Lingerie Football - Recap

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Lingerie football at Sunshine Center makes Ben very happy. One of the players is an acquaintance of Ben's and introduces herself to Roman, but he's too shy. After she walks away, Roman asks how to talk to a woman like that. He wants to talk to Heather, but he's nervous.

Alonzo shows a couple of young men to their private box. Everything's on the house. Alice watches from the doorway. They're a couple of sarcastic little so-n-so's. The Wagner brothers are dot-com millionaire jerks. She asks if he wants help, and he refuses. One of the brothers makes a pass at Alice, but he's interrupted by his mom texting him again. Alice wishes Alonzo luck before leaving.

Ben arrives because Crystal texted him. She needs help, all-nighter. He already has plans. She's being audited, and she could lose everything. He repeatedly tries to say no, but Crystal thinks it's cute that he thinks this is some kind of a request. Sit DOWN. Ben sits. They get to work, and Crystal decides they should go work in her secret office. She doesn't want the staff to be nervous, they need to protect them. Ben feels he is staff and deserves to be protected as well.

In her secret office, Ben discovers that Crystal has the mens locker room on her TV screen. She asks him if he's ever loved and lost. Ben asks what the longest amount of time is that he could leave for? Crystal guesses 10 minutes. Great, Ben will be back in ten minutes. Super. Crystal will put on a pot of rum.

Roman stops by to talk to Heather. She's writing her pen pal in San Quentin. Ben grabs Roman so he can relay a message to Jesse. He wants Roman to keep here there until he's done with Crystal.

The Wagner brothers continue their jerky behavior with Alonzo. Why are all the pretty girls down there, instead of up with them? And where's their NBA star. Yeah, Alonzo played for the NBA. Guess it was the 'star' bit that threw them. Alice arrives as the guys say they're leaving. She references Jade and Brandy, and the guys decide to stay.

Roman's not doing so well with Jesse.

Crystal is eating an entire pie by herself. Ben notices a pattern in the most expensive purchases all being made on the same date. Today's date. What is that about? Crystal refuses to answer, so Ben starts to leave. She admits there was no audit. It's her wedding anniversary. Her 3rd husband, Billy. They were so happy together, and then one day she turned around, and he was gone. He lives in Oceanside, and hangs out at their bar, but she can never get up enough nerve to go see him. She asks Ben again to stay. She has nobody else to talk to.

Jesse sends a suggestive picture to Ben, and he tells Crystal he'll be right back. He asks Jesse for one more hour, he promises to make it worth her while. He tells Roman to keep her there before he leaves.

He tells Crystal they're going to the bar. They have 54 minutes. She needs closure. They head out. Crystal drives her Harley. On the bike, Ben asks how Crystal is feeling. "Emotionally unstable."

There's a lingerie football party. Alonzo talks to the Wagner brothers about donating. He's getting concerned that they might not donate. Alice gives him a drink so he'll calm down. It's apple juice.

Ben and Crystal arrive, and Billy is performing with his band. She goes to talk to him and comes right back. She lied about their breakup. She left with some guy who turned out to be the owner of the Sunshine Center. Ben gets another picture from Jesse, and Crystal tells him to go ahead and rejoin her. She'll be alright. Ben refuses to leave.

Heather joins Roman and Jesse, who calls Heather "Sweetie." When she leaves, Jesse tells Roman that Heather has a crush on him. He doesn't believe it. He wants to be her boyfriend, not physically. It would be empty without a relationship. He doesn't have the nerve to tell her, but she's standing right behind him. They beam happily at each other.

Alice kicks off some sibling rivalry, and the Wagner brothers start outbidding each other for charity donations. She goes around the bar to Alonzo, who tells her he loves her. It's always good to hear it again. The brothers get up to $2m.

Crystal doesn't know what to say to Billy. Ben goes to talk to him, he has a request. Crystal goes up and takes the mic, and Billy sings back to her. When they finish singing, they kiss. He's been doing great. He actually owns the bar. Billy introduces Crystal to his wife, Tammy. She wants to punch Billy, so Ben escorts her away.

On the cycle, Crystal says she feels at peace.

Ben gets home and Jesse is leaving. She kisses him on the cheek and heads out.

Roman and Heather are eating popcorn and watching a show. Ben sits down, and Roman whispers at him "You're killing me right now."