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Season 5

Scratch Tracks: Deaf, Blind and Biting

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Scratch Tracks: Roommates From Hell

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Scratch Tracks: Penny Hates Puck

: In an enhanced episode, a cat's stuffed animal causes odd behavior that confuses its owners; and one cat's vicious attacks on another consistently draw blood and scares it into peeing on itself.

Source: Animal Planet

Scratch Tracks: Feral Scottish Fold

Bob and Stephanie have a stray cat who they’ve named Buddy. Buddy is a Scottish Fold who has managed to both pull on Stephanie’s heartstrings and rip her to shreds. Angela and Gloria's cat Kali goes into full out-to-kill attack mode on their other cats.

Source: Animal Planet

Scratch Tracks: Macho Cat

Ryann and Derek's cats do not get along. In fact, Buddy has resorted to being a full time bully to Lita. Jen and Nicole have been roommates for five years. Everything was going great until Jen got a cat named Princess Puffy Pants who pees on everything.

Source: Animal Planet

Scratch Tracks: Graveyard of Peed on Things

Jackson helps out a cat owner who's feline friend is peeing everywhere. Plus a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia who constantly attacks the owners other cat.

Scratch Tracks: Chubs

A couple who are expecting a baby are worried about the aggressive cat owned by the soon to be mom. Plus a woman who changed her career path after having to deal with two continuously fighting cats.

Scratch Tracks: The White Tornado

A cat is terrorized by a younger one that's has only just become part of the family whilst another cat marks its territory all over a woman's house.

Scratch Tracks: Bea Hates CeCe

One woman's cat hasn't used a litter box in two years whilst a woman and her cat are terrorized by another cat living in the neighborhood.

Scratch Tracks: Cat Horror Show

The show features a cat that has grown more ornery and violent as it has aged and a man with Crohn's disease is feeling stressed out by his cat's constant meowing.

Scratch Tracks: Max Hates My Family

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Scratch Tracks: Buddha Bullies Hector

Hector and Rick are best friends and roommates who are at odds over Rick’s cat, Buddha. Buddha bullies Hector.Diane and Richard haven’t slept through the night in the same bed in four years and that’s all because of their cat Dylan.

Source: Animal Planet

Scratch Tracks: Crazy Daisy

Leanne and Steve's cat, Daisy flies into rages over 20 times a day, causing self-inflicted wounds to her tail and body. Samantha and Adam have been happily married for over 5 years but their cat, Gizmo is biting and scratching her way into their bliss.

Source: Animal Planet

Scratch Tracks: Chubs

Jackson Galaxy continues to help families calm their unruly cats.

05x?? - Chloe the Bully

More out of control cats are helped.

Hell-iday Special

More out of control cats and their owners are helped.

How Do You Like Meow?

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37 :05x01 - Sky Dive Nightmare

Jackson helps a skydiver with two ferocious cats as well as helping a couple resolve their issues with a territorial cat.

38 :05x02 - Blood Thirsty

Jackson helps out a cat with night terrors. Whilst a fire-fighter is having trouble with his crazy cat.

39 :05x03 - Surprise Attack Cat!

Jackson helps out two cats one called Whiskey and the other called Littlez.

40 :05x04 - Stalking Miss Daisy

Dexter has been out to kill the other cat in the house Daisy.

41 :05x05 - Einstein Hates Izzy

Einstein behaves until it sees Izzy.

42 :05x06 - Puma on the Rampage

John didn't realize when he got married to Samantha, her cat would come between them so much.

43 :05x07 - 911, My Cat’s Holding Me Hostage!

Jackson travels to Portland to help Lee and Teresa, the couple that called 911 on their cat Lux.

Source: Animal Planet

44 :05x08 - Mama Mia!

Chris and Tenile can't move in together, because of a vicious cat. A family need to deal with their vicious cat, Mia.

45 :05x09 - Multi-million-dollar Nightmare

Jackson helps out more cat owners with unruly pets.

46 :05x10 - Demon Cat

Jackson Galaxy helps different families deal with their unruly felines, from cats that break up relationships to violent companions that leave their owners in hospital.

47 :05x11 - Hungry Like the Wolf

The show features more out of control cats.

48 :05x12 - Scared to Laugh

Jackson Galaxy helps more families deal with their unruly cats.

49 :05x13 - Godzilla Attacks!

Godzilla is deaf and Doug and Talon’s other cat Mudgie has a shattered pelvis and can’t move her tail. Unable to communicate with each other, Godzilla is attacking Mudgie.

Source: Animal Planet

50 :05x14 - Reese the Ripper

George and Beth are prisoners in their own home due to their ferocious kitty Reese. Reese is a cat version of Jack the Ripper and Beth is one of his favorite targets.

Source: Animal Planet

51 :05x15 - When the Fat Lady Sings

Alan and Shannon were looking for a cat they could cuddle, but instead they got Barnabas - a hissing, flesh ripping, demon cat. The only thing that calms Barnabas down is opera music.

Source: Animal Planet

52 :05x16 - Appetite for Destruction

Cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy helps more unruly cats tormenting their owners.
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Classification: Reality
Genre: Comedy | Family | Animals/Pets
Status: Returning Series
Network: Animal Planet ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 07, 2011
Episode Order: 16
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