Enemies Domestic (2) - Recap

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Gibbs is on the two-way, trying to raise Hadar, David - anyone. Vance
hears his voice and lifts his head. He is face-down on the floor. He
sees bodies, and starts flahsing back to an earlier place and time. He
hears footsteps and grabs a nearby pistol. When the door opens, he has
it aimed at the door, but it's Gibbs. Vance has a gut wound, the worst
kind. Gibbs says "Come on, Leon; stay with me."

While he's being rolled into the hospital on a gurney, a medic is giving
his stats. He's saying "My wife. My wife." but nobody can hear him
through the oxygen mask. He flashes back to 1991 college, listening to
Tu-Pac. Special Agent Whitney Sharp approaches him, Naval Investigative
Service. When she asks if he has a minute to talk, he says he's late for
class. She knows he's not, he's got a two-hour window until advanced
cryptography. He retorts that he uses that for computer lab. After the
second time he refuses to call her by name, she switches to Special
Agent Sharp, and Vance goes with that. She tells him that when a suspect
starts a sentence with "Look", or "Here" or "So", it usually means he
feels boxed into a corner. She doesn't want him feeling that way,
especially if they're going to be working together. They've been
watching him and yes; they want him to be a Navy cop. It will mean him
giving up his loner lifestyle. He says "Single? I got a girlfriend!"
Vance then returns to the present and asks Gibbs to contact his wife. He
wants full protective detail for his family. This case is in Gibbs'
hands. As he's wheeled away, McGee notes that every member of the
Palestinian group is dead, save the one they have in custody. McGee
orders the conference relocated to the Naval Yard, as it should have
been before all hell broke loose.

Ducky arrives at the crime scene and greets Malachi and Liat. Liat and
Ziva have words, and it becomes clear that Liat blames Ziva, since they
were operating under NCIS protocol. Tony notes that three men walked
into the room. One wound up in the morgue, one in the hospital, and one
missing. Ziva states that the blood trail leads to the next room. Tony
says the first priority is to get the blood typed and cross-matched.
They need to know if he was injured or kidnapped.

Vance is full of fragments. Anything moves, he starts bleeding. While
the doctor works, Vance remembers. He buys a paper, and as he removes it
he slides an object under the next paper down. Agent Sharp picks it up,
flips it back to him and tells him not to just stand there, admiring his
work. He's been doing this for six weeks, he is supposed to be able to
execute a basic dead drop. He wants to know when she will tell him what
his op is. He says she's molding him out of clay. She says if he were
malleable and soft she wouldn't have accepted him. She works in marble,
like Michelangelo. She notices a gentleman watching them, and murmurs
"right hand" to Leon. He holds out his right hand, and something is
transferred into it from the gentleman. Leon apologizes for running
into him. They move on. It's a passport with Leon's picture in it.
Tomorrow, he leaves for Amsterdam. The file is labeled "Trident".

Monday is waving the conference members into the room he has prepared
for them. Agent Sharp notes that it is rather like trying to herd cats.
Mcgee doesn't know how to handle all of them. He says he has more
directors than the front row the Oscars. Sharp pats him on the cheek
and tells him he's missing one.

Gibbs calls McGee over for witness statements. People heard the blast,
but nobody saw anything. Ziva and Tony are following a blood trail and
the current school of thought indicates that Eli was abducted. Karif
Yasin, the Palestinian terrorist, is being transferred, so it couldn't
have been him.

Agent McAlister went to the rest room without McGee's knowledge or
permission. He's unamused at being treated like this, and request Gibbs'
permission to smack McGee with his cane. "Denied". He hears that David
is missing and presumed kidnapped. McAlister notes that attacking an
NCIS safe house would require insider information. It makes more sense
that Eli David is a suspect, even with his own bodyguard dead. His only
witness, McAlister says. It wouldn't be the first time Eli tried to kill
Vance. McAlister hands the operation trident folder over to Gibbs. He
suggests he start there. Gibbs opens the file, which is heavily
redacted. He sees the word "Amsterdam."

Back in 1991, Leon Vance is watched by, and waved over to, Agent
McAlister. McAlister introduces himself and tells Vance he can cut out
the "Agent 13" bit. Vance doesn't know what it means, so McAlister tells
him it's from Get Smart. He gets back to business by telling Leon he
needs to stick out, not blend in. Put on the uniform, make it easy for
this guy to find him. They are still working on a last name, so they
just call him the Russian. Vance notes that the Soviet Union is
crumbling, what's Russian Intelligence Services doing in Holland? He
takes a guess that the Russian bribes sailors for Intel. He's been
studying up on the middle east, he figures they'll be busy there for
awhile. McAlister labels that "Old news." He shows Leon a picture of Eli
David and tells him "that's your Russian". Leon says he'll find him.
McAlister tells him to just be himself. Stop and smell the tulips.
Visit the Anne Frank house. Go to the Heineken brewery. Not in that
order. The Russian will find him. Vance asks how he can get in touch
with McAlister, and he answers "I'll be watching." Vance burns the
picture, and David watches him do so.

Liat and Ziva continue arguing over what happened to Eli David. They
both have the exact same information, but Liat is slanting it in Eli's
favor, while Ziva views it against. Tony takes a call from Gibbs as
Liat finds something written in the sand. She erases part of it before
calling over Tony and Ziva. The word (as it now stands) reads "house".
Since he's obviously not walking home to Israel, he may be returning to
the embassy. There are also several "House of" restaurants in the area,
so they split up. Ziva tells Tony a story about a golem erasing a letter
to change the meaning of a word. She labels Liat an overachiever, as she
erased the entire word.

Gibbs confronts Yasin. His entire team is dead. Yasin doesn't care.
Justice has been served. Gibbs points out that a Mossad officer is dead,
and Gibbs' boss might not live through the day. Yasin smiles. Gibbs asks
if he'd like to hear how and where it happened? He gently slaps Yasin
as he says to him "Because you had nothing to do with it."

Ducky greets the agent as Mrs. Sharp when she arrives in his lab. She
tells him that even though his mother hated her, she is sorry for his
loss. He returns the condolences to her, on the loss of her husband.
She notes that her husband detested Duck, and he assures her was mutual.
However, he's not one to spit on another man's grave. She is quite
close to Duck, when Gibbs walks in. She asks if they can do anything
about the detective detail, it's getting a little closer in here. Gibbs
says he will see what they can do, and she leaves.

Catastrophic damage to the heart in addition to massive blood loss is
the cause of death for Eli's bodyguard, Hadar. The entry wounds are all
to the back and sides. Tony says it's a strange mix for a 12 gauge;
Duck says they don't match any shotgun he's seen. He can confirm that
the blast had an upward trajectory. The trauma appears to more closely
resemble an improvised explosive device. Tony agrees, as that would
explain the handful of nails and plastic. He confides to Duck that he
hasn't had time to process the scene, as capturing Ely has become their
top priority.

As Gibbs waits for the elevator he cracks the Amsterdam file again.
It's 1991, and Vance is out in full Navy regalia, wandering Amsterdam
and taking photos. He is near to David's table, so Eli hales him. He
offers to share his hashish marijuana joint, which is too strong for the
locals. Leon says he doesn't know who David is, but if he's buying,
he'll take an espresso. Vance takes David's picture as he seats
himself. David doesn't know how Vance drinks that stuff. Eli
immediately cuts to the chase. He tells Vance that the Russian will
realize he is not the right one, and his men will kill him. He means it
enough to say it twice. "Go back to the boat, or you are a dead man."

Abby tells McGee that Vance is lucky to be alive, given the crime scene.
There were three separate blasts, but the diffusion is rectangular
instead of round. She also found traces of charcoal, sulphur, ammonium
nitrate and potassium hydroxide. The murder weapon was a series of
claymore-type directional mines. In other words, the safe house was
booby-trapped. It was wired from the inside, so the opening and closing
of the door pulled the pin. According to McGee, the duty roster
indicates that it was only vacant for 1/2 hour this morning. Abby says
that's enough time, if they built the mines in advance. The only
challenging ingredient to find is a blasting cap. She runs off the
mines' shopping list so McGee can start tracking down the purchaser(s).
Abby calls McGee "McGuyver", and that earns her a kiss on the cheek.

Gibbs finds the picture of David which Vance shared with McAlister.
David's nickname means Star of David. Right now, it would seem that he
is classified voluntary inactive. He went off the deep end after his
wife ditched him for someone else. Apparently, he came here to smoke the
pain away, and make threats. Vance counters that it felt more like a
warning that a threat. He asks McAlister if David knows more about the
Russian than they do. McAlister laughs and says that if the Russian were
as dangerous as David said, the home office never would have sent
somebody who is so green. McAlister gives him a chance to walk, telling
him he's good at this. Vance returns "I gotta be me." McAlister says "Be
you." as he hands him a container with a pistol in it.

The word Liat removed, combined with the one she left behind, meant
'synagogue'. Ziva confronts her at the synagogue, and calls out Abba!
(father). Liat thinks she must be insane, because who knows who might be
listening. They get into a physical altercation.

Vance overhears David telling the Russian that the American has orders
to kill him.

The women fight until David stops them. Ziva tells Malachi that David
is coming with her. Liat says no, but David tells her she does not
speak for him. Ziva tells her father that Hadar is dead, and Director
Vance is nearly so. Everyone has questions for him. David tells her
that when she takes him to NCIS, they will have their answers.

Tony laughs at Mcgee over the McGuyver name. It's so obvious, he
doesn't know why he didn't come up with it himself. His mind doesn't
work like that it's more like scat, jive. He walks up to Ziva and says
"What's the news, Hebrews?" She tells them that inspector Vance is
recovering but has yet to regain consciousness. Tony asks where the
boss is and Malachi and Liat fill him in: He's in interrogation with
David. It's closed doors, but Mcgee says he can hack the feed. As they
view the meeting, David says he and Leon are forged in blood. He says
that Vance's file is incomplete, they had hoped to reveal all at the
conference. David urged Leon to include this mission in the conference,
as his role in the mission was not what he had been told. He says that
the question before them is who wants Vance dead. The Russian's name is
redacted. David never knew who he was. That is another detail he had
hoped to uncover. He admits to telling the Russian that Vance was going
to kill him. He knows that that made Vance a target.

In 1991 David wakes Vance unexpectedly, and he pulls a pistol on him.
David asks if he's the type that wakes up grumpy. Vance confronts him
with his knowledge about the Russian. David says he knew Vance was
listening. David says he was going to kill you anyway and now he is
just going to do it sooner. He knew who you were. Vance doesn't
believe him. David tries to get him to come with him, but Vance tells
him to get out. David assures him that if he leaves, Vance dies. David
walks out and back in again carrying a box. He says there are more in
the hall, and it will not be long before the Russian directs his team
here. They will be here by morning, because David told them where Vance
was staying.

David tells Gibbs that Leon never forgets anything. That's what saved
his life this morning. When they walked in the door, he recognized the

As he and David pack the mines, Vance tells him that NIS had a plan, but
he didn't know all of it. He would, if he could contact his handler.
David says that's a good idea, if Vance thinks there is time. Meanwhile,
keep working. Eli asks who would cry for Leon if the blasting cap should
accidentally detonate. Vance turns the question around, and David
answers that he has children. Vance wonders what he's doing, then. Why
would he lure a hit team here? David says it's because Mossad told him
he could kill them. His wife could no longer live with what he does.
So she took his children, his family and left, to ensure that they do
not grow up to be like their father. He cannot fight her choice. He
needs a target.

As the team watches, Abby realizes that Eli knew how to make those
bombs. He just confessed to knowing how to build the murder weapon.
She sarcastically asks how many people know how to build a homemade
claymore mine. Malachi raises an eyebrow and says "In this room?" All
three Israelis and Abby raise their hands. Liat says that if you
believe Ely, then you have to believe that there's a leak in your own
organization. McGee counters that it could just as easily mean the
Russian wanted him dead and still wants him dead now. Malachi says that
if McGee is right, then NCIS's director is the intended target, not Ely.
Ducky walks in and announces that whoever doesn't actually have a job
to do should head for the hospital and donate blood.

Tony asks Ducky about Agent Sharp. She chose Vance. She prepared him
for the mission. She knew everything. Tony asks if he's nuts and Ducky
says yes, however. It is unusual that she chose Vance, because her
usual preference is policemen.

Eli tells Gibbs that Leon was credited for eliminating the hit team in
Amsterdam. The Russian vanished from Holland, Eli was not able to keep
track of him. It was at that time that he was being reinstated to Mossad.

Back in 1991, Ely place is a piece of paper in the door. Leon turns on
the shower, and watches as the hit team comes in. They both take cover.
As they wait, Vance asks David what his daughter's name is. He responds
that he has two, Talia and Ziva. Vance may want to cover his ears. When
the hit men open the door, a circuit is opened which then closes as the
door shuts.

Vance is startled into wakefulness in his hospital bed. Gibbs tells him
Eli thinks the attack was planned by one of NCIS' own. Vance tells
Gibbs that he does not know what happened to the Russian after
Amsterdam, but someone at the conference must know. SecNav signed off
on this conference a couple of years ago. Gibbs reminds Vance of Rule
#9. Vance asks how he got it past security. "Never go anywhere without a
knife." As he's leaving, Vance tells Gibbs he doesn't care if it was us
before they were us, or who is responsible, he wants them found.

Tony brings Gibbs up-to-date. If we want to start winning this game, we
need to play it better than the guys who invented it. Agent Sharp wrote
the book, so Gibbs starts with her. She says she's saving her royalties
from said book to buy a pack of gum. She is sharply rebuked by Gibbs.
He wants to know why she chose Vance. She said everybody was otherwise
occupied. Gibbs figures him for a poor black man with no family, but
she disagrees. He was qualified. Gibbs asks how so. She says there
were inconsistencies in his background that he would rather we not
explore. Gibbs accuses her of threatening him into joining the mission,
but she denies it. She says McAlister would have had his back. Gibbs
asks if she knew the Russian and she says no; only what she read in
McAlister's plan. She asks Gibbs who he thinks would have paid the
Russian to kill Vance. He counters by asking if she remembers the
Russian's name. All she can remember is a Z and a V, and Gibbs supplies
the rest. Anatoly Zukov. Does he think Zukov came back to finish the
job? No, he's sure he did not. Gibbs doesn't say it, but he remembers
assassinating Zukov.

McAlister shows up and sees that Vance is alright. Vance sees that
McAlister is disappointed. He says that in the past few days, he has
realized that his life is a lie. McAlister says he knew that. Vance
continues by saying he thought he was chosen because he was special; but
now he knows better. He was chosen because McAlister knew nobody would
miss him when he got killed, and his death would've put the focus back
on McAlister's area of expertise. That would have put McAlister on the
fast track to the director's chair. Vance points out that McAlister is
stuck in the past, that's why forward-thinkers got promoted ahead of
him. Like Morrow. Like Shepherd. Like Vance.

He remembers back in the late 90's, when he was updating the system for
Y2K. He found something in his file from McAlister, says he was a pilot,
and a director of a field office. He thinks he's being backstopped for
another mission. He's not interested. McAlister told him "You'll take
the assignments I give you, Leon."

Lying in his hospital bed, McAlister tells him "You were never supposed
to succeed." Vance attempts to reach for the buzz button to get a nurse,
but McAlister sees and stops him. He opens Vance's morphine drip all the
way and tells Vance to die right, for once. Vance stabs him with the
knife, then calls the nurse. A nurse and doctor run to McAlister's aid.
It takes Gibbs to stop the morphine.

Back in the day, McAlister introduced Gibbs and Leon right after Vance
crushed Gibbs' Danish.

Tony tells Malachi and Liat that they are sorry for their loss of Hadar.

Eli places an Israeli flag on Ziva's desk and tells her that sometimes
he feels his job takes a piece from him. She answers that sometimes life
surprises you. He takes her face in his hands and says that those are
the moments worth living for. Her eyes fill with tears as he kisses her
forehead. "My Ziva".