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My First Place

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 22/Oct/2005 Modern African Safari N/A
2 1x02 29/Oct/2005 Dragonfly Dining N/A
3 1x03 05/Nov/2005 African/Asian Fusion N/A
4 1x04 12/Nov/2005 Dual-Purpose Living Room N/A
5 1x05 19/Nov/2005 Family Room Fix-Up N/A
6 1x06 05/Nov/2005 Bedroom Updo N/A
7 1x07 22/Oct/2005 Sophisticated Island Oasis N/A
8 1x08 10/Dec/2005 Living/Dining Area Redo N/A
9 1x09 03/Dec/2005 Living/Dining Retreat N/A
10 1x10 29/Oct/2005 Living-Room Lounge N/A
11 1x11 07/Jan/2006 Den Gets Zen N/A
12 1x12 14/Jan/2006 Living/Dining Area Goes Artistic N/A
13 1x13 21/Jan/2006 Living Room Becomes Modern N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
14 2x01 04/Feb/2006 Feng Shui Family Room N/A
15 2x02 31/Dec/2005 Bedroom Gets Some Style N/A
16 2x03 02/Jan/2006 Living Room Goes European N/A
17 2x04 11/Feb/2006 Moroccan Bedroom Retreat N/A
18 2x05 02/Jan/2006 Living Room Gets Funky Style Fusion N/A
19 2x06 24/Feb/2006 Living Room Turns Chic N/A
20 2x07 04/Mar/2006 Living Room Gets Cozy Touch N/A
21 2x08 11/Mar/2006 Living Room Legacy N/A
22 2x09 18/Mar/2006 Indoor/Outdoor Oasis N/A
23 2x10 15/Apr/2006 Living Large in a Small Space N/A
24 2x11 01/Apr/2006 Manhattan Meets Miami N/A
25 2x12 29/Apr/2006 Family Room Retreat N/A
26 2x13 13/May/2006 From Bedroom to Boudoir N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
27 3x01 20/Jun/2006 Suburban Chic Space N/A
28 3x02 22/Apr/2006 Living Room Face-Lift N/A
29 3x03 27/May/2006 Vintage Racing Room N/A
30 3x04 10/May/2006 Old-Hollywood Bedroom N/A
31 3x05 17/Jun/2006 Caribbean Living Room N/A
32 3x06 24/Jun/2006 Graduate's Living Room N/A
33 3x07 07/Jul/2006 Beach House Boudoir N/A
34 3x08 14/Jul/2006 Cozy French Living Room N/A
35 3x09 21/Jul/2006 Japanese Dining Room / Kitchen N/A
36 3x10 04/Aug/2006 Bedroom With Smart Storage N/A
37 3x11 11/Aug/2006 Artists' Attic N/A
38 3x12 18/Aug/2006 Jazzy Living Room N/A
39 3x13 01/Sep/2006 Art-Nouveau Dining Room N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
40 4x01 27/Jul/2006 Color Poppin' Basement N/A
41 4x02 08/Sep/2006 Bed-and-Breakfast Retreat N/A
42 4x03 15/Sep/2006 Indian-Influenced Living Area N/A
43 4x04 02/Oct/2006 Sanctuary Oasis Bedroom N/A
44 4x05 22/Sep/2006 Beach Bungalow Bedroom N/A
45 4x06 15/Jan/2007 Casual Metro Living Room N/A
46 4x07 09/Oct/2006 Global Potpourri N/A
47 4x08 27/Nov/2006 Medieval Home Office N/A
48 4x09 11/Dec/2006 Living Room Retreat N/A
49 4x10 05/Feb/2007 Seaside Family Room N/A
50 4x11 18/Dec/2006 Feng Shui Bedroom N/A
51 4x12 29/Jan/2007 Two-In-One Living Room N/A
52 4x13 26/Mar/2007 Indian-Flavored Dining Room N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
53 5x01 25/Aug/2006 New Living Room for New Family N/A
54 5x02 16/Oct/2006 Parents' Private Paradise N/A
55 5x03 23/Oct/2006 Living Room Gets Back to Nature N/A
56 5x04 06/Nov/2006 Hip Living Room N/A
57 5x05 01/Jan/2007 From Cellar to Family Room N/A
58 5x06 13/Nov/2003 Asian-Influenced Living Room N/A
59 5x07 16/Mar/2007 Vintage Living Room N/A
60 5x08 25/Sep/2006 Living Room Gets Wheelchair Accessible N/A
61 5x09 20/Nov/2006 Elegantly Rustic Bedroom N/A
62 5x10 08/Jan/2007 Exotic Living/Dining Room N/A
63 5x11 04/Dec/2006 High-Rise Retreat N/A
64 5x12 25/Dec/2006 Living Area Comes to Life N/A
65 5x13 30/Oct/2006 Harmonious Home Office N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
66 6x01 29/Apr/2007 New Digs for Family of Six N/A
67 6x02 06/May/2007 Wanted: Move-In-Ready Home N/A
68 6x03 11/Nov/2007 First-Timer Gets Financial Primer N/A
69 6x04 18/Nov/2007 Lessons on Home Inspections N/A
70 6x05 25/Nov/2007 Home Shoppers Learn to Compromise N/A
71 6x06 02/Dec/2007 Negotiation Navigation N/A
72 6x07 09/Dec/2007 Couple Wages Bidding War N/A
73 6x08 17/Jun/2007 Newbie Learns Hard Lessons N/A
74 6x09 23/Dec/2007 First-Timers Tackle Bidding War N/A
75 6x10 30/Dec/2007 World Traveler Ready to Settle N/A
76 6x11 08/Jul/2007 Decision Time in Denver N/A
77 6x12 14/Aug/2007 Sweat Equity N/A
78 6x13 29/Jul/2007 Uphill Battle N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
79 7x01 05/Aug/2007 A Bidding War in Denver N/A
80 7x02 12/Aug/2007 Too Good To Be True N/A
81 7x03 19/Aug/2007 A Fixer-Upper That's A Real Downer N/A
82 7x04 26/Aug/2007 Driving a Hard Bargain N/A
83 7x05 26/Aug/2007 Too Good To Be True? N/A
84 7x06 09/Sep/2007 Brotherly Advice N/A
85 7x07 16/Sep/2007 Here Comes The Bride! N/A
86 7x08 23/Sep/2007 What to Do in Denver? N/A
87 7x09 30/Sep/2007 A Deal Breaker N/A
88 7x10 22/Jul/2007 Stressed Out in Atlanta! N/A
89 7x11 07/Oct/2007 Big Dreams on a Small Budget in Denver N/A
90 7x12 14/Oct/2007 More Than They Bargained For N/A
91 7x13 21/Oct/2007 Temptation Strikes in Denver N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
92 8x01 06/Apr/2008 Use It or Lose It N/A
93 8x02 04/May/2008 A Day Late and a Dollar Short N/A
94 8x03 25/May/2008 Too Many Choices N/A
95 8x04 13/Apr/2008 Down and Out in Denver N/A
96 8x05 29/Jun/2008 House Poor in Hotlanta N/A
97 8x06 18/May/2008 Hip Location, High Price N/A
98 8x07 15/Jun/2008 The Two-Bedroom Two Step N/A
99 8x08 20/Apr/2008 The Cure for Sticker Shock N/A
100 8x09 11/May/2008 Expensive Taste N/A
101 8x10 08/Jun/2008 Buyers Market Bliss N/A
102 8x11 01/Jun/2008 Big Decision, Bigger Payment N/A
103 8x12 27/Apr/2008 The $30,000 Curveball N/A
104 8x13 22/Jun/2008 My First Nightmare N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
105 9x01 05/Oct/2008 Denver Dilema 5.5
106 9x02 12/Oct/2008 From the Big Apple to Atlanta N/A
107 9x03 19/Oct/2008 A Conundrum in Colorado N/A
108 9x04 26/Oct/2008 A Home for a Lifetime N/A
109 9x05 16/Nov/2008 Last Minute Scramble N/A
110 9x06 14/Dec/2008 Luck with the Loan N/A
111 9x07 30/Nov/2008 Inspection Intuition N/A
112 9x08 21/Dec/2008 Big Dreams in Boulder N/A
113 9x09 07/Dec/2008 How Valuable a View? N/A
114 9x10 09/Nov/2008 Despair Over Repairs N/A
115 9x11 02/Nov/2008 Financing Fallback Plan N/A
116 9x12 23/Nov/2008 A First Home in Phoenix N/A
117 9x13 28/Dec/2008 Hoping to Persist in Phoenix N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
118 10x01 03/May/2009 A Search for a Scottsdale Home With an Updated Kitchen and Master Suite N/A
119 10x02 12/Apr/2009 A Denver Couple Faces Rejected Bids and Loan Problems in Their Search for a Home N/A
120 10x03 05/Apr/2009 A Scottsdale Couple Tries to Save Money for Their Wedding While Also House Hunting N/A
121 10x04 21/May/2009 Location vs. Larger Space in a Chicago Condo Search N/A
119 10x05 03/May/2009 A Search for a Scottsdale Home With an Updated Kitchen and Master Suite N/A
122 10x05 07/May/2009 Financing Woes Cause a Couple Moving to Phoenix to Explore Their Options N/A
123 10x06 26/Apr/2009 Atlanta's Condo Market Presents Challenges to a New Lawyer N/A
124 10x07 19/Apr/2009 A Chicago Man's Girlfriend Persuades Him to Bid on a Condo He's Never Seen N/A
125 10x08 11/Jun/2009 A Couple Negotiates Price With a Seller N/A
126 10x09 11/Jun/2009 A Couple Encounters Lending Woes N/A
127 10x10 14/May/2009 Phoenix Newlyweds Make Bids on Two Houses, Hoping One Will Work Out N/A
128 10x11 04/Jun/2009 A Last-Minute Scramble for Cash for Chicago Newcomers N/A
129 10x12 18/Jun/2009 A Couple's Leisurely Search for a Phoenix Home Results in Losing Out to Other Bidders N/A
130 10x13 28/May/2009 An Atlanta Man Is Determined to Buy His First Home N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
131 11x01 24/Sep/2009 Flood Damage Deterrence N/A
132 11x02 01/Oct/2009 Stubborn Sellers in Chicago N/A
133 11x03 15/Oct/2009 Buying a Home That's Ready to Rock or Ready to Reno? N/A
134 11x04 08/Oct/2009 Winging It in the Windy City N/A
135 11x05 22/Oct/2009 Commitment Before Contract? N/A
136 11x06 29/Oct/2009 Lowballing and Losing N/A
137 11x07 10/Sep/2009 Dual Opportunities in Denver N/A
138 11x08 03/Aug/2009 Navigating the Negotiation Process N/A
139 11x09 05/Nov/2009 Picky and Plugging Away N/A
140 11x10 23/Nov/2009 Lamenting Over Their Rental N/A
141 11x11 12/Nov/2009 He Who Hesitates N/A
142 11x12 10/Dec/2009 Problem? What Problem? 8

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
143 12x01 05/Jan/2010 Lowballing and Losing N/A
144 12x02 16/Feb/2010 Trying to Stay Frugal N/A
145 12x03 11/Feb/2010 Moving In or Matrimony? N/A
146 12x04 11/Mar/2010 Townhome Trepidation N/A
147 12x05 04/Feb/2010 Stress Factors N/A
148 12x06 14/Jan/2010 Stuck on Staying N/A
149 12x07 25/Feb/2010 Compromise or Clash N/A
150 12x08 26/Jan/2010 Sneaking Suspicion N/A
151 12x09 12/Jan/2010 State of Independence N/A
152 12x10 19/Jan/2010 Second Chances N/A
153 12x11 23/Feb/2010 Price Increase in Philadelphia N/A
154 12x12 09/Mar/2010 Quick Bid on a Bungalow N/A
155 12x13 07/Jan/2010 Fighting With the Flippers N/A

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
156 13x01 09/Feb/2010 Wheelchair Accessible House N/A
157 13x02 02/Feb/2010 Getting Dad's Blessing on a Home N/A
158 13x03 18/Mar/2010 Rookie Buyers Attempt to Broker Their Own Deal N/A
159 13x04 11/Mar/2010 Couple Gets Lured Far From the City N/A
160 13x05 02/Mar/2010 Low Credit Score Woes N/A
161 13x06 21/Jan/2010 Foreclosure As Diamond in the Rough N/A
162 13x07 18/Feb/2010 Couple Bids Sight Unseen N/A
163 13x08 01/Apr/2010 Doctors Play Hardball With Bid N/A
164 13x09 25/Mar/2010 Bachelor Leaves Parents' Home N/A
165 13x10 22/Apr/2010 Commitment-phobe Faces Buying Fears N/A
166 13x11 08/Apr/2010 Drawing Battle Lines Over Location N/A
167 13x12 28/Jan/2010 Giant Shed Provokes Couple Conflict N/A
168 13x13 29/Apr/2010 Water Heater Dealbreaker N/A

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
169 14x01 20/May/2010 The 100 House Hunt Tax Loophole 8
170 14x02 06/May/2010 No Privacy for a Boomeranger Living with Parents N/A
171 14x03 13/May/2010 Battle Escalates Over Price Point N/A
172 14x04 15/Apr/2010 Occupancy Rules Keep Occupancy Down N/A
173 14x05 27/May/2010 Living the Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle 8
174 14x06 03/Jun/2010 Buying a Home Sight Unseen 7
175 14x07 10/Jun/2010 A Catch-22 for a Loan and a New Roof 8
176 14x08 24/Jun/2010 Fighting Allergies and Competing Bids 7
177 14x09 22/Jul/2010 Pool Shark's Fixer-Upper Deck Dilemma 8
178 14x10 29/Jul/2010 Creative Lending Allows Bigger Purchase 8
179 14x11 26/Aug/2010 Job Security Threatens Dream Home 9
180 14x12 12/Aug/2010 An Old Home with Old Problems 8
181 14x13 17/Jun/2010 Haunted House Hunt Fears 7

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
182 15x01 16/Sep/2010 Deadline to find a new home N/A
183 15x02 19/Aug/2010 Pricepoint Blues on one income 8
184 15x03 12/Oct/2010 Caught in a New House Bidding War 8
185 15x04 05/Aug/2010 Big Budget Limitations 8
186 15x05 23/Sep/2010 Husband and wife spar over townhome vs. single family home N/A
187 15x06 15/Oct/2010 First-time buyers clash over budget versus eye candy N/A
188 15x07 02/Sep/2010 Closing costs could be a deal breaker for cash-poor buyers. 8
189 15x08 11/Oct/2010 First-time buyers lose homes over low bids N/A
190 15x09 09/Sep/2010 Newlyweds can't agree on condo vs. house 7
191 15x10 18/Oct/2010 First-time buyers risk losing townhome on low appraisal N/A

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
192 16x01 14/Oct/2010 Location Blues N/A
193 16x02 13/Oct/2010 Negotiating from Scratch N/A
194 16x03 20/Oct/2010 Neighborhood Character Flaws N/A
195 16x04 19/Oct/2010 Bachelor Pad Trade-Up N/A
196 16x05 21/Oct/2010 Lower Fees, More Space N/A
197 16x06 22/Oct/2010 Impulse Home Buyer N/A
198 16x07 27/Oct/2010 A Homecoming Shocker N/A
199 16x08 03/Nov/2010 Home Search Competition N/A
200 16x09 10/Nov/2010 Costly Fixer Upper Negotiations N/A
201 16x10 17/Nov/2010 House Hunt Without a Net N/A
202 16x11 02/Dec/2010 Toxic Dreamhome Nightmare N/A
203 16x12 09/Dec/2010 Spending Spree Habit Broken N/A
204 16x13 16/Dec/2010 Strategic Appraisal N/A
205 16x14 23/Dec/2010 Money to Spend, but Nothing to Buy N/A
206 16x15 30/Dec/2010 Lowball Bidders Get Lucky N/A
207 16x16 13/Jan/2011 A New York State of Mind in Portland N/A

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
208 17x01 20/Jan/2011 Hardball Negotiations in Boston N/A
209 17x02 27/Jan/2011 Deadline to Buy A House Before the Wedding N/A
210 17x03 13/Jan/2011 How to End a Losing Streak N/A
211 17x04 03/Feb/2011 Overbidding On a Home Unseen N/A
212 17x05 10/Feb/2011 A First Home Before the Wedding? N/A
213 17x06 17/Feb/2011 First Home Financing Frustrations N/A
214 17x07 24/Feb/2011 Buy A House or Keep the Car? 7
215 17x08 01/Mar/2011 Desperate Bachelor's House Hunt 8
216 17x09 08/Mar/2011 Making an Investment Feel Like Home 8
217 17x10 15/Mar/2011 A Race to Close on a Home Before It's Too Late 8
218 17x11 22/Mar/2011 Searching for Common Ground 7
219 17x12 29/Mar/2011 Testing A New Relationship and New Home 8
220 17x13 05/Apr/2011 In Search of the Perfect Multi Family House 8

 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
221 18x01 12/Apr/2011 Keeping it in the Family 8
222 18x02 19/Apr/2011 Paying off Debt to Buy a Home 9
223 18x03 26/Apr/2011 I Just Know What I Want 8
224 18x04 03/May/2011 The Price Keeps Climbing 8
226 18x06 10/May/2011 Starting a Life Together 8
227 18x07 17/May/2011 Bachelor Living with A View 8
228 18x08 24/May/2011 Seeking a Home and Cake Studio 7
229 18x09 31/May/2011 Music Comes First 8
230 18x10 07/Jun/2011 Should We Stay or Should We Go Now? 7
231 18x11 14/Jun/2011 East Austin City Limits 7
232 18x12 21/Jun/2011 Multifamily Homes in Dorchester 7
233 18x13 28/Jun/2011 Father & Son Find a Home 7

 Season 19(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
234 19x01 05/Jul/2011 Cash Deal For a Home 8
235 19x02 12/Jul/2011 Giving It Another Shot 8
236 19x03 19/Jul/2011 Move-In Ready or Bust 7
237 19x04 26/Jul/2011 Contention Over Closing Costs 7
238 19x05 09/Aug/2011 How Much is Granite Really Worth? 7
239 19x06 16/Aug/2011 Home Shopping Before Pre-Approval 8
240 19x07 23/Aug/2011 An Eye for Deal Breakers 8
241 19x08 30/Aug/2011 Hoping for a Home and a Ring 7
242 19x09 06/Sep/2011 Flexible Space in a Boston Condo 7

 Season 20(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
243 20x01 13/Sep/2011 Debating Over a Fixer Upper 8
244 20x02 29/Aug/2011 Driving a Hard Bargain N/A
245 20x03 06/Oct/2011 New Relationship Old Neighborhood 7
246 20x04 10/Oct/2011 Million Dollar Condo in Boston 8
247 20x05 17/Oct/2011 High Price for Low Appraisal 7
248 20x06 25/Oct/2011 Condo's Inspection Surprise 7
249 20x07 01/Nov/2011 Waiting in Vain For a House 8
250 20x08 08/Nov/2011 Big Dog, Small Apartment, and No Time to Spare 8
251 20x09 15/Nov/2011 Price Isn't Everything - It's the Only Thing 8
252 20x10 22/Nov/2011 Emotional First Time Home Search 7
253 20x11 29/Nov/2011 Getting the Most Bang for Your Offer 8
254 20x12 06/Dec/2011 Downtown House Buying 8
255 20x13 13/Dec/2011 Inspections Find Deal Breakers 7

 Season 21(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
0 21x00 Unaired Baby On the Way and A New House 8
256 21x01 20/Dec/2011 Buying in City or County 7
257 21x02 27/Dec/2011 First the House, then the Wedding 8
258 21x03 03/Jan/2012 Bachelor's Commitment Issues 7
259 21x04 10/Jan/2012 The Value of a Realtor 8
260 21x05 17/Jan/2012 More Money, More Problems 7
261 21x06 24/Jan/2012 Deadline Plus Budget Make Double Trouble 8
262 21x07 31/Jan/2012 Not Bidding Fast Enough 8
263 21x08 07/Feb/2012 Inspection Rattles Dream House 8
264 21x09 14/Feb/2012 Credit Crunches Dream 8
265 21x10 21/Feb/2012 Young Couple Wants House Before Marriage 8
266 21x11 28/Feb/2012 Farmhouse Delivers Country Charm and Inspection Woe 8
267 21x12 11/Mar/2012 Couple Needs to Buy Home That Can Sell Quickly 7
268 21x13 18/Mar/2012 Stiff Competition in Pittsburgh 7
269 21x14 25/Mar/2012 Expectant Couple Faces Impending Deadline 7
270 21x15 01/Apr/2012 Right Price, But at What Cost? 7

 Season 22(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
271 22x01 08/Apr/2012 Industrial Rezone N/A
272 22x02 15/Apr/2012 Bidding Sight Unseen in Nashville N/A
273 22x03 22/Apr/2012 Guest House Hard to Find N/A
274 22x04 29/Apr/2012 Risking $50,000 on As-Is Home 8
275 22x05 06/May/2012 Size of House vs. Size of Yard N/A
276 22x06 13/May/2012 No Closing Costs, No Deal 7
277 22x07 20/May/2012 Competition Pushes Up Price N/A
278 22x08 27/May/2012 Adoptive Family Needs Breathing Room N/A
279 22x09 03/Jun/2012 Finicky Couple Must Find Stylish Home N/A
280 22x10 10/Jun/2012 Bid Leads to Winning Strategy N/A
281 22x11 17/Jun/2012 Is a Sexy Bathroom Asking Too Much? N/A
282 22x12 24/Jun/2012 Baby On the Way and A New House N/A
283 22x13 01/Jul/2012 Dream Home Versus Resale Value N/A
284 22x14 08/Jul/2012 City vs. Country Living Debate N/A
285 22x15 15/Jul/2012 Playing Hardball for the Perfect Backyard N/A
286 22x16 22/Jul/2012 Dallas couple refuses to put up with hardball negotiations N/A
287 22x17 29/Jul/2012 The Search for The Perfect Home N/A
288 22x18 05/Aug/2012 Single Mom Goes Wild Placing Bids While Time Runs Out N/A
289 22x19 12/Aug/2012 The Never-Ending Budget Battle N/A
290 22x20 19/Aug/2012 Train tracks and Wedding Bells N/A
291 22x21 26/Aug/2012 Waterfront Woes N/A
292 22x22 02/Sep/2012 Budget Busting Conflict N/A
293 22x23 09/Sep/2012 Agree Not to Agree on Homebuying N/A
294 22x24 16/Sep/2012 Offer Here, Offer There, Offers Everywhere N/A
295 22x25 23/Sep/2012 Sky-High Expectations for Rock-Bottom Price N/A

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