Broken Arrow - Recap

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A Naval officer paces. He's approached by an aide who informs him he's
going to be late for an 8:00 a.m. staff meeting. He makes a phone call,
and hears a phone ringing. They follow the sound to a nearby garbage
storage area. When the officer flips the lid on the dumpster, there's a
body inside.

Ziva arrives at work. She's overjoyed that her United States of America
passport has finally arrived. McGee shares her happiness, but Tony is in
a foul mood because his dad called him at 4:30 a.m. He hasn't called
back yet, because the only time his dad calls is when he needs something.

Gibbs hauls everybody away to the US Naval Academy, Annapolis. McGee and
Tony are only too happy to pull rank. Ziva winds up with dumpster duty.

Admiral Chase tells Gibbs that he got a very cryptic call from Woody
this morning. He had something to show the Admiral, and wanted him to
meet him at the exact spot they first met. Chase got the impression
Woody thought he was being bugged. They were plebes together, they met
on that very spot in 1973. He hadn't seen Woody in two or three years.
Gibbs asks Chase pointedly what his assignment was. Chase refuses to
talk about it there, but tells Gibbs he will call him later this afternoon.

Gibbs asks McGee to find out what Chase does at the Pentagon. Duck
estimates the time of death as early this morning, and there are no
definitive signs showing cause of death. He did find a substance under
the body's forefinger which will need to be analyzed. Duck is chatting
about his father wanting him to join the military. While he does so,
Gibbs straightens Duck's bow tie. McGee interrupts to report that Chase
is the Deputy Director of Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Woodrow Wilson Iverson retired as a commander from the Navy 18 years ago
to join Royce Global Group, which is an international shipping and
mining company. The founder, billionaire Jonathan Royce, has not been
seen in public since his son died four years ago in a racing accident at
Le Mans. Rumor has it he is holed up in a chalet in Gestalt,
Switzerland. His sole remaining heir is his daughter, Rachel. She lives
on Long Island.

McGee reports that Iverson flew in from Geneva last night with three
other passengers. They are identified as Theo Gaston, a Swiss in charge
of company security; Dan Mayfield, the COO who runs things; Woody and
Tony's dad. Tony tries and fails to reach his dad. McGee is able to
track his dad's cell phone to a bus station. Tony can't fathom his dad
at a bus station. This means things are worse than he thought. He
hurries out to the location given, and Ziva follows.

Gibbs meets with Dan Mayfield and Theo Gaston. They were in town for an
international trade symposium that Jonathan initiated ten years ago.
They don't know where Woody went after the airport. He said he had
something to do, and he'd take a cab. Mayfield says Woody left with
Anthony DiNozzo Sr. Mayfield says DiNozzo and Royce go way back and
DiNozzo just hitched a ride on the plane. The last time Iverson was seen
alive, he was with Tony's dad.

Tony and Ziva find his dad at the bus station. Dad asks Tony why he
didn't call back. Tony responds that he did, one-half hour ago. Dad
looks at his phone, and sees that the call was from a blocked ID. Tony
knows he doesn't accept calls with blocked IDs. Tony tells him that
Woody was killed, and he is visibly stunned. He wants to know how it
happened, and Tony says he needs to come in so they can discuss it. He
lights up when he sees Ziva, and it's mutual.

Gibbs questions DiNozzo Sr. He claims he just met Woody at the airport.
He refuses to fly commercial. The plane he was on is a whole different
world. Gibbs asks if he talked to Woody on the plane. He doesn't answer
directly, but rather states that he and Mayfield played gin and drank 30
year-old Scotch. He took him for $100. Iverson sat by himself. Mayfield
invited him to the opening night reception for the trade summit, but he
was probably just being polite because of Tony Sr's relationship with
Jonathan. Gibbs asks if he saw Royce while he was in Switzerland. He
answers with regret in his voice. He hasn't seen his old friend for
years. Gibbs asks by implication how he came to share a cab into the
city with Iverson, when he never spoke to him on the plane. Tony Sr.
says he doesn't expect special treatment because he's Jr's father, and
he knows that he and Gibbs will never be friends - but he doesn't like
Gibbs' tone. Gibbs points out that he was the last person to have seen
Iverson alive. Tony Sr. says he and Woody shared a cab. He was dropped
at the Adams House, and Iverson didn't say where he was going from
there. Gibbs takes a call and leaves the interrogation room.

Tony and Ziva were watching the questioning. Tony tells Ziva his dad
never registered at the Adams House. He checked.

Admiral Chase tells Director Vance that he is somewhat concerned that
Woody's death may have national security implications. His analysts used
Echelon to electronically intercept the words "Iverson" and "Royce".
There was a lot of chatter among international arms dealers who haven't
attended in past years. Chase feels NSA should be briefed, and Vance
agrees to do so. Vance tells Gibbs they need to surveil the conference,
but it won't be easy. This is a heavily-secured, civilian gathering. The
guest list is highly restricted.

Gibbs excuses himself. Downstairs, Tony Sr. is saying good bye. Abby and
Ziva don't feel they got to spend enough time with him, but Tony is busy
inserting his father into his jacket and out the door. Gibbs stops him,
because they need him to get them into the reception.

While Senior is on the phone, Tony approaches Gibbs. He feels it's a bad
idea to use Senior. Gibbs doesn't know him like Tony does. He doesn't
want his dad staying at his place. Senior gets off the phone and
announces that he got the penthouse at Adams House. Gibbs tells Tony to
call the cashier and get a purchase order to cover the cost of the room.

McGee and Abby are hard at work. He finds what looks like a phone number
with an LA area code in the notepad of Woody's phone. She gets no match
from the DNA Duckie found under the victim's fingernails, and broadens
the search to international databases. Abby discovers that Woody's coat
is emanating low levels of radiation, while McGee finds out that the LA
number is for a place that does colonics and herbal enemas.

Gibbs visits Tony Sr in the penthouse. Tony thinks it's a mistake to
involve his dad in an NCIS investigation. Sr asks what Gibbs thinks, and
he responds that he thinks Senior is just enough of a con man to pull it
off. Senior says he's used to a certain kind of lifestyle, but Gibbs
tells him he can cut the act. He knows Senior is broke. Senior asks why
Gibbs and Tony believe that. Gibbs asks if Tony talked to him about his
money problems. Senior says no, but actions speak louder than words. He
knows that when he stayed there last year, Tony paid his hotel bill and
flight to Monte Carlo. He wanted his dad to believe it was a gift from
royalty. Gibbs asks if this is some sort of game the DiNozzo men have
going on. Have they ever just been open and honest with each other? Tony
senior says that there may be things he has kept from Junior - but he
has never lied to him. He turns things lighter by telling Gibbs he's
starting to like him, because he's not afraid to say what he thinks. He
offers him champagne, and quotes Bogart in Casa Blanca. "This could be
the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Tony is confusing Ziva. First he didn't want to return his father's
call, now he's perturbed that his father doesn't want ot have dinner
with him. Tony mutters that he gave him a lame excuse. Ziva asks what it
was and Tony made it look out of the realm of possibility that his dad
had "already eaten" and wanted to "turn in early". She backs him. He has
jet lag, he's tired. Tony retorts that tired isn't a word in his
father's vocabulary.

McGee reports that 310 was the cab number, not an area code. The seven
digits which followed were the phone number of said cab company. Woody's
pockets were rifled through, so they wonder if he hid what was being
searched for in the cab. McGee talked to the dispatcher and cabby;
they're bringing the cab in. The driver said Iverson kept looking out
the back window, like he was nervous about being followed. Abby finds an
identification plate of some sort, and it's emanating the same
radioactivity pattern as Iverson's jacket was. Abby wonders why it's
radioactive, and McGee responds "When in doubt, try the internet." The
serial number belongs to a hydrogen bomb that went missing in 1956, when
the plane carrying it disappeared over the Mediterranean sea. The bomb
is 3.4 megatons, 100 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on
Hiroshima. Gibbs notes that if they got the plate, they found the bomb,
and the nuclear material.

In Vance's office, they show Admiral Chase the bomb plate that Iverson
was trying to get to him when he was killed.Chase notes that after that
much time underwater, the bomb is inoperable; but the nuclear material
would be fine. Chase tries to take ownership of the case, but Vance
beats him to the punch. He's already spoken to SECNAV. Chase is welcome
to stay with the investigation, but it will be an NCIS investigation. He

Royce's group does a lot of underwater mining, they could have found the
bomb while they were dredging. Gibbs points out that Iverson was looking
for Chase. He was taking the information in the right direction. Chase
feels Royce has some questions to answer. Gibbs says they don't know how
involved Royce is, anymore. Nobody has so much as seen him, never mind
heard from him, in four years. Chase asks if the COO, Mayfield, is
going to be brought in. Gibbs says no, because at this point, all they
have is conjecture. If they are the ones who recovered the nuke, NCIS
doesn't want to spook them.Vance tells Chase of their intent to
infiltrate the opening night reception.

McGee is filling Tony and Gibbs in on Royce's mansion renovations of
2002. This is where the trade summit will take place. Mayfield holds his
private meetings in the study. The head of security, Gaston, is
supplementing his staff with local hires. McGee has been unable to
obtain the guest list, but there is a security system in the house which
is connected to the internet. When McGee excuses himself, Tony
reiterates his feeling that using Senior is a mistake. Gibbs doesn't
take him any more seriously than he did last time Tony said it. Gibbs
tells him he won't be alone, but Tony tells him they don't work
together, they're like oil and water. No, not him. Ziva. She looks
better in a dress. Tony can't believe it. Ziva says Senior sent her
flowers. Gibbs tells him that if he's so worried, he should go to the
hotel and make sure his dad is doing okay with getting ready.

Fred from accounting comes to tell Gibbs about the huge bill DiNozzo is
wracking up. He itemizes what's been charged so far, and Gibbs notes
that apparently, he didn't get the bill for Ziva's flowers as yet.

Tony Jr. finds his dad with the tailor, making the final alterations for
his new pure, 100% virgin, cashmere tuxedo. Tony thinks he rented it,
but no. NCIS is buying it for him. As his dad mixes himself a martini,
he asks if Tony is there to brief him on tonight's "op". Tony reminds
him there is no op. He and Ziva are going in, planting a bug, and
getting out again. He tells his dad he appears to be under the
misapprehension that he is, in fact, James Bond. Junior begs Senior not
to embarrass him.

Duckie tells Gibbs that Woody was strangled, seemingly by someone's bare
hands. Ziva has found information on Rachel. Ducky announces he has two
tickets to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Smithsonian, but Gibbs is
busy and doesn't hear him. Ziva has found that there was a lawsuit filed
by Rachel Royce against Dan Mayfield in a Swiss court for unlawfully
denying Rachel access to her father. Her suit states that she has not
seen her father in four years, nor spoken to him in three. She blames
Mayfield, and not her brother's tragic death, for making Jonathan Royce
a recluse. Ziva has calls in for both Rachel and her attorney. Gibbs
notes that if she is Royce's sole beneficiary, Mayfield will be looking
for work as soon as Royce dies. He gets Ziva out the door. It's show time.

Tony and MCGee are on stakeout, watching surveillance at the reception.
Tony Sr. and Ziva enter the party. McGee points out when Senior's hand
lands high on Ziva's hip. Tony announces mournfully that this is the
beginning of the end of his career. Senior takes Ziva to be introduced
to Dan Mayfield.

In MTAC, Chase asks Vance if that's the Royce vessel. It is. Chase has
informed the Joint Chiefs, and several ships from the 6th Fleet have
been put on alert. Given the weight of the ship carrying the bomb, the
Royce ship won't be able to lift it. Vance thinks they must be waiting
for the equipment they need to raise that bomb to arrive.

Chase asks how the reception is going. Gibbs tells him they did some
facial recognition and have already identified four international arms
dealers. McGee asks Ziva to see who's in the corner. When she excuses
herself, Senior calls her 'darling'. McGee tells Tony that he thinks he
just caught a glimpse of his next stepmother. McGee talks Ziva to a spot
where the camera can pick up another questionable party. Agah Bayar, a
Turkish arms dealer. He is on Interpol's watch list. He recognizes Ziva
as Mossad head Eli David's daughter, telling Mayfield that it is known
that she is now a US federal agent. Bayar tells Mayfield he's interested
in his proposition but not in spending the rest of his life in an
American prison. He leaves. Tony tells Ziva that Bayar is on the move,
and she should keep smiling. He doesn't like what he sees unfolding.

Abby tells Gibbs that the DNA belongs to Theo Gaston, Royce's head of
security. Gibbs uses his eyeball to unlock the door before he plants a
thankful kiss on Abby.

Gibbs radios Tony to get his dad out of the house, and tells Ziva to
keep surveillance on Gaston. He relays the news that Gaston's DNA ties
him to the murder. Ziva refuses to act on the new orders, because she
hasn't planted the bug yet. When she hears about the DNA tie, she tells
Senior they are leaving. He wants to stay, because the President of the
World Bank just arrived. As Ziva is hustling him out, they run right
into Gaston. He recognizes her as Agent David. When Senior plays to the
camera, Gaston sees what is happening and disables Ziva's camera. Chase
asks if Gibbs carries a weapon, and he responds "She is a weapon."

Ziva takes out Gaston and Tony Sr. punches out Mayfield for calling him
an old man. When Tony and McGee race in, Senior asks Tony if he can
borrow his handcuffs.

As they watch the news story unfold, Vance comments that the media is
running the cover story. The story Mayfield is putting out there is that
he told Gaston to follow Woody, not kill him.

Swiss police found Jonathan Royce comatose on life support in his
chalet. His attending physician wanted to pull the plug months ago, but
Mayfield ordered him kept alive until he could get his hands on the nuke.

Fred from accounting shows up again to report Tony Sr. is out of
control, running up $9,000 in expenses. Gibbs tells him to pay it, as
"he's worth every penny." Fred is exasperated, because he doesn't know
what Senior did. Vance tells him it's classified.

Tony Sr. is to old to join NCIS, but they did give him a cap. He gives
double-kisses and hugs to Abby and Ziva.

Tony Jr. goes back to the hotel with his dad. Senior picks up his
luggage, and heads for the door. He asks Tony why he's been acting
strange all day. Tony finally works up the nerve to ask his dad about
being broke. He tells Tony it's not a big deal, it's happened before.
He'll bounce back, he always does. Tony remembers a fishing trip that he
wishes he could rewind to, when they had a normal father/son
relationship. He assumes his dad won't remember. It was just before mom
died. Senior shows him a picture from that trip that he carries in his
wallet. He tells Tony he looks at the picture every morning. It's one of
his fondest memories too. He says that from now on, they'll talk. Tony
says not only is he taking his dad to the train station, but he's buying
him a ticket. His dad tells him it's not necessary. He ran into Donald
Trump, and intends to hitch a ride home in style.