Recovery - Recap

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The episode begins with Abby arriving at the morgue and convincing herself not to be freaked out. But then she totally freaks out. Next, she finds herself on the table and she is about to be cut open. Abby wakes up with a start; it was a nightmare. It is 3am and she calls Gibbs. She tells him that it happened again. Next, Tony flirts with the Navy’s facilities manager. She is looking after the repairs and remodeling of the office after the bombing. Ziva and McGee interrupt Tony’s advances by telling Judy that everything looks exactly the same; so, new paint color might be good. Judy agrees. Just then Mile Wolf arrives.

He is the crisis counselor. He says that the recent happenings call in for a mandatory psych evaluation. And he will be talking to each one of them. Miles then tells Vance and Gibbs that the team members seem to be doing well except for the armory. It seems that they are mourning “Midge” who was evacuated on the day of the bombing and no one has seen her for the past four months. Gibbs tells him to evaluate Abby and he tells Miles that she is having nightmares. Gibbs gets a call. He tells Vance that divers found Midge’s car. The team arrives at the recovery site. The car is pulled out of a pond and Midge is in it. The body doesn’t look in a bad shape. Jimmy tells them that bodies don’t rot easily in cool fresh water.

Duckie shows up at the site. Gibbs reminds him that he still doesn’t have the medical clearance. Tony finds a photo id on the body; it is Midge. Tony infers that she was speeding this way after the evacuation and she lost control of the car. But Gibbs states that he missing person’s report says that she made it home that day. Jimmy tells Gibbs that there is a wound in her stomach; looks like she has been shot. At NCIS, Gibbs wants an update. Margaret Watkins, “Midge” was a retired Marine captain serving as an administrator in NCIS. She has a daughter Grace who is stationed in San Diego. She is flying in. next, Miles is in the lab and trying to talk to Abby. She is finding it difficult to say the word “bombing”. She is working on Midge’s case.

Miles wants to discuss about her nightmares but she refuses to talk about it. Gibbs arrives at the morgue for the results and Duckie is there. Jimmy tells him that there are a lot of defensive bruising on the body which indicates that she put up a major fight. There is an exit wound on the back. Gibbs asks Duckie to go home. Duckie tells him that he is bored to tears at home; but Gibbs says that he wants the medical clearance. Next, Ziva and Tony talk to Jon and Phyllis from the armory; they want to know about the last time the two of them saw Midge. The walls still have bullet holes from the ammunition that went off due to the explosion. There were shrapnel flying all over. Jon shows them the scar from the shrapnel wound. He is sure that Midge wasn’t hit by those bullets.

Gibbs tells Ziva and Tony to get him the ballistic report of the ammunition that went off and they would compare it to the bullet that hit Midge. Miles tells Gibbs that he meeting with Abby didn’t go well. Gibbs goes to check on Abby in the garage. He tells her that he is ready to listen if it is short and not too deep. Abby tells him that after the bombing she felt that she could have lost some friends; which she didn’t. Lying on the autopsy table made her feel that she is alone and has no family or friends. Gibbs then asks her about her family. She tells him that he biological brother Kyle, doesn’t even know that she exists. Abby then finds a bullet in the car. She states that Midge was shot at a point blank range in the car. Next, Ziva talks to Grace. Midge had texted her after the bombing and said she would call. But she never did.

She then asks Grace if her mother had any enemies. She tells Grace that Midge was shot. Grace says that everyone loved her mom. She especially was very supportive of women at work. At NCIS, Ziva tells Tony that Midge thought that Tony was slightly annoying. Judy arrives and tells them that Vance didn’t authorize the paint change. Tony asks Judy out; but she tells him that she is taken. She tells him that she thought they were “sport flirting”. Miles is trying to make conversation and Vance tells him to stop it. He asks him to let his agents finish their job on Midge.

Ziva finds out that Midge had hired a woman named Phyllis. Another job applicant, Craig Wilson, filed a grievance against Midge, saying that he was denied the job based on his gender. It was thrown out five months ago. Wilson was discharged for bad conduct five years ago. He is currently unemployed. It is now Gibbs’ turn for evaluation. Gibbs asks Miles if having Abby’s family around would help Abby. He says that it might. Just then Abby calls Gibbs to the lab. In the lab, Abby tells Gibbs that the bullet that killed Midge is nasty; it is covered in sixty year old mold spores and it will take her sometime to narrow down the weapon. Gibbs tells Abby to get in touch with Kyle.

Abby is reluctant as she feels that he might not like her. Ziva notices that Tony isn’t talking much. He feels that Vance was right about shouting at him; he feels that he is out of his game and is unfocused since the bombing. Half his mind is still stuck in the elevator. They then meet Craig Wilson. The moment they introduce themselves, Craig runs. Ziva tackles him and he drops a box full of guns. Craig is brought for interrogation. He compares this interrogation to his interview with Midge, where there was Midge and her love sick puppy boyfriend, hanging on to every word she was saying. Abby says that the ballistics show that Midge wasn’t shot with any of the guns found on Craig. Jimmy calls Gibbs to the morgue. He tells him that there is an allergic reaction showing in Midge’s trachea and he can’t figure out what it is. He asks Gibbs to call Duckie.

In the armory, Jon admits that he had a fling with Midge tears ago when she just lost her husband. They show Jon and Phyllis the pictures of the guns that could be the murder weapons. Jon tells them that he could talk to some dealers who would know about these weapons. Abby goes to a pet adoption agency to meet Kyle. He works there. But Abby doesn’t find him there and she leaves. Just then Kyle arrives and he calls out to her. He remembers meeting her last year and ever since he has been thinking of meeting her again. He always felt that there is some sort of a connection.

At NCIS, McGee gets a hit on a dealer in Philly where he sold an old gun to a dealer. An hour ago, the dealer got a call from the buyer begging him not to give out his name. McGee manages to get an address and it turns out that it is not far from the pond and midge’s place. It is Jon. Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva go to Jon’s place. He admits that he has an old gun but it is still there. He opens the case and it is gone! Gibbs gets a call from Duckie and Jimmy saying that Midge had a severe allergy to a chemical used in colognes, soaps, and perfumes. Jon tells that he couldn’t have done it as he was getting his wound stitched up in the hospital and he was there until midnight. Tony smells a sweet, expensive perfume and Jon says that it is his girlfriend’s. He says that his girlfriend too saw the gun in the case a couple of hours back.

She was there in the hospital with him; but was away for two hours as she had come home to get him a clean shirt. Next, we see Judy throwing a gun into the pond. Tony arrives at the pond to arrest her. Judy tells him that it felt terrible when Jon kept talking about a woman who he slept with and how amazing she was. Duckie sees through what Jimmy had done to get Duckie to the lab and he tells him that he doesn’t need anyone’s charity. Next, Miles hands over his report to Vance and tells Vance that he has not had his evaluation done.

Vance tells Miles that he feels guilty about driving the car to the office. Miles assures him that everyone is safe and no one is blaming him. At home, Gibbs opens a bottle of beer and Abby rushes in with Kyle. Kyle hugs Gibbs. Gibbs opens beers for everyone. But then they find Abby asleep on the couch. She is no more frightened to sleep. The episode ends.