Season 5

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Season 5

95 :05x01 - Bury Your Dead

The NCIS team and an arms dealer confront in a final showdown that results in an explosive and deadly ending.
Special Guest Stars: Armand Assante as La Grenouille |
Guest Stars: Scottie Thompson as Jeanne Benoit | Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | David Dayan Fisher as Trent Kort |
Co-Guest Stars: Mesrop Agjanyan as Henri Rousseau | Webster Williams as Colonel Jasper Shepard

96 :05x02 - Family

During an autopsy, Ducky comes across a discovery that spurs on a search for a missing child. Meanwhile, Tony faces his feelings for Jeanne.
Guest Stars: Nick Searcy as Joseph Barnes | Owen Beckman as Nicholas Barnes | Rick Otto as Adrian Nelson | Margaret Easley as Sara Nelson |
Co-Guest Stars: Schuyler Yancey as Petty Officer Christopher Muñoz
Director: Martha Mitchell
Songs: Matt Nathanson -- All We Are

97 :05x03 - Ex-File

Gibbs and Mann team up for the investigation into a Marine Captain who had access to classified information. Things becomes increasingly complex when one of the witnesses is the man's ex-wife.
Guest Stars: Susanna Thompson as Army Lt. Col. Hollis Mann | Kathleen York as Stephanie Flynn | John Mallory Asher as Fred Rinnert | Lilli Birdsell as Jill Reynolds | Myk Watford as Army Major Eric Sweigart | Robin Dunne as Army Lt. Joseph Marsden |
Uncredited: Darby Stanchfield as Shannon Gibbs
Director: Dennis Smith
Songs: Tom Lehrer -- The Elements

98 :05x04 - Identity Crisis

Gibbs and his team identify a body labeled as a "John Doe" as a felon known for erasing pasts.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Joe Spano as Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell | Dorian Brown as FBI Special Agent Courtney Krieger | Torri Higginson as Dr. Jordan Hampton | Nikita Ager as Shannon O'Hara | Joe Egender as Robert Graves |
Co-Guest Stars: Emerson Brooks as Navy Lieutenant Carl Greer
Writer: Jesse Stern

99 :05x05 - Leap of Faith

The NCIS team is called when a naval officer threatens to jump off of a rooftop. Soon the attempted suicide turns into a murder investigation.
Guest Stars: Mark Matkevich as Jake | Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Titus Welliver as Navy Capt. Roger Walsh | Robin Thomas as Dr. Neil Fleming | Susan Kelechi Watson as NCIS Intel Analyst Nikki Jardine | Alaina Huffman as Dana Arnett | Adam Huss as Navy Seal Lt. Michael Arnett | John Vickery as Interpol Inspector Hugh Benson | Deanna Russo as Ashley |
Co-Guest Stars: Edward Conna as Metro Police Srgt. Frank Thompson | Kimberly Atkinson as NCIS Special Agent Roberta Wells
Director: Dennis Smith

100 :05x06 - Chimera

The team investigates a mysterious death on a top-secret research ship. They soon uncover a deadly secret that could threaten their lives as well.
Guest Stars: Steven Culp as Navy Cmdr. William Skinner | Bill Heck as Cory Mitas | James O'Shea as Navy Lt. Sean Ferris | Graham McTavish as Aleksei | Rick Kelly (1) as Navy Capt |
Co-Guest Stars: Christian Svensson as Pirate #1 | Jordan Marder as Pirate #2 | Craig Gellis as Civilian Crewman #1 | Walter Wong as Civilian Crewman #2 | Roshawn Franklin as Crew Chief Rogers | Eiji Inoue as Navy Lt. Cmdr. Satoshi Takada
Director: Terrence O'Hara

101 :05x07 - Requiem

Gibbs helps an old friend who is still coping with the death of his daughter who died 15 years earlier. As they investigate, Gibbs stumbles across a shocking conclusion to her death.
Guest Stars: Cameron Goodman as Maddie Tyler | Anne-Marie Johnson as Marine Col. Stacey Radcliffe | Mark Totty as Army Major Max Bourdais, Ret | Nick Spano as Marine Sgt. Rudi Haas | Stelio Savante as Danny Coyle | Darby Stanchfield as Shannon Gibbs |
Co-Guest Stars: Brenna Radding as Kelly Gibbs | Michael A. Shepperd as Mailman
Director: Tony Wharmby

102 :05x08 - Designated Target

The NCIS team looks into the assassination of a Navy Admiral. The case takes a shocking turn when they encounter a woman searching for her husband, a refugee from Africa.
Guest Stars: Xolile Tshabalala as Sayda Zuri | Basil Wallace as Delphin Abaka | Jonathan Adams (1) as Thomas Zuri | Stephen Lee (1) as Chuck Bayliss | Anthony Starke as Derrick Choyce |
Co-Guest Stars: Demetrius Grosse as Atif Nukunda | Matt Riedy as Navy Rear Adm. Kenneth Kirkland | Dierdre Holder as Woman
Director: Colin Bucksey
Writer: Reed Steiner

103 :05x09 - Lost & Found

The team watches over a 9-year-old boy whose father is a wanted man. Their search for the boy's father leads them into the wilderness where they uncover the truth about the man's past.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer (Assistant Medical Examiner) | Dominic Scott Kay as Carson Taylor | Chris William Martin as Brian Matthews/Taylor | Karis Campbell as Navy Lt. Elaine Taylor | J.R. Bourne as Det. Marshall Collins | Candice Coke as Det. Danielle Hamilton |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Marlow as Survivalist Trainee #1 | David Raibon as Survivalist Trainee #2
Director: Martha Mitchell
Writer: David North

104 :05x10 - Corporal Punishment

The team is assigned to find a Marine who thinks he's still in Iraq. Following a violent encounter, the NCIS team learns that the man is part of a top-secret experiment.
Guest Stars: Paul Telfer as Marine Corporal Damon Worth | José Zúñiga as Navy Capt. Dr. Adrian De La Casa | Amy Carlson as Karen Sutherland | Patrick Fabian as Ray Vincent | Marcuis Harris as Chris Jenkins | John Siciliano as Marine PFC Nathan Stone
Director: Arvin Brown
Writer: Jesse Stern

105 :05x11 - Tribes

An investigation ensues when a Muslim Marine is found dead near a mosque. Out of respect for the families beliefs, Ducky refuses to perform an autopsy.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer (Assistant Medical Examiner) | Shaun Toub as Khalid Mohammed Bakr | Jonathan LaPaglia as FBI Special Agent Brent Langer | David Haydn-Jones as Marine Capt. Jim Mills | James Parks as Brian Sikes | Jennifer Hetrick as Dr. Donna Dunlap |
Co-Guest Stars: Walid Amini as Marine Lance Corp. Abdul Bakr | Fred Toma as Sunni Man
Director: Colin Bucksey
Writer: Reed Steiner

106 :05x12 - Stakeout

When naval radar goes missing, NCIS stakes out a warehouse to catch the thief. However, plans change when the team witnesses a murder instead.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Susan Kelechi Watson as NCIS Intel Analyst Nikki Jardine | Gretchen Egolf as Det. Andrea Sparr | Reggie Lee as Jonathan Chow | Kevin Rankin as Dennis Moran | Ned Vaughn as Navy Capt. Dean Pullman | Cyd Strittmatter as Joanne Wright | Abigail Mavity as Jordyn Wright |
Co-Guest Stars: Philip Lenkowsky as Squeegee Man | Amy Lyndon as Goldilocks | Adria Dawn as Sandra Frasier | Jerry Kernion as Scott Rowe
Director: Tony Wharmby
Songs: Paramore -- Crushcrushcrush

107 :05x13 - Dog Tags

When the team looks into a fatal dog mauling, Abby risks her career to prove the dog is innocent. Meanwhile, Gibbs begins to get closer to the secret Jenny is keeping.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Rachel Kimsey as Petty Officer Erica Perelli | Roger R. Cross as Lt. Cmdr. David Warfield | Jorge Pallo as Lt. Matthew Sanchez | Brian Gross as Petty Officer Colin Dixon | Matt Corboy as Petty Officer Lance Tolliver | Derrick McMillon as Lt. Scott Bowen |
Co-Guest Stars: Tripp Pickell as Petty Officer Pete Bidwell | Brian Jones (1) as Uniformed Guard | James Ryen as Seaman
Director: Oz Scott

108 :05x14 - Internal Affairs

When the body of an arms dealer surfaces, the team is put under FBI investigation for his murder and Jenny Shepard becomes their number one suspect.
Guest Stars: Scottie Thompson as Jeanne Benoit | Joe Spano as Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell | David Dayan Fisher as Trent Kort | Rocky Carroll as Assistant Director Leon Vance |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Arbogast as FBI Special Agent Wentworth
Director: Tony Wharmby

109 :05x15 - In The Zone

After a mortar attack in Baghdad is ruled a murder, two NCIS members are sent into the heart of Iraq to handle the investigation.
Guest Stars: Susan Kelechi Watson as NCIS Intel Analyst Nikki Jardine | Rocky Carroll as Assistant Director Leon Vance | Josh Stamberg as Marine Major Ike Varnai | Rick Hoffman as Kelvin Ridgeway | Patrick Fischler as George Stenner | Jennifer O'Dell as Dina Rankin | Matt McTighe as Allan Hayes | Brooklyn McLinn as Marine Sgt. Jim Gilroy | Anne Bedian as Hamida |
Co-Guest Stars: Elie Khoury as Jameel | Tony Daly as Marine Capt. John Rankin | Sammy Sheik as Iraqi Militia Guard at Road Block | Wolf Amer as Iraqi Militia Guard at Shed | Samantha Klein as Nurse | Ektimal Shbib as Iraqi Woman | Aleene Khoury as Tabina
Director: Terrence O'Hara

110 :05x16 - Recoil

While on assignment undercover, Ziva's task takes a shocking turn for the worst when the serial killer the team is tracking becomes suspicious of her.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer (Assistant Medical Examiner) | Steve Kazee as Michael Locke | Nick Chinlund as Det. Steve Rosetti | Scott Holroyd as Navy PO Kevin Massey | Michael Hagerty as Andy Hoffman | Ella Thomas as Heidi (Bartender) |
Co-Guest Stars: Mia Lee as Newscaster

111 :05x17 - About Face

Palmer becomes the main target of a mysterious killer who he recognizes as a person from his past.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer (Assistant Medical Examiner) | Rocky Carroll as Assistant Director Leon Vance | Christopher Darga as Skip Harris | Frank John Hughes as Enis Watley |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam O'Byrne as Mike Norman | Scott Checansky as Milo Suskavcevic | Tyler Jacob Moore as Richie Rose
Director: Dennis Smith

112 :05x18 - Judgment Day (Part I)

A search for the killer of one of their own puts all the agents at risk.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer (Assistant Medical Examiner) | Muse Watson as Mike Franks | Betsy Rue as Sasha Gordon | Oleg Taktarov as Viggo Drantyev | Jeff Witzke as Attendant | Terrence Hardy, Jr. (1) as George | Wyatt Smith as Frankie |
Co-Guest Stars: Reginald James as LAPD Det. Monroe | Marc Vahanian as William Decker | Carlos Vera as Shooter

113 :05x19 - Judgment Day (Part II)

The team continues to race against the clock as they hunt for the killer who took the life of one of their own.
Guest Stars: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer | Muse Watson as Mike Franks | Rocky Carroll as Assistant Director Leon Vance | Oleg Taktarov as Viggo Drantyev | Kathleen Gati as Natasha Lenkov |
Co-Guest Stars: Sheila Frazier as ZNN Reporter Debra Green | Mike Muscat as File Clerk
Songs: Sharon Little -- Follow That Sound, Keaton Simons -- Mama Song
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2003
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