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Gone - Recap

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The episode begins with a father waiting outside a movie theatre for his daughter and her friend. The friend’s father, Scott Martin calls to check on the girls. The father, Wade tells him not to worry as the movie is over and the girls are out. He sees them walking out when a van stops and tries to shove the girls inside the vehicle. Wade goes to their rescue and gets shot. The daughter manages to escape the clutches of the men and runs inside the theatre and Scott’s daughter, Rosie is abducted. In the middle of the night, Ziva seems very happy.

She tells Tony that she hasn’t seen her friend Shmeil since a long time and now he is going to be here for a layover and she is happy that she is going to get to meet him. Gibbs arrives with the body of the week and also the child abduction. Duckie examines the body and says that there was a single gunshot and also abrasions that indicate a struggle; all of it happened very quickly. The dead man is Navy Captain David Wade and Rosie Martin is missing. Lydia, Wade’s daughter is with Connie, Rosie’s mother and she says that she wants her daughter back. Scott who is also a US Navy Captain assures his wife that they would soon find their daughter. Scott tells them that he heard the abduction over the phone. They try to question Lydia about the attackers and Scott tries to pressurize her. She yells saying that her father tried to fight the men off.

At the office, Gibbs briefs the Navy Office and the FBI who is working the case as well. In MTAC, Lydia speaks to her mother Jennifer Wade, who is presently o a carrier in the Arabian Sea. She tells Lydia that she has been transferred but she is stuck due to bad weather. She tells Lydia to stay with the Martins. Gibbs does not think that is a good idea. Ziva says that Lydia could stay with her. In the morgue, Duckie identifies a black paint that was washed off from the van; this means that the paint job is temporary. Ziva and Lydia arrive to meet Abby and Lydia hands over the clothes she was wearing to Abby so that she can swab it for evidence. Abby and Ziva then tell Lydia to try to remember any features she could of the abductors; but Lydia can only remember her father.

The Martins are with McGee and Tony; they are going through Rosie’s computer and McGee goes through her chats with a guy who goes by the screen name Diesel. He asks Rosie if she is working the midnight show and that he might see her there. They track Diesel down who is selling pumpkins. He acts smart with Gibbs and Gibbs places one heavy punch in his face which knocks him down. at the office, Diesel, who is a sex offender, tells Gibbs and McGee that he said a hi to her at the movies and then went back to work. He doesn’t know anything else. Ziva is talking to Lydia and she still cannot remember anything about her attackers. She remembers Diesel, but she says that Rosie didn’t pay much heed to him at the theatre. Abby arrives and hands Lydia her phone. She receives a text in which her friends are putting up a rally for her father at the bowling alley.

She wants to go. Gibbs and Ziva accompany Lydia to the bowling alley. They are introduced to Jeanne who runs the place. The Martins are also there. Scott is still being hard on her but Connie understands and she knows that Lydia hasn’t been able to describe the abductors. At NCIS, Lydia gets a text from Rosie; she is alive. They trace the message and arrive at the trailer. There they find a dead body and also the phone Rosie sent the text from; it is a burner phone. They feel that the accomplice killed this man for letting Rosie send the text and then got out of there with Rosie. McGee identifies the dead man as Shawn Oakby. He is a petty criminal with no record for sex offense.

Lydia recognizes this man as the one who grabbed her. McGee checks the burner phones and finds texts and calls to other burner phones. He then pulls up a picture of Rosie in a skimpy dress and makeup from this phone and this picture is been sent to other burner phones as well. Gibbs tells McGee to track down Miranda Pennebaker. Gibbs comes down to the lab and tells Ziva and Abby that the men are trying to sell Rosie. He wants them to work with Lydia and see if she remembers anything more. They tell Gibbs that Lydia needs to be moved to a safe place and Gibbs tells them that Lydia could stay at his house.

Gibbs tracks down Miranda and we see that she is someone who can sell anything. She owes Gibbs. Gibbs tells her about Rosie and she takes offense as she never was into human trafficking for profit. But she tells him that she knows a person who could lead them to people involved in this. Lydia, Ziva and Abby arrive at Gibbs home and Lydia goes for a shower. Miranda and Gibbs go to meet Edgar Hayes who is with the State Department and has some sordid perversions. He agrees to make some calls. Duckie calls Gibbs and tells him that there was rosin found on Shawn’s hands. This is used by sportsmen to keep their hands dry from sweat. Gibbs infers that Shawn used to go to the bowling alley. Lydia is out from herb shower and she remembers the other guy; he was short, pudgy with a beard.

Just then the power goes out and Ziva notices that the lights in the other houses are on. Ziva asks the other two t go upstairs. The intruder attacks Ziva, and Abby comes up from behind and hits on his head with a frying pan. Lydia recognizes him; he is Fred from the bowling alley. Fred is being interrogated and he tells Gibbs and Ziva that he met Merle and Shawn in prison and they had helped him deal with some prison inmate. Couple of weeks back, they came to him asking for girls; two girls for $500,000. Fred tells them that he was made to drive the van; but he doesn’t know where Rosie is. Gibbs arrives to meet Abby and Abby tells him that Shawn’s reports show presence of drugs used for motion sickness. Maybe he was taking a little trip.

Miranda arrives at NCIS; the buyer’s name is Claude Damien LeMonde. He is an aging French drug dealer and a perv who lives in the sea. His helicopter is due to land on a field in Reston. In the morning, Rosie is brought to the helicopter to be sold. But Merle finds the NCIS instead of the buyer. Rosie reunites with her parents. Lydia reunites with her mother. Next, Tony finds Ziva all dressed up to go out with Shmeil. But he then learns that Shmeil is an old man; a poet, philosopher and a Middle Eastern historian. When Shmeil is introduced to Tony, he tells Tony that he met his father at a bar. He asks Tony to join them. The episode ends.