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The Namesake - Recap

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The episode begins with a man speeding in his Ferrari and hits above 100mph. he is having a good time; but not for long as he sees a bike tailing him. He tries his best to lose his tail but the man reaches a dead end. The biker gets off the bike and walks towards the car. He pulls out a gun and shoots the man in the car, drops his gun on the site and leaves. The team is at the site. Ziva wonders why the murder weapon was left behind and Tony cites few examples from the movies where the mafia leaves the murder weapon on the site of the murder. So was this a mob hit? Or, maybe someone watches a lot of movies. Mc Gee tells Gibbs that the victim was Petty Officer First Class Colin Boxer and the car is worth $300k.

How does a 26 year old officer afford such an expensive car? The vehicle is registered under the corporation. At NCIS, they find out that the car is registered to a 27 year old billionaire Vijay Chaya. Abby tells the team that the killer is a novice as he did wipe off the serial number from the gun but he didn’t know that there is a stamp on the inside. The gun is registered to a Maryland pawn shop. The shop owner tells them that she sold the gun to a Kim Taylor. Tony notice a WWII Congressional Medal of Honor and that is not for sale. An old vet came in to sell it as he needed money. She felt sorry for him and loaned him $3000. The medal belongs to Leroy Jethro Moore; Gibbs dad’s best friend.

At NCIS, Ziva tells Gibbs that Boxer had a night job of parking cars at the Adams House Hotel. Tony and McGee head to the hotel. Kim is waiting for the interrogation. She is a teacher and during spare time she works at the hospital. She recognizes the picture of the gun as her own and she says that she gave it to her brother Kris. She doesn’t know why he wanted it. At the hotel, the duo talks to Boxer’s coworker Bodie. He tells them that Boxer took the Ferrari for a joyride. He also tells them that there was a bookie named “Gimp” who Boxer owed a lot of money to. They then tell Chaya that the NCIS have his Ferrari. In the morgue, Duckie pulls out the third bullet from Boxer’s body.

Palmer is slightly distracted due to some marital problems. The bullets were from a .22. Duckie asks Gibbs about Leroy Jethro. Gibbs tells him that he wrote to him when he received his medal but he never heard back. Ziva and McGee go to Kris’ dorm. Kris isn’t there and they meet his roommate Alec Dell. Alec tells McGee that Kris was upset about failing his midterm as he wouldn’t get into the top law school. Next, Gibbs calls his father and tells him that LJ tried to sell his medal of honor. His father doesn’t know anything about it. he then tells Gibbs never to bring up LJ and hangs up on Gibbs. At NCIS, Gibbs is being told that Kris hasn’t been seen for the past 24 hours.

Ziva finds out about the bookie. His name is Joey Zombrano and he was busted by the Metro Police this morning, so he can be brought in only after they are done with him. Just then Mc Gee gets a call saying that Kris has returned to his dorm. Gibbs wants McGee to locate LJ Moore. Abby has found nothing on Chaya’s car. Tony and Ziva go to the dorm to meet Kris. He says that he lost the gun. In fact it was stolen. They find Kris has been packing. They arrest him. Gibbs calls his father and tells him they need to talk. McGee has tracked down LJ Moore and gives Gibbs the address. In the interrogation, Kris tells them that he hasn’t seen Boxer before. He was hiking alone when Boxer was shot. Tony asks for his cell phone. But Kris tells him that he didn’t want to talk to anyone, so he turned it off. He says that he was upset as he had failed the midterm.

Kris also says that he doesn’t know Joey Zombrano. He then says that he wants to talk to his dad who is a lawyer. Next, Gibbs goes to meet LJ. LJ is happy to see Gibbs. After some small talk, Gibbs asks him why he tried to sell the medal. He tells Gibbs that he needed money for the wheelchair lift at his retirement home. Gibbs tells LJ that his father doesn’t tell him as to what happened between the two friends. LJ wouldn’t talk about it either. Gibbs gives him his card. Next, Chaya arrives at NCIS to collect his car. He hits on Abby. He offers her a job and says that they could discuss the details over dinner. Abby asks him to sign the release papers. At home, Gibbs arrives and sees his dad waiting for him.

His father is slightly pissed. Gibbs wants to know what happened between him and his best friend. His father tells him that LJ killed his mother. But Gibbs knows that his mother had cancer and she took her own life. His dad is surprised. He then tells Gibbs that his mother couldn’t take the pain anymore and she confided in LJ that she is going to OD. And LJ didn’t tell him anything. His father feels that LJ cheated them off the time they deserved to have with her. At NCIS, Ziva tells them that the bookie has an airtight alibi as he was under surveillance. McGee then shows the team the traffic footage and they see the bike following the Ferrari.

Gibbs wants to check if Kris has a motorcycle license. Gibbs comes in to talk to Kris. He says that he doesn’t have a bike. He then looks at the picture and tells Gibbs that this is his roommate Alec’s motorcycle. It is his helmet and jacket as well. Tony goes to pick up the roommate. Just then Gibbs has a visitor; LJ. LJ admits that he did look the other way when his mother confided in him as she was going through a lot of pain and since he was in the war, he understood what it feels like. He then tells Gibbs that he was in love with his mother since college and after he returned from the war, he saw his best friend get married to the love of his life. He says that Jackson knew about the way he felt for his mother, but never spoke about it. After his mother died and the way his father felt, he had no reason to stay and so he left.

At NCIS, Alec is missing. Ziva finds out that Alec is a member of Mensa. She then finds out that Alec interned in Chaya’s company. Next, Gibbs brings LJ to the basement to meet his father. It is time to end the feud. Gibbs leaves them alone to sort things out and goes to prepare dinner. Jackson tells LJ that he has gotten old! The next day, the team tells Gibbs that Alec had developed a file sharing software which he was told wouldn’t be feasible. But later Chaya patented the same software and made millions. This means that Alec actually intended to kill Chaya and not Boxer. Dell threatened to sue but according to the contact, anything that was developed by the interns on the company property would belong to the company. So, they need to find Alec.

Next, Gibbs, Duckie and McGee talk to Chaya and tell him that Dell wants him dead. Gibbs asks Chaya to send Dell an email offering Dell 1 million for his software. Dell needs the money and this is the best way to draw him out. Next, we see Alec checking his account balance and he is happy to see the 1 million. The team tracks him down. Next, Jackson goes to LJ’s retirement home to bid him goodbye. He brings back LJ’s medal to him and tells him that he repaid the loan. He then asks LJ to come and stay with him at Stillwater. He says he will pick him up in an hour. The episode ends. This episode is dedicated to the Montford Point Marines; the first African American Marine Unit to be honored with The Congressional Gold Medal on June 27 2012.