Jax, Sonya and Kano (2) - Recap

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Jax and Kano recover from the blast. Kano runs off and Jax goes after him.

Sonya sneaks up on the Black Dragons, takes one of them out, and uses his gun to take out the others. She makes her way to the monitor room and spots Kano and Jax on the cameras. Once she knows where they are, Sonya goes after them.

Kano turns and fights. After a brutal struggle, Kano smashes a bottle into Jax’s head to buy him some room. He boasts that he enjoyed torturing Sonya and attacks, and Jax brutally beats him down, smashing in his right eye.

As a Black Dragon comes at Jax from behind, Sonya arrives in time to kill the man. As he goes down, he drops one of the explosive shells. Jax and Sonya run for it as the charge goes off…

Sonya wakes up in a hospital bed in ICU. Stryker is there and tells her that she’s been out for a week, and that the enemy got hold of Kano before they could and got him out. Sonya asks about Jax, and her superior tells her that he’s alive but in bad shape when he protected Sonya from the blast. His arms were badly damaged and they’ve transferred him to the DoD.

Kano is taken to a secret laboratory, where a doctor removes the shattered bone and optic tissue and inserts the robot eye. The eye, and Kano, come online.