Season 5

43 :05x01 - Documenting Dance

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44 :05x02 - Rocco's Revenge

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45 :05x03 - Ghosts on the Grange

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46 :05x04 - Church of Darkness

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47 :05x05 - Damnation Plantation

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49 :05x07 - Dance with the Devil

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51 :05x09 - Once in a Black Moon

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52 :05x10 - Asylum 49

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53 :05x11 - Hamilton House Ghosts

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54 :05x12 - Love Never Dies

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55 :05x13 - Beyond the Grave

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56 :05x14 - Orbs of the Octagon

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57 :05x15 - Go Toward the Light

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58 :05x16 - Sanford School Spirits

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59 :05x17 - Caught on Camera: #58

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60 :05x18 - Haunting Grounds of Ireland

A young girl is attacked by a ghost while bathing; spirits party in the basement of a house that used to be a speakeasy; and an apparition is encountered in a former home of Abraham Lincoln.

Source: Biography Channel

61 :05x19 - My Orb Story

A woman sees a ghost in the back seat of her car; paranormal activity is detected in a cemetery on Halloween; and a woman senses the presence of her late husband.

Source: Biography Channel

62 :05x20 - Screams in the Castle

A couple hear mysterious voices and footsteps in their house; the ghost of a prostitute occupies an old courthouse; and investigators encounter spirits in a Scottish castle.

Source: Biography Channel

63 :05x21 - Caught on Camera: #63

Mysterious voices are heard in a Kentucky tavern; a spirit grabs a woman in an Iowa home; and paranormal activity is detected in a community center.

Source: Biography Channel

64 :05x22 - 18th-Century Hellfire Caves

Spirits are encountered in England; unexplainable sounds of giggling children are heard in an old farm house.

Source: Biography Channel

66 :05x24 - An investigator hears an entity's warning; a ghost's reflection appears; a spirit is stuck inside a house

A ghost's reflection appears in an Australian hotel; mysterious voices are heard in Ohio.

Source: Biography Channel

67 :05x25 - Spirit of Mark Twain's Daughter

Spirits' voices are heard at a grave site; a ghost appears in a photograph; and investigators encounter apparitions in Canada.

Source: Biography Channel

68 :05x26 - Old Bordello; California Farm; Ghost with a Sweet Tooth

A ghost causes trouble at a supermarket in Australia; investigators encounter a spirit at a California farm; and mysterious voices are heard in a house.

Source: Biography Channel

69 :05x27 - Caught on Camera: #69

Paranormal activity is detected at a pub where part of "Casablanca" was filmed; a woman captures mysterious orbs on tape; and the ghost of a maid appears in a hotel.

Source: Biography Channel

70 :05x28 - Caught on Camera: #70

A violent spirit appears in a winery; a woman's phone keeps ringing after it's been unplugged; and a paranormal investigator is rescued by a ghost.

Source: Biography Channel

71 :05x29 - Caught on Camera: #71

A janitor's ghost is encountered in an abandoned high school; a shape-shifting demon torments a woman; and a spirit haunts a Missouri mansion.

Source: Biography Channel

72 :05x30 - Caught on Camera: #72

The ghosts of inmates are heard at a Missouri penitentiary; furniture moves by itself at a hotel in New Jersey.

Source: Biography Channel

73 :05x31 - Caught on Camera: #73

An apparition is photographed by an investigator; the ghost of a child is encountered at a former Civil War field hospital; and a man is targeted by an angry spirit.

Source: Biography Channel

74 :05x32 - Caught on Camera: #74

A spirit invades a former nursing home; a ghost harasses the owner of a Massachusetts house; and mysterious orbs appear in an old Civil War building in Kentucky.

Source: Biography Channel

75 :05x33 - Caught on Camera: #75

Strange whispers are heard by an estate owner; the spirits of children become trapped inside a school.

Source: Biography Channel

76 :05x34 - Caught on Camera: #76

Screams are heard in a former asylum; an entity is caught on video.

Source: Biography Channel
Classification: Reality
Genre: Drama | Family | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: fyi, ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 30, 2008
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