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Angela considers sleeping with Jordan, while Graham considers starting his own restaurant.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x13
Production Number: 59404
Airdate: Thursday December 01st, 1994

Director: Mark Piznarski
Writer: Ellie Herman

Guest Stars
Lisa WaltzLisa Waltz
As Hallie Lowenthal
Episode Quotes
Patty: I can't believe it. I can't believe that Jordan Catalano was here, and I missed him.
Hallie: Oh, honey, we're talking gorgeous.
Patty: I can't believe it. I miss everything! (to Graham) What is he like?
Graham: Oh, you know --
Patty: No! I don't know! That's why I'm asking!
Graham: Well, I don't know -- he's a - a - a kid, you know.
Hallie: Psh. You're asking a man (to Graham, Brad) -- sorry, sorry -- to describe someone when I'm sitting here? Here's what he's like -- fairly...out of it, not unintelligent. Sort of um...stray puppy, you know the type, you're always trying to ease their pain. He may even be a halfway decent person, but let me tell you -- trouble. Way too gorgeous.
Patty: Thank you.

(In the Chases' kitchen.)
Angela: Who's there?
Jordan: Hey.
Angela: It's a dream. I'm having a dream. I've had this dream, only without the cold cuts.
Jordan: Wow, food.
Angela: Wha-what are you doing--here? It's late. It's really -- (whispering) my parents are right upstairs.
Jordan: They are?
Angela: Well -- they live here.
Jordan: Well, you said you wanted to do it in your room while your parents were asleep.
Angela: I was joking. Seriously, you have to go.
Jordan: Okay. (They kiss.) So, you know that empty house on Cloverdale?
Angela: (Hears something, listens) Shh, wait a sec.
Jordan: The one that's been for sale, like, forever? Tino found a way to get in, through this window in the back. So people have been going there, you know, to...have a go. So you wanna? Friday night?
Angela: Like breaking and entering?
Jordan: Just -- entering. So we can -- you know, be somewhere.
Patty: Angela!
Angela: (running to the stairway) Mom?
Patty: Didn't I predict this? Did I predict that this would happen? Didn't I tell you you'd be hungry later?
Angela: H -- oh, yeah. Right. Mom, um, listen --
Patty: Now look, I-I'm not trying to interfere, but's just that...that I think it's important that we all eat diner a family.
Angela: Oh, no, me too. I agree. Absolutely. As a family.
Patty: Okay. Well, finish up -- whatever it is you're nibbling on in there -- and don't leave a mess for me to clean up. Oh, and don't forget what we talked about tonight about daddy and me meeting your friend Jordan.
Angela: (sounding strangled) Ah, uh -- pssh. I - I won't.
Patty: What? Sweetheart, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You like this Jordan, I have no problem with that. We just want to meet him! (They hug, kiss. Patty goes back upstairs, Angela goes back to the kitchen.)
Jordan: So, you like me?
Angela: Oh, shut up.
Jordan: I mean, your mother says you like me.
Angela: (laughing) Oh, shut up!
Jordan: So, Friday night?
Angela: Oh, yeah, right. The house.
Jordan: There are, like, eight bedrooms.
Angela: That many. (They kiss. Jordan leaves. Angela sighs.)

Angela: (VO) I couldn't stop thinking about it. The like fact that...that people...had sex. That they just had it, like sex was this thing people...had, like a rash. Or a -- a rottweiler. Everything started to seem like, pornographic or something. Like, Mrs. Krysanowski has sex. So does Mr. Katimski. They both have sex. They could...have sex together. Like right now. I am, like, the sickest person.

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