Cyrax and Sektor - Recap

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The Lin Kuei Clan has trained assassins for over 800 years. During the Tang Dynasty, they kidnapped and brainwashed young children to bolster their ranks. Disobedience to the Grandmaster was not tolerated.

Two Lin Kuei assassins, Cyrax and Sektor, are transported by van. Sektor insists that he does what is asked of him unto death and reminds Cyrax that he swore to obey as well. Cyrax refuses, warning that the Clan’s embracing of technology is not the future of the new clan but its end.

Sektor and Cyrax enter a warehouse and are informed that they are now part of the Cyber Initiative and will face a series of tests over the next few hours. The Grandmaster, Kano, and the doctor responsible for the technology watch from a command booth as two thugs move forward to engage the assassins. Sektor and Cyrax attack and soon kill their opponents. Once they’re defeated, the holograms fade, revealing robots. Cyrax rips the head off of one and throws it at a monitor camera in disgust while Kano applauds his impertinence.

The Grandmaster orders the beginning of Phase 1.

The doctor in charge films a log noting that they have merged metal with flesh and augmented the process. The next phase of testing is weaponry and emotional recalibration. The goal is to maintain memories while removing any and all emotional content. As the doctors operate, memories are monitored and altered Cyrax looks up, remembering despite the treatment, and screams in agony.

The work is completed and the two assassins activate their enhanced armor, covering themselves in distinctive red and yellow metal.

The doctor informs the Grandmaster that Projects Cyrax and Sektor have exceeded all expectations, and the Grandmaster’s goal to completely control the Lin Kuei is achievable. He advises the Grandmasters to implement Phase One on all Lin Kuei assassins. However, the Grandmaster wants to see further testing in a worthy environment.

The armored Cyrax and Sektor find themselves fighting another modified unit, Hydro. When Hydro damages Sektor, the Grandmaster asks the doctor if it’s another glitch. The two assassins recover and fight together, defeating Hydro, and Cyrax decapitates his opponent. Satisfied, the Grandmaster orders the doctor to proceed with Phase One for the rest of the clan.