Up in Smoke - Recap

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The episode begins with a dentist pulling out a dental implant from one of his patient’s mouth. But when the dentist checks the implant, he realizes that it is not a regular implant; it is a listening device. The patient realizes that somebody bugged his mouth! The patient is Agent Ned Dorneget. Next, at the office, Palmer wants to know as to what Abby has planned for his bachelor’s party. Tony warns him to get his hepatitis vaccinations and a pair of kneepads. McGee suggests helmets as well. Ned arrives with Ziva and Ziva hands over the implant to Gibbs. Abby examines the device. Ziva tells Duckie that Ned had the implant for years but then he gets a call from his dentist; not the regular one, saying that there is a recall on his implant.

The dentist changes his implant and fixes this device into his gums. But this device got knocked off by a popcorn kernel and so he called the dentist once again. But apparently the dentist wasn’t answering his calls. So he went to a new one and got it removed. Abby figure out that the device worked on pressure. Whenever Ned would chew on something the device becomes active. She says it is brilliant and she checks for a patent. She finds out that it was patented by Harper Dearing! Dearing is on their most wanted list for setting fire to the naval ships. Just then Samantha Ryan shows up. He has information. She tells them that since Dearing has gone MIA, the company is run by the President, Vincent Maple. She tells the team that she the NSA intercepts of Dearing’s last communications with Vincent. Next, Tony and Ziva go to meet Vincent.

He had told them that he doesn’t know about Dearing’s whereabouts. They show him the email that was sent to him by Dearing. The email says that Dearing is having a good time on the beach where Vincent and he had gone surfing. Tony thinks that is a clue. Vincent tells him that he never went surfing. Vincent tells them that Dearing was losing it. Meanwhile, Samantha and Gibbs meet the new dentist who had placed the new implant in Ned’s mouth. His name is Dr. Berman. He tells them that he didn’t know that there was a bug in the tooth. When asked about Dearing, he tells them that he doesn’t know him. Samantha says that he is lying. Just then McGee arrives and tells Gibbs that there is a call for Dr. Berman; it is Dearing! Dearing gives Berman to tell NCIS whatever they want to know. But then he also adds that he is calling to talk to Gibbs. Dearing tells Gibbs that all this is his fault.

Next, Tony and Ziva arrive at the office and see that there are agents sweeping the office; looking for bugs. Samantha wants to know as to how Dearing managed to punch through MTAC’s firewall. She feels that Dearing is a sociopathic paranoid narcissist. Just then Palmer walks by talking to Brina on the phone; discussing about some tattoo. McGee announces that Berman confessed that he was forced to place that implant in Ned and that he was paid $10,000 for the job. He has the description of the man who had come to him. Samantha tells Gibbs that none of this is his fault and he doesn’t need to feel guilty. Next, Palmer talks to Abby, trying to convince her to postpone his bachelor party. She says that it is not possible as she has made a non-refundable deposit for 50 gallons of scented body lotion. Abby runs a facial recognition for Dearing and gets a live hit!

He is sitting in a Navy yard, on a park bench. NCIS locks down the Navy yard. But they don’t find him. He has left a flower for the team, on the bench he was sitting on. Gibbs realizes that the flower is from the bush nearby and goes to check it. There he finds a model of his private boat. Next, Samantha admits that she likes Dearing’s style and Gibbs thinks that it is because it very much is like hers. They are wondering about Dearing’s motivation. Sam points out that Dearing’s son was killed in a suicide attack on a Navy ship and now Dearing is trying to get back. She thinks that he has more plans for Gibbs. Just the Tony calls and tells him that they found the car of the guy who approached Berman. It is registered under the name of Frederick Fountain who is a former cop. He has served time for taking bribes. In a parking lot, they find Fountain.

They announce themselves and arrest him. Fountain tells them that he is ready to tell them about the next attack; but just then he gets shot. Next, Duckie and Palmer are examining the body and Duckie tells Palmer that Abby has borrowed the autopsy saw for the bachelor party. Just then Gibbs arrives. Duckie tells him that Abby found traces of RDX explosives in the fingernails. Duckie also shows him the Watcher Fleet microchip he found in Fountain’s arm and it was recently put in. The microchip is similar to the one that was found in Agent Leven’s arm last year. The information on it is in codes. They find balance sheets of Dearing’s company which shows a list of purchases made for building materials. Next, Sam and Gibbs take the copy to Vincent. But he has no clue whatsoever. Vincent goes through the purchases once again and he tells the duo that it appears that either Dearing is building something for a spaceship or Naval artillery shells. A thought crosses Sam’s mind.

She tells Gibbs that one of the vulnerabilities that the Watcher fleet found out was that the guns that used RDX would explode if the right artillery isn’t used. Maybe Dearing is trying to use that flaw. Gibbs says that they could take out half of their fleet just during exercises. Next, in the lab, Abby is showing a simulation as to how bad the explosions could be. Gibbs arrives and Ned tells him that he has found the encryption key while doing some menial data entry on his bugged implant. He says that it is the key to how Dearing hacked into MTAC. They trace it to a cell phone. Gibbs dials the number and Dearing answers the call. Dearing knew that Gibbs would call and tells him that he is impressed. Gibbs tells him that he knows about his son and that his son would like to see what his father is doing. But Dearing tells Gibbs that finally all of them are paying attention.

Abby traces the call. Ned knows the address; it is from a shipping manifest. It could be Dearing’s bomb factory. The NCIS team arrives at the warehouse; but it is empty. They find the security guard with a box full of cash. At the office, McGee sends alerts about the defective artillery. They find out more about the security guard. But h e has no record. But Gibbs says that there has to be something as the man was pushing around a million dollars. Gibbs interrogates the guard. He says that he had no idea what was in the box. Once a month he had to deliver the case and he never knew what’s inside it. He has a delivery tonight. They find out that the cell was registered to one of Dearing’s holding company. They decide to use the guard and have him get the delivery done. McGee thinks that they have to cancel jimmy’s party. Just then Abby walks in dressed as a circus master.

She is upset to hear that the party is cancelled; but Gibbs tells her that it isn’t. Next, we see that the team is drinking shots in a bar and also playing quarters. But on the other hand, Ziva is keeping a watch on the guard. Jimmy makes a toast. Just then the limo arrives. The team surrounds the limo and finds Vincent Maple inside it. Next, Vincent is in the interrogation room. They find a fake id and a one way ticket to Morocco. But he still says that he doesn’t know where Dearing is. He confesses that he set up a dummy account to siphon money out of Dearing’s account. He was embezzling. The faulty artillery theory was Sam’s and that he just played along with it as he did not want to get caught.

Instead he asks them as to how they got the copy of his books. Next, Abby tells Gibbs that they had found Fountain’s car based on a tip. The call traced to Dearing. It appears that Dearing knew what Vincent was doing and so he wanted Fountain and the chip to be found. McGee thinks that Dearing was trying to distract them by sending them behind Vincent. Next, Gibbs meets Sam. Gibbs asks her whether the artillery theory was really a mistake. Sam thinks that Gibbs is trying to accuse her of something. Gibbs is frustrated that he is unable to read Sam. It is driving him nuts. Just then he gets a text from Dearing saying “Check”. Sam guesses that something has happened. Gibbs calls the office. Tony tells him that Director Vance has disappeared. The episode ends.