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Heather's Sister - Recap

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Ben arrives for work. Heather wants his cell number. He keeps giving her the wrong one. Roman has a major crush on her, he wants to ask her out. Heather asks what they're talking about, and Ben tells her the subject is "How hard it is to find 'the one'."

Alonzo and Ben are called into Crystal's office to meet her award-winning dog. This is her dog's last chance to win best in show. She needs the most handsome, charismatic man she can find to show the dog. That'd be Alonzo. Ben doesn't want to do it until he finds out she picked Alonzo. Alonzo tries to refuse, but Crystal insists.

As they leave, Alice approaches. She needs their help. Her dear friend Jessica, from high school, whom she cannot stand, is coming for a visit. Jessica always thought she was better than Alice. She stole Alice's boyfriend Dan, and now they're married. She thinks they have this perfect life. Alice doesn't even know why she cares, because Dan was a "face licker". A what?? Yeah, so. She wants Alonzo to come to dinner with them tomorrow night and just be his amazing self so Jessica will feel bad. He's up for it.

Heather has a great idea. Since Ben is having so much trouble finding 'the one', she's going to set him up with her sister. Heather has a signed, framed picture of the Unabomber. Ben feels the need to leave. Before he goes, she wants him to know that Tony Hawk wants to meet with him about adding the Sunshine Center to his tour. Since pestering works, he'd like to send another muffin basket to Carrie Underwood.

Ben shows up for his meeting with Tony Hawk. Heather tricked him. She set him up with her sister, Stephanie. Ben almost leaves, but he stays when Stephanie says Heather didn't tell her how good looking Ben is. They really hit it off. She says she likes everything Ben likes. He plays her by changing his mind, and she just follows along.

At the dog show, Crystal shows Alonzo how he should move. He figures since he played for the NBA, he can follow her instructions. Crystal also created a uniform that looks like Captain Steubing on The Love Boat. Alonzo refuses to wear it. Alice arrives, and she looks amazing. She should, she's been working on it for three hours. No way has Jessica lost all that baby weight! THIS is going to make her hurt. Alonzo doesn't think this is his favorite side of Alice.

Ben goes to confront Heather. She only hears what she wants to hear, and thinks Ben is serious when he says he's going out with Stephanie again. Roman has a wonderful idea. The four of them should go on a double-date. Heather's all for it. Ben hauls Roman in his office and says he is not going out with Stephanie again. Roman wants him to go as a favor, so he can go out with Heather. He begs, and Ben finally says yes. One date.

The date goes about as well as can be expected when Ben totally doesn't want to be there. Stephanie continues her mini-me behaviors.

Ben asks Alonzo what he's doing there. He's having a few drinks before he walks the dog. Ben tells him about the horrible double date. Alonzo feels Ben has a right to know that the man Heather set on fire was Stephanie's ex. Apparently Heather is very protective of her sister's feelings. Alonzo's advise is that Ben get Stephanie to break up with him. That way, he can avoid death.

Alonzo escorts Crystal's dog. A lot of people recognize and call out to him. He has a blast.

Heather and Roman go to the restroom so Ben and Stephanie can have some alone time. Stephanie keeps up her repeating back behavior as Ben tells her that he and his mom are painfully, inordinately, kissing close. By the way, can he borrow some money? She hands over a bunch of money, but it's not a loan. He can keep it. Heather and Roman make a toast to Ben & Steph, their favorite new couple. Ben licks her face. She likes it, and returns the favor. Heather giggles.

Ben finally can't take it anymore, and tells all three of them off. Heather takes it well. Stephanie gives him a cheerful earful. Heather tries to stop her, but Steph keeps going. Heather defends Ben in the face of Steph's wrath. The sisters scream in each other's face. Ben says he's leaving until the sisters threaten to slap each other.

Alonzo wears the admiral uniform and gets to the winner's circle.

Ben meets Jessica, and can't remember his urgent message for Alice. Just that he has one.

Crystal is so happy things went well. She wants her dog back, so she can present him for sentimental reasons. They literally fight over the dog. Alonzo looks very bad in front of Jessica. Alice tells her off.

Heather apologizes to Roman. That's not how she wanted dinner to go. Maybe next time they should go without the crazies. Ben sees her kiss Roman on the cheek. They see Crystal dragging her dog around the arena, calling "thank you" to the crowd.