Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend - Recap

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Adrian and Natalie swing by the San Francisco Police Department to get Captain Stottlemeyer to sign something and find him in his office, talking to his girlfriend, Linda Fusco, over a webcam. Adrian finds the technology fascinating. We learn the two have been planning on taking a vacation to Hawaii, starting on Friday. Leland says he hasn't had a vacation in over ten years.

Sean Corcoran, Linda's real estate partner, is across down showing Richard and Carol Young a home for sale. Just as they begin the tour, a masked figure, which looks feminine, opens up a door and shoots Sean with a shotgun. Not wanting to be the next victim, the Youngs quickly run away.

The next morning, Linda is on the phone trying to speak to someone, but is having trouble because all of the noise from outside. Linda goes outside and asks the man to turn off the chainsaw, but he points to Leland, who has dropped by. It seems Leland has asked an old friend to remove a dead tree before it falls on to Linda's home. Grateful for this, Linda then receives a call with bad news. She's shocked to hear of Sean's death. When Leland offers to call the police in the neighboring county, Linda asks him not to.

When Adrian and Natalie arrive at the crime scene, they meet with a man who Leland has a bit of a history with. The man, Lt. Hendrix, allows them to come in and observe only. As they enter, we see broken glass covering the floor and Hendrix is interviewing the Youngs. Carol mentions she thinks the killer may have been a woman because she recognized the shade of lipstick the killer was wearing. Carol is a buyer for a cosmetics company, so she knows what she is talking about. When Lt. Hendrix shows the point of entry to Adrian, he says it looks like the killer smashed the glass to unlock the door. Adrian, however, doesn't buy it. He thinks the killer would have broken the glass when he/she walked in and walked on it. He even theorizes the killer may have had a key and just broke the glass to make it look like a break-in.

Adrian and Natalie pay Linda a visit at her office. They question her about who may have had a key to the house. When Adrian asks if anyone in the office may have had access, Linda says no one would have done something like this because it's like a family. Linda then shows them Sean's office. Natalie notices there are several packed boxes. When asked, Linda confirms Sean was planning on leaving the company to start his own real estate company. Linda then shows them a letter Sean received from a woman who was not happy with the home he had sold her. On their way out, Adrian tells Natalie he thinks Linda killed Sean. Natalie doesn't think so, but Adrian convinces her otherwise when he tells her about the shade of lipstick he saw in Linda's purse... the same as Carol Young described.

Adrian and Natalie drop by the SFPD and speaks to Randy, who is working on a little going-away party for Linda and Leland. When Randy hears their theory about Sean's killer, he laughs. He doesn't buy it because Linda was on a webcam from home at 7 pm and would have had to travel at over 100mph to get to the house and kill Sean. At the end of the meeting, Adrian and Natalie learn Linda recently bought a motorcycle.

Looking to test their theory, Adrian and Natalie take off on a motorcycle. Natalie was able to get the bike from a friend of hers who owed her a favor. When they arrive at the crime scene, they check the stop watch, and it took them over an hour to get there. This indicates Linda couldn't have done it. However, in a nearby bush, Adrian finds a hibiscus flower which he remembers seeing Linda stick in her hair while on the webcam with Leland. Adrian and Natalie are devastated by the find.

Adrian and Natalie track down Leland and tell him about the evidence they have. He laughs when Adrian tells him who their primary suspect is. As the conversation progresses, Leland gets more and more angry, eventually shoving Adrian into a car. He thinks Adrian is jealous that Leland has been able to find love.

Later that day, Leland questions Helen Hubbert at the police department, while Adrian and Natalie watch from outside the room. Helen is the woman who sent the angry letter to Sean. Helen doesn't pull any punches when telling Leland about her feelings for Sean. She says Sean lied about the condition of the house he sold to her. The interrogation goes very badly when Leland starts messing with the window blinds and throwing trash on the floor, all in an attempt to make Adrian uncomfortable.

After the interrogation, Leland, Adrian, and Natalie are joined by Randy who is still working on the party. They talk about Linda's possible involvement in the murder, when Leland tells Adrian about how he is 51 years old and that Linda may be his last shot at love.

Elsewhere, Natalie asks Linda to show her an apartment. it's very nice, with large closets and new appliances. The cost, however, is $2,200 a month. Linda then receives a call from Leland, who tells her about Adrian's theory. She quickly leaves after making an excuse.

Over at Linda's house, Adrian is snooping around in a closet. He finds a few clues, such as gun cleaning supplies, but no gun is found. Adrian also finds a rental truck agreement, which Linda signed for. Linda walks in and confronts Adrian when he is in the closet. When asked about the missing shotgun, Linda tells Adrian it was stolen and the police report is upstairs. The two go upstairs to locate it, but she ends up trying to seduce him in the bedroom. As Linda strips down, Adrian finds a gold pen on the desk. He picks it up and puts it back down and finds the fact the pen doesn't move rather interesting. He runs out of the house and is picked up by Natalie. Once inside, Adrian tells Natalie he has solved the case.

With the weekend quickly approaching, Randy has finished organizing the party for Linda and Leland, who are in attendance. They talk briefly about the investigation and then Linda tells Leland that Adrian was in her home the other day. Leland nearly flies off the hook when he finds out about this, but his anger is quickly tempered when Linda makes up a story about how Adrian threatened to frame her for the murder of Sean if she didn't sleep with him. You can tell instantly that Leland isn't buying it. Just then, Natalie drops by and asks Leland and Linda to watch a webcam for a minute. On Leland's monitor, we see Adrian in what appears to be Linda's bedroom. He promises to expose Linda as the murderer, but Linda turns everything off and asks Leland to take her somewhere else. When Leland hears Hawaiian music coming from outside, he and everyone else decides to investigate. Outside, they find Adrian in a moving truck. He has designed the interior to look exactly like a miniature of Linda's bedroom. Adrian says a big clue for him was that gold pen he saw in the bedroom. In the original webcam video, he noticed that when Linda placed the pen on the table, the pen rolled away. This was quite the opposite when he saw the pen not move anywhere in the real bedroom. This means Linda parked the moving truck on a hill. Randy then cuffs Linda and takes her away.

Not wanting to waste the plane tickets, Leland makes the decision to take Randy with him to Hawaii. We see them sitting on a beach, soaking up the rays.