Season 14 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 23/Sep/2003 Yankee White
02 01x02 30/Sep/2003 Hung Out to Dry
03 01x03 07/Oct/2003 Seadog
04 01x04 14/Oct/2003 The Immortals
05 01x05 28/Oct/2003 The Curse
06 01x06 04/Nov/2003 High Seas
07 01x07 18/Nov/2003 Sub Rosa
08 01x08 25/Nov/2003 Minimum Security
09 01x09 16/Dec/2003 Marine Down
10 01x10 06/Jan/2004 Left for Dead
11 01x11 13/Jan/2004 Eye Spy
12 01x12 03/Feb/2004 My Other Left Foot
13 01x13 10/Feb/2004 One Shot, One Kill
14 01x14 17/Feb/2004 The Good Samaritan
15 01x15 24/Feb/2004 Enigma
17 01x17 16/Mar/2004 The Truth is Out There
18 01x18 06/Apr/2004 UnSEALed
19 01x19 27/Apr/2004 Dead Man Talking
20 01x20 04/May/2004 Missing
22 01x22 18/May/2004 A Weak Link
23 01x23 25/May/2004 Reveille

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
24 02x01 28/Sep/2004 See No Evil
25 02x02 05/Oct/2004 The Good Wives Club
26 02x03 12/Oct/2004 Vanished
27 02x04 19/Oct/2004 Lt. Jane Doe
28 02x05 26/Oct/2004 The Bone Yard
29 02x06 16/Nov/2004 Terminal Leave
30 02x07 23/Nov/2004 Call of Silence
31 02x08 30/Nov/2004 Heart Break
32 02x09 07/Dec/2004 Forced Entry
33 02x10 14/Dec/2004 Chained
34 02x11 11/Jan/2005 Black Water
35 02x12 18/Jan/2005 Doppelgänger
36 02x13 08/Feb/2005 The Meat Puzzle
38 02x15 22/Feb/2005 Caught on Tape
40 02x17 22/Mar/2005 An Eye for An Eye
41 02x18 29/Mar/2005 Bikini Wax
42 02x19 12/Apr/2005 Conspiracy Theory
43 02x20 26/Apr/2005 Red Cell
44 02x21 03/May/2005 Hometown Hero
45 02x22 10/May/2005 SWAK
46 02x23 24/May/2005 Twilight

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
49 03x03 04/Oct/2005 Mind Games
51 03x05 18/Oct/2005 Switch
52 03x06 25/Oct/2005 The Voyeur's Web
53 03x07 01/Nov/2005 Honor Code
54 03x08 08/Nov/2005 Under Covers
55 03x09 22/Nov/2005 Frame-Up
56 03x10 29/Nov/2005 Probie
57 03x11 13/Dec/2005 Model Behavior
58 03x12 10/Jan/2006 Boxed In
59 03x13 17/Jan/2006 Deception
60 03x14 24/Jan/2006 Light Sleeper
63 03x17 07/Mar/2006 Ravenous
64 03x18 14/Mar/2006 Bait
65 03x19 04/Apr/2006 Iced
67 03x21 25/Apr/2006 Bloodbath
68 03x22 02/May/2006 Jeopardy
69 03x23 09/May/2006 Hiatus (Part I)
70 03x24 16/May/2006 Hiatus (Part II)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
71 04x01 19/Sep/2006 Shalom
73 04x03 03/Oct/2006 Singled Out
74 04x04 10/Oct/2006 Faking It
75 04x05 17/Oct/2006 Dead and Unburied
76 04x06 31/Oct/2006 Witch Hunt
77 04x07 07/Nov/2006 Sandblast
78 04x08 14/Nov/2006 Once A Hero
79 04x09 21/Nov/2006 Twisted Sister
80 04x10 28/Nov/2006 Smoked
81 04x11 12/Dec/2006 Driven
82 04x12 16/Jan/2007 Suspicion
83 04x13 23/Jan/2007 Sharif Returns
84 04x14 06/Feb/2007 Blowback
85 04x15 13/Feb/2007 Friends & Lovers
86 04x16 20/Feb/2007 Dead Man Walking
87 04x17 27/Feb/2007 Skeletons
88 04x18 20/Mar/2007 Iceman
89 04x19 03/Apr/2007 Grace Period
90 04x20 10/Apr/2007 Cover Story
91 04x21 24/Apr/2007 Brothers In Arms
92 04x22 01/May/2007 In the Dark
93 04x23 08/May/2007 Trojan Horse
94 04x24 22/May/2007 Angel of Death

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
95 05x01 25/Sep/2007 Bury Your Dead
96 05x02 02/Oct/2007 Family
97 05x03 09/Oct/2007 Ex-File
98 05x04 16/Oct/2007 Identity Crisis
99 05x05 23/Oct/2007 Leap of Faith
100 05x06 30/Oct/2007 Chimera
101 05x07 06/Nov/2007 Requiem
102 05x08 13/Nov/2007 Designated Target
103 05x09 20/Nov/2007 Lost & Found
104 05x10 27/Nov/2007 Corporal Punishment
105 05x11 15/Jan/2008 Tribes
106 05x12 08/Apr/2008 Stakeout
107 05x13 15/Apr/2008 Dog Tags
108 05x14 22/Apr/2008 Internal Affairs
109 05x15 29/Apr/2008 In The Zone
110 05x16 06/May/2008 Recoil
111 05x17 13/May/2008 About Face
112 05x18 20/May/2008 Judgment Day (Part I)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
114 06x01 23/Sep/2008 Last Man Standing
116 06x03 07/Oct/2008 Capitol Offense
117 06x04 14/Oct/2008 Heartland
118 06x05 21/Oct/2008 Nine Lives
119 06x06 28/Oct/2008 Murder 2.0
122 06x09 25/Nov/2008 Dagger (2)
123 06x10 02/Dec/2008 Road Kill
124 06x11 16/Dec/2008 Silent Night
125 06x12 06/Jan/2009 Caged
126 06x13 13/Jan/2009 Broken Bird
127 06x14 27/Jan/2009 Love and War
128 06x15 10/Feb/2009 Deliverance
129 06x16 17/Feb/2009 Bounce
130 06x17 24/Feb/2009 South by Southwest
131 06x18 17/Mar/2009 Knockout
132 06x19 24/Mar/2009 Hide and Seek
133 06x20 31/Mar/2009 Dead Reckoning
134 06x21 07/Apr/2009 Toxic
135 06x22 28/Apr/2009 Legend (Part I)
136 06x23 05/May/2009 Legend (Part II)
138 06x25 19/May/2009 Aliyah

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
139 07x01 22/Sep/2009 Truth or Consequences
140 07x02 29/Sep/2009 Reunion
141 07x03 06/Oct/2009 The Inside Man
142 07x04 13/Oct/2009 Good Cop, Bad Cop
143 07x05 20/Oct/2009 Code of Conduct
144 07x06 03/Nov/2009 Outlaws and In-Laws
145 07x07 10/Nov/2009 Endgame
146 07x08 17/Nov/2009 Power Down
147 07x09 24/Nov/2009 Child's Play
148 07x10 15/Dec/2009 Faith
149 07x11 05/Jan/2010 Ignition
150 07x12 12/Jan/2010 Flesh and Blood
151 07x13 26/Jan/2010 Jet Lag
152 07x14 02/Feb/2010 Masquerade
153 07x15 09/Feb/2010 Jack Knife
155 07x17 09/Mar/2010 Double Identity
156 07x18 16/Mar/2010 Jurisdiction
157 07x19 06/Apr/2010 Guilty Pleasure
158 07x20 27/Apr/2010 Moonlighting
159 07x21 04/May/2010 Obsession
160 07x22 11/May/2010 Borderland
162 07x24 25/May/2010 Rule Fifty-One

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
163 08x01 21/Sep/2010 Spider and the Fly
164 08x02 28/Sep/2010 Worst Nightmare
165 08x03 05/Oct/2010 Short Fuse
166 08x04 12/Oct/2010 Royals and Loyals
167 08x05 19/Oct/2010 Dead Air
168 08x06 26/Oct/2010 Cracked
169 08x07 09/Nov/2010 Broken Arrow
170 08x08 16/Nov/2010 Enemies Foreign (1)
171 08x09 23/Nov/2010 Enemies Domestic (2)
172 08x10 14/Dec/2010 False Witness
174 08x12 18/Jan/2011 Recruited
175 08x13 01/Feb/2011 Freedom
176 08x14 08/Feb/2011 A Man Walks Into A Bar…
177 08x15 15/Feb/2011 Defiance
178 08x16 22/Feb/2011 Kill Screen
179 08x17 01/Mar/2011 One Last Score
180 08x18 22/Mar/2011 Out of the Frying Pan…
181 08x19 29/Mar/2011 Tell-All
182 08x20 05/Apr/2011 Two-Faced
183 08x21 12/Apr/2011 Dead Reflection
184 08x22 03/May/2011 Baltimore
185 08x23 10/May/2011 Swan Song
186 08x24 17/May/2011 Pyramid

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
187 09x01 20/Sep/2011 Nature of the Beast
188 09x02 27/Sep/2011 Restless
189 09x03 04/Oct/2011 The Penelope Papers
190 09x04 11/Oct/2011 Enemy on the Hill
191 09x05 18/Oct/2011 Safe Harbor
192 09x06 25/Oct/2011 Thirst
193 09x07 01/Nov/2011 Devil's Triangle
194 09x08 08/Nov/2011 Engaged (Part I)
195 09x09 15/Nov/2011 Engaged (Part II)
196 09x10 22/Nov/2011 Sins of The Father
197 09x11 13/Dec/2011 Newborn King
198 09x12 03/Jan/2012 Housekeeping
199 09x13 10/Jan/2012 A Desperate Man
200 09x14 07/Feb/2012 Life Before His Eyes
201 09x15 14/Feb/2012 Secrets
202 09x16 21/Feb/2012 Psych out
203 09x17 28/Feb/2012 Need to Know
204 09x18 20/Mar/2012 The Tell
205 09x19 27/Mar/2012 The Good Son
207 09x21 17/Apr/2012 Rekindled
208 09x22 01/May/2012 Playing with Fire
209 09x23 08/May/2012 Up in Smoke
210 09x24 15/May/2012 Till Death Do Us Part

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
211 10x01 25/Sep/2012 Extreme Prejudice
212 10x02 02/Oct/2012 Recovery
213 10x03 09/Oct/2012 Phoenix
214 10x04 23/Oct/2012 Lost At Sea
215 10x05 30/Oct/2012 The Namesake
216 10x06 13/Nov/2012 Shell Shock (Part I)
217 10x07 20/Nov/2012 Shell Shock (Part II)
218 10x08 27/Nov/2012 Gone
219 10x09 11/Dec/2012 Devil's Trifecta
220 10x10 18/Dec/2012 You Better Watch Out
221 10x11 08/Jan/2013 Shabbat Shalom (1)
222 10x12 15/Jan/2013 Shiva (2)
223 10x13 29/Jan/2013 Hit and Run
224 10x14 05/Feb/2013 Canary
225 10x15 19/Feb/2013 Hereafter
226 10x16 26/Feb/2013 Detour
227 10x17 05/Mar/2013 Prime Suspect
229 10x19 26/Mar/2013 Squall
230 10x20 09/Apr/2013 Chasing Ghosts
231 10x21 23/Apr/2013 Berlin
232 10x22 30/Apr/2013 Revenge
233 10x23 07/May/2013 Double Blind
234 10x24 14/May/2013 Damned If You Do

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
235 11x01 24/Sep/2013 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
236 11x02 01/Oct/2013 Past, Present and Future
237 11x03 08/Oct/2013 Under the Radar
238 11x04 15/Oct/2013 Anonymous was a Woman
239 11x05 22/Oct/2013 Once a Crook
240 11x06 29/Oct/2013 Oil and Water
241 11x07 05/Nov/2013 Better Angels
242 11x08 12/Nov/2013 Alibi
243 11x09 19/Nov/2013 Gut Check
245 11x11 17/Dec/2013 Homesick
246 11x12 07/Jan/2014 Kill Chain
247 11x13 14/Jan/2014 Double Back
248 11x14 04/Feb/2014 Monsters and Men
249 11x15 25/Feb/2014 Bulletproof
251 11x17 18/Mar/2014 Rock and a Hard Place
252 11x18 25/Mar/2014 Crescent City (Part I)
253 11x19 01/Apr/2014 Crescent City (Part II)
254 11x20 08/Apr/2014 Page Not Found
256 11x22 29/Apr/2014 Shooter
257 11x23 06/May/2014 The Admiral's Daughter
258 11x24 13/May/2014 Honor Thy Father

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
259 12x01 23/Sep/2014 Twenty Klicks
260 12x02 30/Sep/2014 Kill The Messenger
261 12x03 07/Oct/2014 So It Goes
262 12x04 14/Oct/2014 Choke Hold
263 12x05 21/Oct/2014 The San Dominick
264 12x06 28/Oct/2014 Parental Guidance Suggested
265 12x07 11/Nov/2014 The Searchers
266 12x08 18/Nov/2014 Semper Fortis
267 12x09 25/Nov/2014 Grounded
268 12x10 16/Dec/2014 House Rules
269 12x11 06/Jan/2015 Check
270 12x12 13/Jan/2015 The Enemy Within
272 12x14 10/Feb/2015 Cadence
273 12x15 17/Feb/2015 Cabin Fever
274 12x16 24/Feb/2015 Blast From the Past
275 12x17 10/Mar/2015 The Artful Dodger
276 12x18 24/Mar/2015 Status Update
279 12x21 14/Apr/2015 Lost in Translation
280 12x22 28/Apr/2015 Troll
281 12x23 05/May/2015 The Lost Boys
282 12x24 12/May/2015 Neverland

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
283 13x01 22/Sep/2015 Stop the Bleeding
284 13x02 29/Sep/2015 Personal Day
285 13x03 06/Oct/2015 Incognito
286 13x04 13/Oct/2015 Double Trouble
287 13x05 20/Oct/2015 Lockdown
288 13x06 27/Oct/2015 Viral
289 13x07 03/Nov/2015 16 Years
290 13x08 10/Nov/2015 Saviors
291 13x09 17/Nov/2015 Day in Court
292 13x10 24/Nov/2015 Blood Brothers
293 13x11 15/Dec/2015 Spinning Wheel
294 13x12 05/Jan/2016 Sister City: Part One
295 13x13 19/Jan/2016 Déjà Vu
296 13x14 09/Feb/2016 Decompressed
297 13x15 16/Feb/2016 React
298 13x16 23/Feb/2016 Loose Cannons
299 13x17 01/Mar/2016 After Hours
300 13x18 15/Mar/2016 Scope
301 13x19 22/Mar/2016 Reasonable Doubts
302 13x20 05/Apr/2016 Charade
303 13x21 19/Apr/2016 Return To Sender
304 13x22 03/May/2016 Homefront
305 13x23 10/May/2016 Dead Letter
306 13x24 17/May/2016 Family First

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
307 14x01 20/Sep/2016 Season 14, Episode 1

  Season 14 »
Network: CBS ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Crime, Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2003
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