Xtra Large being interviewed by a reporter in an alley. She asks him about some threatening words which have been recorded and will be put on a rival rapper's album. He doesn't seem to be concerned about his safety. A limo pulls up and the driver opens the door for the man. They drive off and soon thereafter, the limo explodes.

At home, Adrian gets into an argument with Natalie about flowers and secretary's day. Natalie is upset because she is much more than a secretary to Adrian, but he doesn't seem to get it. The two are shocked when a rapper, MurderUss, played by Snoop Dogg, and his two associates drop by. MurderUss is worried about being arrested for the murder of Xtra Large. A song he put out a while back describes how he would like to kill Xtra Large. It turns out the means of death was identical to that of what MurderUss said in his song. Surprisingly, Adrian agrees to take the case.

When additional circumstantial evidence links MurderUss to the murder of Xtra Large, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer brings MurderUss in for questioning. It doesn't exactly go as planned. Adrian and Natalie watch through the two-way mirror. Natalie believes MurderUss is innocent, but Adrian thinks he's the guy.

Monk and Natalie drop by Fresh Rhymes to discuss the murder with the managers, but it becomes clear that there are problems between the two partners. When Adrian is asked about his preference for rap lyrics, he cannot give an answer until everything is explained thoroughly. As they are leaving, Denny Hodges, one of the partners, tells Adrian about how he thinks he saw MurderUss hanging around the parking garage at a particular time. When Hodges goes back inside, Natalie claims Hodges may be the murder, but admits she doesn't have the evidence to back it up.

Although Xtra Large died in the bombing, the limo driver lived. Adrian and the police are looking forward to talking to him when he wakes up, but they were beaten to the punch. A black male is shown entering the limo driver's hospital room, where he goes on to strangle the driver with a white gold chain, which is one of MurderUss' trademarks. It seems someone is trying very hard to frame the man.

When Adrian learns of the new murder and the new circumstantial evidence, he becomes very eager about getting out of his agreement to help out MurderUss. He and Captain Stottlemeyer pay MurderUss a visit in hopes of working something out. Not surprisingly, MurderUss isn't very understanding, and Adrian manages to be named head of security.

Back home, Adrian packs his bags in preparation to go into hiding. Natalie talks him into coming to his senses and taking a look at David Hodges as a suspect. She claims Hodges was lying about seeing MurderUss that night, and Adrian seems to agree.

When MurderUss shows up for a celebration of Xtra Large, Adrian, Natalie, Captain Stottlemeyer, and Randy have shown up to give MurderUss the good news. Adrian goes inside and accuses Denny Hodges of killing Xtra Large. It turns out Hodges intended to kill his partner, not Xtra Large, but the clock used as a timing device wasn't set properly due to daylight savings and resulted in the wrong man being killed.