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Season 1

Unaired Pilot

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Starring Roles: Amber Valletta as Coraline | Shannon Lucio as Beth Turner | Rade Serbedzija as Josef Konstantin |
Guest Stars: Benjamin Benitez as Guillermo | James Black as Lt. Carl Davis

1 :01x01 - No Such Thing As Vampires

After a series of vampire-style murders are committed in Los Angeles, investigator Mick St. John begins to search for those behind the deaths. While doing so, Mick reconnects with Internet reporter Beth Turner, a woman from his past.
Guest Stars: Brian White (2) as Lt. Carl Davis | Jacob Vargas as Guillermo | Kevin Weisman as Steve Blafour | Tami Roman as Maureen Williams | Rudolf Martin as Christian Ellis | Dean O'Gorman as Daniel | Shoshana Bush as Chloe | Gigi Rice as Martha |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris M. Kelly as Kelly Foster | Amro Salama as Scientist | Ali Pomerantz as Beth's Mom | Bryn Early as Young Beth #1 | Amayla Early as Young Beth #2
Director: Rod Holcomb
Songs: Evanescence -- My Immortal

2 :01x02 - Out of the Past

A murderer from Mick's past is released from prison, forcing Mick to deal with one of his worst fears -- his immorality being revealed to Beth.
Guest Stars: Brian White (2) as Lt. Carl Davis | Kevin Weisman as Steve Balfour | Tami Roman as Maureen Williams | David Fabrizio as 40-Year-Old Lee Jay Spalding | Hal Williams as 70-Year-Old Det. Bobby Desmond | Lisa Sheridan as Julia Stephens | Rachel Kimsey as Eileen Hannigan | Jordan Belfi as Josh Lindsey |
Co-Guest Stars: Josh Wingate as 20-Year-Old Lee Jay Spalding | Lawrence Mandley as 40-Year-Old Det.Bobby Desmond | Brian Oerly as Cam | Jon Jon Briones as Party Goer | Catherine Kresge as Reporter #1 | Kevin T. McCarthy as Reporter #2 | Cosimo Canale as Ricardo
Songs: 8mm -- Forever And Ever Amen, Duran Duran -- Hungry Like The Wolf

3 :01x03 - Dr. Feelgood

Beth, struggling after learning Mick's identity, helps him track a renegade vampire who cannot control his urge to kill.
Guest Stars: Brian White (2) as Lt. Carl Davis | Jacob Vargas as Guillermo | Jordan Belfi as Josh Lindsey | Chris Payne Gilbert as Dr. Jeff Pollack | Molly Culver as The Cleaner | Brad Greenquist as Gerald Stovsky | Cate Cohen as Randi | Jermaine Williams as Phil |
Co-Guest Stars: Countrified Wedman as David | Josh Clark as Ed | Linda Friedman as Tech | Diego Villareal Garcia as Clerk | Jim Budig as Businessman | Su Sazama as Patient | Jared Ward as Doctor #1 | Tiya Sircar as Doctor #2
Director: Scott Lautanen
Songs: Fauxliage -- All The World

4 :01x04 - Fever

Mick helps protect a young woman who is wanted by an arms dealer but when they become stranded in the desert, Mick becomes the one who desperately needs help to survive.
Guest Stars: Jordan Belfi as Josh Lindsey | Navid Negahban as Amir Fayed | Vanessa Lengies as Leni Hayes | James C. Victor as Kempner | Derk Cheetwood as Kevin Branch |
Co-Guest Stars: Phil Hayes as Officer Richard Colden | David J. Lee (1) as Officer Ken Nagawa | Erika Ringor as Officer Novak | Eduardo Ortiz as Stu Peldon | Alexis Pullos as Mara | Martez Covington as Omar | Mickey Maxwell as Uniformed Officer
Songs: Mazzy Star -- Into Dust, Saturn Missiles -- Just Like Everyone, Front Line Assembly -- Vanished

5 :01x05 - Arrested Development

Mick hunts for a young vampire who is preying on females he locates via the Internet. Meanwhile, Mick and Beth go to lengths to avoid each other after an intimate encounter.
Guest Stars: Wes Robinson as Mineo | Brian White (2) as Lt. Carl Davis | Tami Roman as Maureen Williams | Jordan Belfi as Josh Lindsey | Casey LaBow as Cherish | Nate Mooney as Rider England | Janelle Giumarra as Marissa |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Romeo as Mom | Tom Ohmer as Dad | Eduardo Ortiz as David | Roy Vongtama as Morgue Attendant | Deanna Smith as Natalie | Charly Emery as Yuppie Mom | Asia De Marcos as Fed #1 | David Haley as Fed #2
Director: Michael Fields
Songs: The Bravery -- Believe, MEIKO -- Sleep, The Used -- The Bird And The Worm

6 :01x06 - B.C.

Mick and Beth work together again to find a vampire from Josef's past who may be linked to a drug overdose they're investigating.
Guest Stars: Brian White (2) as Lt. Carl Davis | Kevin Weisman as Steve Balfour | Anil Raman as Terrance | Holly Valance as Lola | Patrick Fischler as Alan | Jordan Belfi as Josh Lindsey |
Co-Guest Stars: Josh Kelly as Calvin | Kaylee Quilling as Renee | Adam Shapiro as Attendant | Frank Latten as Guy At Bar | Tim Talman as Man In Bagging Room | George Ketsios as Photographer | Angie Simms as Walla | Danny J. Evans as Bouncer (as Danny Evans) | Michelle Lee (2) as Black Crystal Girl
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Kreesha Turner -- Bounce with Me, Edgard Jaude -- Darker Side of Life, The Colour -- Devil's Got A Holda Me, Chad Gendason feat. Johanna Boberg -- Fallout, Fauxliage -- Let It Go, Under -- Under

7 :01x07 - The Ringer

Mick has flashbacks to the night when Coraline died while investigating a fire that destroyed a Hollywood hotel. Mick becomes even more wrapped up in the past when the woman he works the case with has a close resemblance to his ex-wife.
Guest Stars: Tami Roman as Maureen Williams |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Maillard as Bandmate #1 | Roddy Jessup as Bandmate #2 | Rhomeyn Johnson as Fire Inspector | Stephen Jackson (1) as Hank
Director: Chris Fisher
Writer: Josh Pate
Songs: Louis Jordan -- Ain't that Just Like a Woman, Dave Gahan -- Kingdom, Kay Kyser -- Star Eyes, Kill Hannah -- The Collapse, Bitter:Sweet -- The Mating Game

8 :01x08 - 12:04 AM

Mick protects a woman from a killer's followers after the followers swear to follow out their leader's last wish -- to kill those responsible for his execution.
Guest Stars: Tami Roman as Maureen Williams | Brian White (2) as Lt. Carl Davis | Sarah Foret as Audrey | Gideon Emery as Donovan Shepherd | Mark D. Espinoza as Father Garza | Mark Totty as Jerry Drake |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Keeley as D.A. Quinlan | Mark Tomesek as Warden Cooley | Quincy Newton as Levi | Alicia Randolph as Young Audrey | Lorena Segura York as Bronwyn | Aisha Kabia as Miriam | Christopher Guyton as Phillips
Director: Dennis Smith

9 :01x09 - Fleur de Lis

Mick begins working closely with a photographer, much to Beth's dismay. Jealous, Beth looks into the photographer's background, and is shocked by what she finds.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Munroe as Tina Haggans | Victor Webster as Owen Haggans | Richard Cox (1) as Richard Haggans | Mark Anthony Samuel as Tucker | Tami Roman as Maureen Williams |
Co-Guest Stars: Amayla Early as Little Beth | Andrew Wei Lin as Waiter | Bryn Early as Little Beth 2 | Chase Kim as Detective

10 :01x10 - Sleeping Beauty

When a hit is put out on Josef by a dying man that has a vendetta with him, Mick finds out things Josef has been keeping from him for over 40 years, also the reason why he believes Mick and Beth can never have a relationship.
Guest Stars: Tami Roman as Maureen Williams | Jordan Belfi as Josh Lindsey | Nick Tarabay as Ralf Martan | Ian Abercrombie as Richard Whitley | Alice Greczyn as Sam | Paul Rae as Tom |
Co-Guest Stars: Kavita Patil as Doctor Duffy | Rashawn Underdue as Tim | Al Galvez as Dan | Dierdre Holder as Nurse Linda | William August (2) as Nurse | Betty A. Bridges as Paula | Edward Carnevale as Doorman | Chase Kim as Detective Kim |
Uncredited: Robert Noble as Toupee Man | Elizabeth Chambers (1) as Victoria's Secret Model | Greg Allan Martin as Older Man | Jane Galloway Heitz as Elderly Woman
Director: John Kretchmer

11 :01x11 - Love Lasts Forever

Josh is working on the biggest case of his career, a conviction against a member of the MS-13 gang, possibly the most dangerous gang in the world. In an attempt to force Josh to drop the case, the gang threatens Beth, but Josh refuses to fold and enlists Mick’s help in protecting her. Unfortunately, Josh is left unguarded and is kidnapped with devastating results. Beth discovers an unwanted blood connection.
Guest Stars: Jordan Belfi as Josh Lindsey | Brian White (2) as Lt. Carl Davis | Emilio Rivera as Chemma Tejada | Manuel Urrego as Jorge Perez | Maurice Compte as Bustos | Margaret Easley as Dr. Alison Lin | David Blue as Logan Griffen |
Co-Guest Stars: Shelbie Bruce as Nicole | Jon Emm as Judge | Luis Moncada as Huerta | Jeremy Denzlinger as Paramedic | John Everlove as Paramedic #2
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Josh Pate

12 :01x12 - The Mortal Cure

Mick's desire to become human may be realized when he discovers Coraline's secret, but answers come with a costly price. Meanwhile, Beth has to deal with bad news alone.
Guest Stars: Meredith Monroe as Cynthia | Bitsie Tulloch as Celeste | David Blue as Logan Griffen | Jill Latiano Howerton as The Cleaner |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Butler Harner as Lance | Christopher J. Stapleton as Officer | Lonnie Hughes as Clarence Brown | Charley Rossman as Security Guard | Jeremy Forte as Scientist | Tasha Tae as Hostess | Marques Johnson as Minister | John Everlove as Paramedic | David Merheb as Brother
Director: Eric Laneuville

13 :01x13 - Fated to Pretend

Beth is kidnapped by a murder suspect, forcing Mick to debate whether or not becoming human again is a sacrifice worth making in order to save her life.
Guest Stars: Jacob Vargas as Guillermo | Tami Roman as Maureen Williams | David Blue as Logan | Eric Winter as ADA Benjamin Talbot | Christopher Cousins as Kent Morrow | Ksenia Solo as Bonnie Morrow | Edoardo Ballerini as Pierce Anders | Victoria Pratt as Dee Dee Dwight | Bonnie Root as Ellen |
Co-Guest Stars: Amy Motta as Interior Designer | Antonio Elias as Luis Perez | Jennifer Chu as Architect | Erika Ringor as Office Novak
Director: David Barrett
Songs: Bif Naked -- Lucky

14 :01x14 - Click

A Hollywood starlet is murdered after hiring Mick as a part of her security team, thinking that her life was in danger by the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Beth's ethics are questioned.
Guest Stars: Eric Winter as ADA Benjamin Talbot | Peyton List as Tierney Tate | Greg Pitts (1) as Grant Lewis | Eddie McClintock as Jason Abbott | Alex Sol as Dean | William Christian as Ryan Gold | Sean Wing as Scott Walsh | Jacob Vargas as Guillermo | David Blue as Logan |
Co-Guest Stars: Lil' Zane as Clint | Martin Spanjers as Marshall | Marc Vanhanian as Partygoer #2 | Lindsay Heston as Paparazzo | Bryan Rasmussen as Paparazzo #1 | Robert Okumu as Paparazzo #2
Director: Scott Lautanen

15 :01x15 - What's Left Behind

Beth is given more information about Mick's secretive past after the grandson of Mick's World War II friend is kidnapped.
Guest Stars: Eric Winter as ADA Benjamin Talbot | Robin Thomas as Robert Fordham | Justice Leak as Ray Fordham | Bonnie Burroughs as Julie Fordham | Todd Giebenhain as Leo | Anthony Starke as Ken Verdolino |
Co-Guest Stars: Daniel Goldman as Jacob | Mercedes Connor as Lilah Fordham | Erika Ringor as Det. Theresa Novak
Director: Chris Fisher

16 :01x16 - Sonata

Mick and Beth must face mortality and immortality when a vampire kills a human during the heat of passion. But when the investigation threatens to identify all those with vampire identities, Mick and Josef must take action.
Guest Stars: Jacob Vargas as Guillermo | David Blue as Logan | Eric Winter as ADA Benjamin Talbot | Heather Stephens as Emma Monaghan | Jonathan LaPaglia as Jackson Monaghan | Abigail Spencer as Simone Walker | Claudia Black as The Cleaner | Erika Schaefer as Lisa |
Co-Guest Stars: Christian Keyes as Dominic Brewer | Ryan Caltagirone as Hank Bishop | Matt Riedy as Hearst College Chancellor | Vince Pavia as Guard | Mitch Eakins as Troy | Jacleen Haber (1) as Cleaner #4
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Mystery
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 28, 2007
Ended: May 16, 2008
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