Season 1

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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Yankee White

While on Air Force One, a Navy Commander dies. Agents from the Navy NCIS decide to take the investigation into their own hands and also force a Secret Service Agent Kate Todd to help. Now the NCIS team has to figure out if the Navy Officer's death was of natural causes or not.
Guest Stars: Alan Dale as NCIS Director Tom Morrow | Gerry Becker as William Baer (U.S. Secret Service Agent: Head of Presdiential Protection Detail on Air Force One) | Gary Grubbs as Coroner Elmo Poke (Friend of Ducky) | Dane Northcutt as Marine Major Kerry (Companion of Special Agent Kate Todd) | Robert Bagnell as Leonard Rish (Reporter on Air Force One) | Michael Adler as Navy Capt. Burger (President's Physician on Air Force One) | Gregory Itzin as FBI Director | Lawrence Pressman as Secret Service Director | Joe Spano as FBI Agent T.C. Fornell | Gerald Downey as Navy Cmdr. Ray Trapp (Carrier of the Football) | Gerald McCullouch as FBI Agent (Talking with FBI Agent Fornell in Car) | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson (NCIS Asst. Medical Examiner) | Steve Bridges as George W. Bush |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Maize as Security Guard (TSA Agent: Screens Ducky, Tony and Gibbs) | Dwayne Macopson as Marine Major Carl Pritchard (New Carrier of the Football) | Richard Anthony Crenna as Chief Steward (Tells President George W. Bush Papa Joe's Babybacks are on Board) | Asante Jones as Homicide Detective Andy Kochofis (Works for Metro PD) | Jeremy Overstreet as Agent Bowman | Doris McMillon as News Anchor (Shown on Gibbs' Basement TV) |
Uncredited: Vivienne Bellisario as Mysterious Redhead (Driving Car Gibbs Gets Into)

2 :01x02 - Hung Out to Dry

During a training exercise, a marine's parachute fails to open and he crashes into a parked car where two teenagers were making out. The NCIS team heads to the scene and has to determine if the marine's death was accidental or a murder.
Special Guest Stars: Patrick Labyorteaux as Lt. Bud J. Roberts, Jr. (JAG Lawyer Talking with Gibbs and Kate in the Interrogation Room) |
Guest Stars: Chaney Kley as Corporal Paul Brinkman (Suspect in NCIS Investigation) | Dave Power as Corporal Dave Ramsey (Suspect in NCIS Investigation) | Keith Diamond as Sgt. Gregory Nutt (First Responder to Crime Scene) | Rick Pasqualone as Corporal Paul Dafelmair (Suspect in NCIS Investigation) | James MacDonald (1) as Capt. Faul (Head of Marine Night-Time Jumping Group) | Brandon Davis as Jimmy (Boy Witness Kissing Girl Witness in Car) | Julie Gonzalo as Sarah Schaefer (Girl Witness Kissing Boy Witness in Car) | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson (NCIS Asst. Medical Examiner) | Lee Reherman as Sgt. Tuers (Part of Larry Fuente's Jumping Squad) |
Co-Guest Stars: Austin Marques as Billy Fuentes (Son of Victim Larry Fuentes) | Christina Souza as Rosemarie Fuentes (Wife of Victim Larry Fuentes) | Brian Patrick Wade as Marine Lance Corporal (Marine Who Hands Gibbs Package Containing New Cellphone)
Director: Alan J. Levi
Writer: Don McGill
Songs: Dashboard Confessional -- Ghost of a Good Thing

3 :01x03 - Seadog

When a Navy commander's body washes up on shore along with the bodies of two drug runners, Gibbs refuses to believe that the sailor who was killed, was dirty.
Guest Stars: Gregory Itzin as FBI Director | Alan Dale as NCIS Director Tom Morrow | Mark Holton as Sergeant Linn (Cop Talking to Gibbs on Beach about Victim) | William R. Moses as Agent Kent Fuller, DEA (Agent Helping with NCIS Investigation) | Dempsey Pappion as Basketball Player (Talking to Gibbs at Basketball Court) | Benny Nieves as Frank Trujillo (Drug Boss, Walks Through Autopsy) | Joe Torry as Darryl Wilkins (Rival Gang Leader, Walks Through Autopsy) | Elena Lyons as Diane Fontaine (TV News Reporter) | Emilie de Ravin as Nancy (Australian Talking to Tony on Boat) | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson (NCIS Asst. Medical Examiner) | Joe Spano as FBI Agent T.C. Fornell | Jodi Bianca Wise as Jenny (Australian Talking to Tony on Boat) | Merle Dandridge as Marcy Carruthers (Kate's Friend Who Runs a Search on the Bogus Bills) | Sam Sarpong as Bobby Jackson (Basketball Player Talking to Gibbs) | Chris Olivero as Dave Simmons (Young Guy Who First Hears Gunfire at Beach Party) | Homie Doroodian as Seth Shakir (Man Spotted on Boat by Jenny and Nancy) |
Co-Guest Stars: Dar Dixon as Army Captain Bradstone (Supervising Crime Scene, Introduced to Gibbs and Ducky by DEA Agent Fuller) | Melissa Lee as Sarah Fuentes (Girl Talking to Dave Simmons about Gunfire at Beach Party) |
Uncredited: Vivienne Bellisario as Mysterious Redhead (Driving Car Gibbs Gets Into)
Director: Bradford May
Songs: The Romantics -- What I Like About You

4 :01x04 - The Immortals

The NCIS team investigates when a seaman's body is found at the bottom of the sea in his dress whites, with a ceremonial sword. They discover that he was addicted to a Wizards and Warriors style role-playing game. Now, the team must figure out how involved he was in the game and how far he would go to get revenge on his arch enemy, another sailor.
Guest Stars: Julian Bailey as PO Ronald Zuger (IT Worker, Played Video Games with MacDonald) | Brooks Almy as Mrs. McDonald (Mother of Seaman MacDonald) | Elizabeth Morehead as Medical Corpsman (Doctor on the Ship) | Kieran Mulroney as Lt. Reynolds (Head of IT, MacDonald's Boss) | David Andriole as Lieutenant Commander Robbins (Gives Up Living Quarters for Gibbs, Kate and Tony) (as David Andriole Corrigan) | Yvonne DeLarosa as Navy Exchange Clerk (Gets into Dispute with Tony) | Mark Sivertsen as Commander Rivers (In Charge of Ship's Men, Talks with Gibbs about MacDonald's Video Game Obsession) |
Co-Guest Stars: Bradley Snedeker as Petty Officer Carnahan (Shows Gibbs to MacDonald's Bunk) | Michael McLafferty as Kyle (Partier on Boat) | Jeni C. Wilson as Lisa (Partier on Boat) | Colin Bain as Ensign Ray (Examines Sword for Tony) | Eamon Hunt as Chief Petty Officer Morris (First to Greet Gibbs, Kate and Tony on Navy Ship) | Jeff Peterson as Brad (Partier on Boat, Discovers Seaman MacDonald) | Chad W. Murray (1) as Seaman MacDonald (Deceased Victim)
Director: Alan J. Levi
Writer: Darcy Meyers

5 :01x05 - The Curse

A Navy lieutenant who was reported missing nearly ten years ago has been found by a deer hunter. When the NCIS team arrives at the scene to investigate, they see that his remains have been mummified. Now, they have to find out what happened to him and what happened to the one million dollars that he had on his ship.
Guest Stars: Tommy Hinkley as Deer Hunter (Discovers the Dead Body) | Jim Pirri as Randy Wiles (Mary's Husband, Mark's Shipmate) | Robert Pine as Golfer Ben (Golfing with Erin Toner) | Melora Hardin as Erin Toner (Golfer, Suspect, Randy's Disbursing Clerk) | Lauren Bowles as Mary Wiles (Dead Victim's Widow) | David Ramsey as Agent Richard Owens (NCIS Agent Based in Hawaii, Works with Gibbs, Tony and Kate) |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Birch as State Trooper Dan Lynch (Shows Gibbs, Tony and Kate to Dead Body) | Jonathan Wade-Drahos as Lt. Gregg Pallini (Works in Disbursing Office on the Eisenhower) |
Uncredited: Travis Aaron Wade as Lt. Mark Schilz (Dead Victim, Shown in Mary's Photo Album)
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: Newlydeads -- Melting

6 :01x06 - High Seas

An NCIS agent who used to work under Gibbs asks for the team's help investigating a case where sailors on an aircraft carrier are dying of a drug overdose, but have no history of any kind of drug abuse.
Guest Stars: Carlos Gomez as Reyes | Sal Landi as Cmdr. Stovic | John Littlefield as Stovic's Aide | Joel Gretsch as NCIS Special Agent Stan Burley (Gibbs' Old Colleague, Helps with Case) | Charlie Hofheimer as Petty Officer First Class Bobby Wilkes (Guy at Club, Enters Freezer) | Jonathan T. Floyd as Petty Officer Second Class Gil Niles (First Shown at Club, Suspect) | Anson Scoville as Petty Officer Second Class Peter Shrewe (First Shown at Club, Victim) | Corbin Allred as Corpsman Milano | Robert Baker (1) as Seaman | Larry Sullivan as Flight Surgeon | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson (NCIS Asst. Medical Examiner) |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruno Gunn as Air Boss | Alex Avant as Clerk | Monti Sharp as Handler | Jonathan Sadowski as Lt. Norski | Gil McKinney as Crewman | Rigo Sanchez as Boyfriend | Edward Diaz as Petty Officer Gomez (Points Kate in Direction of Urinalysis Office)
Director: Dennis Smith

7 :01x07 - Sub Rosa

A decomposed body is discovered in a tub of acid at a naval base and Ducky and Abby learn that the victim was a submariner. Gibbs discovers that there have been no reports of a sub crewmember missing, so he deduces that one of the subs has an imposter on board. With this new information, the team must find out which sub the man posing as the victim is in and what intentions he may have towards the sub.
Guest Stars: J. Robin Miller as Lt. Connors | James Black as Gate guard | David Monahan as PO Drew | Peter Onorati as Chief of the Boat ("COB") | David O'Donnell as Jeb | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee | Glenn Morshower as Cmdr. Robert Peters | Ben Murphy (1) as Capt. Veitch | Michael Lowry as Lt. Com. Akron | Eric Ladin as P.O. Thompson | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson | Mik Scriba as Mr. Walters |
Co-Guest Stars: Reed Rudy as Air Transport Officer | Mat Hostetler as Mess Specialist | Jamie Moss as Seaman Apprentice
Director: Michael Zinberg

8 :01x08 - Minimum Security

The NCIS team head to Cuba to investigate a Navy translator's connection to smuggling at a detention center after he suddenly dies at the wheel of his car when returning to the U.S. from Guantanamo Bay.
Guest Stars: Michael Shamus Wiles as Jimmy the Bartender | Jessica Steen as Special Agent Paula Cassidy | Kevin McCorkle as Col. Dan McClafferty | Heath Freeman as Benjamin Frank | Erick Avari as Col. Dan McClafferty | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson |
Co-Guest Stars: Casey McCarthy as Biker Chick | Paul Vinson as Biker | E. Roger Mitchell as M.P. | Hrach Titizian as Tariq Abassi | Joseph Bey as Nasser Al Jazair
Director: Ian Toynton
Songs: Latin Music Specialists -- Colorin Colorao, Android Lust -- Follow, The Newlydeads -- In Denial, Android Lust -- Stained

9 :01x09 - Marine Down

After a marine widow receives a call from her dead husband, the NCIS team takes on the case and has to exhume the body to deduce whether the call was a prank or not.
Guest Stars: Richard Brooks as Lieutenant Colonel Walsh | John Rubinstein as Bob | Jason Brooks (1) as Marine Major Danny O'Donnell | Erich Anderson as Jack Canton | Carlos Sanz as Gonzales | Rebecca Boyd as Sarah Kidwell | Vivienne Bellisario as Mysterious Redhead | Alan Dale as NCIS Director Tom Morrow | Jennifer Tighe as Lisa Peary | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson |
Co-Guest Stars: Crystal Allen as Laura | Ron Baker as Major Craig Peary | Michael Sarysz as Corporal James Travis | Victor Bonavida as Zack | George Stumpf as Crew Chief
Director: Dennis Smith
Songs: Chiasm -- Isolated

10 :01x10 - Left for Dead

After being buried alive, a woman comes out of the grave with amnesia and the only thing she remembers is that there is a bomb aboard a Navy ship. While trying to help Jane Doe recover her identity, the team finds out that not everything is what it seemed at first.
Guest Stars: Norbert Weisser as Dr. Rutger | Kenneth Tigar as Diggar Aldridge | Sherilyn Fenn as Jane Doe/Suzane McNeil | Derek de Lint as Dr. Stephen Bauer | Al Espinosa as Tom Verne | Jim Rash as Dr. Joel Sanderson | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson | Asante Jones as Homicide Detective Andy Kochofis |
Co-Guest Stars: Phil Abrams as Hotel Manager | Michael Edward Rose as Walter Richter | Daniella Kuhn as Saleswomen
Songs: Numeriklab -- Abby's Music, Threat Level 5 -- Rivet Head

11 :01x11 - Eye Spy

When a Navy commander, who was a technical advisor to a civilian contractor for a Navy weapon, is found dead on the beach, the NCIS team investigates the murder using satellite technology.
Guest Stars: Katy Boyer as Lieutenant Egan | Bruce Gray (1) as CIA Director Roper | Parry Shen as Ben Richmond | Victor McCay as Ash | Greg Zola as Jeremy Wirth | Marguerite MacIntyre as Commander Tyler | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee | Mercedes Colon as Gina | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson | James Morrison (1) as CIA Assistant Director Jonathan Overmeier | Howard Dell (1) as Gym Manager | Jane Hajduk as Attractive woman |
Co-Guest Stars: John Marrott as Master Chief PO RoE | Patrick MacManus as Seaman Apprentice Sparks
Director: Alan J. Levi

12 :01x12 - My Other Left Foot

The NCIS team is called in when a severed leg bearing a marine tattoo is found in a trash bin, leading them to a small town where a murder scheme is afoot.
Guest Stars: Josh Holloway as Sheriff | Bonnie Bartlett as Dr. Silvia Chalmers | Dean Norris as Vestman | Terry Rhoads as Stanley Borden | Tony Pasqualini as Man | Tom McCleister as Mr. Green | Stacy Haiduk as Melissa Dorn |
Co-Guest Stars: Kim Wimmer as Darlene
Director: Jeff Woolnough

13 :01x13 - One Shot, One Kill

The team investigates when a Marine recruitment officer is found shot to death by a sniper with a grudge, who leaves a white feather behind.
Guest Stars: T.J. Thyne as Carl | Brad Hawkins as Aaron Barnes | Francesco Quinn as Gunnery Sgt. Alvarez | Noah Segan as Teenager/Sniper | Blake Shields as Potential Recruit | Sheila Frazier as ZNN Reporter Debra Green | Michael Gaston as Maj. Dougherty | Andy Umberger as FBI Agent Freedman | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson | Geoff Meed as Corporal David Stenson | Kent Shocknek as Guy Ross | Zakk Moore as Potential Recruit |
Co-Guest Stars: Chad Doreck as Leo | Alex Solowitz as Dave
Director: Peter Ellis (1)
Writer: Gil Grant

14 :01x14 - The Good Samaritan

A navy dentist stops near the parked car to help a stranded motorist who pulls out a gun. The team investigates a murder with the help from a local sheriff, Charley, when they find out about a the similar murder of the Navy civilian employee in the was going through the nasty divorce,the wife is suspected but her alibi is perfect.
Guest Stars: Kate McNeil as Commander Green | Heidi Dippold as Laura Seeger | Kirk B.R. Woller as Lt. Commander Julius | Stephanie Hodge as Sheriff Charlene Dupray | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson | Sean McGowan as Lieutenant Wallace
Director: Alan J. Levi

15 :01x15 - Enigma

Gibbs risks his career when his former commanding officer is accused of stealing the funds.
Guest Stars: Jeff Austin as Colonel Mike Granger | John Rosenfeld as Agent Charles | Terry O'Quinn as Colonel Will Ryan | Alan Dale as NCIS Director Tom Morrow | Barton Tinapp as Man | Kevin McClatchy as Lt. David Cameron | Joe Spano as FBI Agent T.C. Fornell | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson | David Rountree as FBI Surveilance Technician |
Co-Guest Stars: Grinnell Morris as FBI Agent Carlson

16 :01x16 - Bête Noire

A terrorist holds Ducky, Gerald, and Kate hostage while NCIS investigate how exactly the terror organization member got a job at the navy base.
Guest Stars: Rudolf Martin as Ari | Joe Sabatino as HRT Leader Horowitz | Tim Kelleher as Agent Pacci | Jessica Steen as Special Agent Paula Cassidy | Matthew Del Negro as Balboa | Robert Cicchini as Agent Daniel Snyder | Jennifer Gatti as Negotiator Arkin | Alex Dodd as Qassam | Pancho Demmings as Gerald Jackson | Alan Dale as NCIS Director Tom Morrow |
Co-Guest Stars: Constance L. McCrory as Evidence Clerk
Director: Peter Ellis (1)

17 :01x17 - The Truth is Out There

When the body of a marine is found after a party in an illegal night club, the team investigates a number of possible leads - including blackmail and accidental death.
Guest Stars: Brian Thompson as Master Chief Vince Nutter | Adam Wylie as Darin Spotnitz | Leonard Roberts as P.O. Howard Carter | Chris Johnson (1) as PO James Morgan | Jennifer Lyons as Zoey | Reginald Ballard as Antwane Mann | James Huang as Petty Officer Wong | Ryan Tasz as Gordon |
Co-Guest Stars: Harry Hutchinson as Alexandria Cop | Alex Weed as Johnny
Director: Dennis Smith

18 :01x18 - UnSEALed

The team is looking for an ex-SEAL who escaped from prison in search of revenge. He is decisive to find the real murderer of his wife.
Guest Stars: Alicia Coppola as Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman | Tim Kelleher as Agent Pacci | Al Sapienza as Cmdr. William Foley | Leon Russom as Grandpa | Barbara Tarbuck as Grandma | Roxana Zal as Mrs. Foley | Randy J. Goodwin as Defense Lawyer | Vivienne Bellisario as Mysterious Redhead | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee | Tim Abell as Jack D. Curtin | Cristi Harris as Vicki Spain |
Co-Guest Stars: Archie Drury as Rod Spain | Cody Estes as Kevin Curtin
Director: Peter Ellis (1)

19 :01x19 - Dead Man Talking

Gibbs and his team are called to investigate when a fellow NCIS agent is found murdered. When NCIS Special Agent Pacci is found brutally murdered, Gibbs and his team reconstruct a cold case Pacci was working on at the time of his death. The case involves the theft of millions of dollars from a Navy lieutenant who was later allegedly killed in a car crash. With the money never recovered, the clues all point to one woman close to the case who has her own startling secret.
Guest Stars: Fredric Lehne as Captain Graves | John Marshall Jones as Detective Hanley | Tim Kelleher as Agent Pacci | Edmund L. Shaff as Security Guard George | Cristine Rose as Pat Stone | Loren Lazerine as Building Manager | Jamie Luner as Amanda Reed/Lt. Cmdr. Hamilton Voss | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Jaine as Jason Patel | Richard Augustine as Janitor
Director: Dennis Smith

20 :01x20 - Missing

A marine goes missing after a date with a reporter. During the investigation, the team discovers that three former members of his unit are dead and suspect the unit commander to be a serial killer.
Guest Stars: Jenya Lano as Carol Powers | Alex Meneses as Waitress/Vanessa | Derek Webster as Major Joe Sacco | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee | Steve Rankin as Sgt. Bill Atlas | Jacobi Wynne as Mark Cohen |
Co-Guest Stars: Dayna Devon as Attractive Girl | Robert Floyd as Police Officer | Michael Goetz as Bartender | Cole Griffin as Marine Corporal Jackson
Director: Jeff Woolnough

21 :01x21 - Split Decision

When a Marine is found impaled on a tree stump, Gibbs and his team begins a search for the weapon and the murderer. The case leads them to a pawn shop known to deal in stolen military weapons where they discover an undercover ATF agent Melinda (guest star Bellamy Young) who’s also hoping to also crack the case. Gibbs brings her into his scheme to meet with a local militia leader looking to buy illegal weapons, but when the plan goes awry, it is revealed Melinda is not who she seems to be.
Guest Stars: Sam Witwer as S Sgt. Rafael | Scott MacDonald as Militia Leader | Adam Hendershott as Josh | Stuart Stone as Dillon | Bellamy Young as ATF Agent Melinda Stone | Laz Alonso as S Sgt. Washington | Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Michael Graziadei as Chuck | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee | Erin LeShawn Wiley as Corporal McClain
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Writer: Bob Gookin

22 :01x22 - A Weak Link

From TV Guide Online: Gibbs' team investigates the death of a SEAL during a training exercise, and come to suspect that it wasn't an accident, but a murder.
Guest Stars: Matt Battaglia as P.O. Porcaro | Adam Baldwin as Cdr. Rainer | Doug Savant as Larry Clannon | Julie Benz as Mrs. Denise Johnson | Robert Joseph as Lt. Commander Folsom | Ross Gibby as Petty Officer Vengal | Tom R. Hughes as Lt. Johnson | Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee | Johnny Sneed as CIA Agent Kramer |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathryn Gordon as Young Pregnant Woman |
Uncredited: Ryan Culver as Man
Director: Alan J. Levi

23 :01x23 - Reveille

The terrorist from Bette Noir returns with a plan to attack the President. Gibbs and his team follow the clues to reveal his identity and find Kate who is kidnapped.
Guest Stars: Paul Perri as Man | Rudolf Martin as Ari | Jessica Steen as Special Agent Paula Cassidy | Robert Cicchini as Agent Snyder | Josie Davis as Marta | Nicholas Guilak as Bassam | Matthew Raunch as Man | Joe Spano as FBI Agent T.C. Fornell | Alan Dale as NCIS Director Tom Morrow | Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy "Tim" McGee |
Co-Guest Stars: Amir Talai as Simi | Sheila Frazier as ZNN Reporter Debra Green | Dan Lundy as Technician | Matt Sigloch as Man
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2003
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