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Series 3

21 :03x01 - Series 3, Episode 1

The family comes together at Rose's funeral as Harry wonders how he will ever get by without his beloved wife. Nine months later Rosalie is about to marry renowned Russian aviator Serge De Bolotoff.

22 :03x02 - Series 3, Episode 2

The store is about to host the biggest, most exclusive fashion event since the war with Madame Lanvin showcasing her new collection at the store. Harry hopes that he will be able to secure an exclusive contract with her. Harry goes to see Nancy Webb and tells her that the project reminds him of something that Rose once did.Harry wants Mr Crabb to arrange a Selfridge’s board meeting because, if he’s to pursue the charitable housing project, he’ll need an interest free loan from the shop.
Guest Stars: Sacha Parkinson as Connie Hawkins | Ray MacAllan as Mr Geoffries | Beverley Klein as Madame Lanvin | Raymond Coulthard as Miles Edgerton | Rocky Marshall as D.I. Purkiss | Malcolm Rennie as Fraser

23 :03x03 - Series 3, Episode 3

As news of the massacre in Belgium spreads, George Towler wants to sign up to do his bit. Rose, Mae and Delphine help with a Belgian Chocolate Sale charity event to raise funds for Belgian refugees. Henri meets a man called Webb and tells him that he’ll have his money as soon as he has it himself. Grove and Crabb see a line of men queuing up outside Grove’s office and talk to Harry about it. Victor tells Agnes that George is enlisting.

24 :03x04 - Series 3, Episode 4

Kitty is taken by Harry and Nancy to hospital and Frank makes his way there too. Harry cancels his theatre plans and takes Nancy out to dinner instead. Violette makes her move on Victor. Kitty finds it to hard to remember the detail of her attack. Frank realises that the attackers must have been the ex-servicemen who were drinking with him immediately before the attack.

25 :03x05 - Series 3, Episode 5

Harry and Nancy are enjoying their romance, having been secretly seeing each other for a while now. Harry announces that the store is on the look out for two new staff members: a Store Deputy and Head of Display. Harry wants Gordon to apply but he is reticent; after the disaster with the fashion event he’s not sure he’s ready. Miss Mardle talks about the position of Deputy Manager with Grove, who thinks that she should not apply.

26 :03x06 - Series 3, Episode 6

Violette is put under house arrest by Harry following the police raid at Colleano’s. In an effort to keep her out of trouble, he is able to get her to agree to help Nancy with plans for the Selfridge Estate. Harry finds himself being forced to sell 5% of his shareholding in Selfridge’s. Crabb is concerned that he will no longer own the majority stake in the store. Gordon gets ready for his first day as Deputy Manager and Grove is happy after he is besieged by warring women on the store floor. Victor is backed into a corner by Purkiss who demands more money than he can afford.

27 :03x07 - Series 3, Episode 7

Harry offers his support after a situation affects Selfridge’s staff and Miss Mardle tries to maintain composure but finds it hard with the weight of her secret. Victor receivs a visit from Regan to make sure that business is running to plan. George lets it be known that he disapproves of the illegal backstage gambling. Harry decides to take Nancy out and takes her to to a deserted Selfridge’s and gifts her with an expensive bottle of perfume. They then drink champagne in the moonlight at the Palm Court. Nancy is shocked after Harry admits to her that he’s no longer the outright owner of the store.

28 :03x08 - Series 3, Episode 8

In an effort to celebrate the signing of the landmark Treaty of Versailles, Harry talks to his newly appointed Head of Press and Print to think of a way to mark this moment in the store. Harry is surprised when Nancy decides that they should keep their relationship purely professional, at least until the Selfridge Estate is finished. Grove is determined to carry on as normal. Colleano’s is in full swing, but the mood is shattered after a fight breaks out between Regan's men.
Guest Stars: Sacha Parkinson as Connie Hawkins | Naomi Ryan as Elsa | Sadie Shimmin as Miss Plunkett | Edward Akrout as Pierre Longchamp | Xavier Lemaitre as Jacques de Sibour | Jolyon Coy as Gus / Tom Gerrard | Sean Campion as Colin Regan | Jessica Madsen as Polly Maxwell Taylor | Malcolm Rennie as Fraser | Richard Braine as Mr Lowe | John Arthur as Mr Barratt | Craig Fletcher as Billy
Director: Lawrence Till
Writer: Helen Raynor

29 :03x09 - Series 3, Episode 9

Nancy has not told Gus about her engagement to Harry and doesn’t wear her engagement ring when he is around. Harry is still feeling pressured to boost shareholder profits. After a surprise delivery from the Russian Embassy shows up at the Selfridge house, Princess Marie feels moved and ecstatic to see her precious family jewels secreted away inside.
Guest Stars: Jolyon Coy as Gus / Tom Gerrard | Malcolm Rennie as Fraser | Aaron Vodovoz as Embassy Soldier | Naomi Ryan as Elsa | Sean Campion as Colin Regan | Sai Bennett as Jessie Pertree | Edmund Kente as Sir Robert Apsley-Ward | Richard Braine as Mr Lowe | John Arthur as Mr Barratt | Joseph Alessi as Merchant | Edward Akrout as Pierre Longchamp | Sadie Shimmin as Miss Plunkett | Charlie Buckland as Jeweller | Xavier Lemaitre as Jacques de Sibour | Craig Fletcher as Billy | Sacha Parkinson as Connie Hawkins
Director: Lawrence Till

30 :03x10 - Series 3, Episode 10

Harry gets ready for the board meeting, and a nervous Crabb tells him that profits aren’t up as much as they’d hoped. Loxley is not impressed with Harry's business methods and admits that the board are intending to propose a vote of no confidence in him as Chairman.
Guest Stars: Sadie Shimmin as Miss Plunkett | Richard Braine as Mr Lowe | John Arthur as Mr Barratt | Sai Bennett as Jessie Pertree | Jolyon Coy as Gus / Tom Gerrard | Christopher Ettridge as Mr King | Naomi Ryan as Elsa | Malcolm Rennie as Fraser | Sacha Parkinson as Connie Hawkins | John Rowe as Bank Manager | Simon Green as Broker | Sean Campion as Colin Regan | Anton Blake as Prince Carol of Romania | Emily Keston as Dolly Sister | Laura-jane Keston as Dolly Sister
Director: Lawrence Till
Writer: Kate Brooke
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Educational | Family | History | Lifestyle
Status: Returning Series
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 06, 2013
Episode Order: 10
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