Shabbat Shalom (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with father son duo fishing and the father tells his son that this is the best time for having a man to man talk. The son gives it a pass. Just then the father gets his catch; but only that it is not a fish-it is a tuft of hair with human ear in it. At NCIS, the team is looking at stuff they used for their various undercover operations. Just then Gibbs arrives announcing the body of the week. On his way out, Gibbs pulls out an old belt that he wore during a drug bust in ’99. At the scene, the son is totally thrilled about finding the dead body. They find an ID and the victim is Petty Officer Second Class Luke Grismer.

Duckie is still not sure about the COD but he is sure that the body has been in the pond for two days. Gibbs notices that there is something missing from the uniform; a badge. Looks like he had gotten demoted! McGee runs his prints but he finds no match. That is weird! Gibbs declares that he is not military at all. Why is he pretending to be? At the office, Ziva sees that McGee is smiling; looks like he has got something on the victim. McGee says that he got the identity of their victim from the missing persons report. The victim is Tyler Wilkes and his lawyer reported him missing this morning. He is government paparazzi. He sold photographs of opium smugglers on foreign army bases and this happened last year. McGee says that he had a new story on drugs in Navy barracks.

Gibbs wants Ziva to find out why he was impersonating Luke Grismer. In the morgue, Duckie tells Gibbs that the COD was exsanguination due to internal bleeding as Tyler had received several blows. The tearing of the ear is post mortem. But there is more; the victim had mononucleosis. So, the blows were actually not meant to kill. This was an accident. But Duckie states that the way Tyler was drowned proves that the killer tried to hide it and that is criminal. Tony talks to Luke, and gives Luke’s ID to him. Luke takes it and is about to leave. Tony finds it weird that Luke is not curious as to how his ID was with NCIS. Tony reveals that Tyler was using it and now he is dead. Luke immediately reacts by saying that he did not kill him. Luke then tells him that Tyler had asked for his ID as they look alike and that Tyler wanted to do some research in the barracks.

He doesn’t want anyone to know about this; else he will be killed. Next, Luke’s roommates are in the office and they look pissed. Petty Officer Dion Kelso looks like he is the leader of the gang and so that makes him the lead suspect in the murder. Kelso says that Tyler was trying to embarrass the navy with his story about the drugs. Kelso is angry and defiant and he says that he killed Tyler. Just then the rest of the guys follow suit and take the blame upon them, Gibbs tells Ziva to arrest all of them as they all confessed and put them in the holding cell which is meant for just one person. He is sure that by the next day, one of them will actually confess. Ziva leaves for the day and is about to get inside her car when she finds that the ignition is on.

She draws her gun and opens the door; only to find her father inside! Eli David is the Director of Mossad and he is here as Ziva has made no attempts to visit him in the past two years. He arrived this morning and he assures her that no one saw him. In the lab, Abby tells Gibbs that Tyler’s equipment is missing and there is n sign of break-in or forced entry in his house. Ziva arrives and borrows Gibbs for a moment. Ziva tells him about her father being in town and also that his own people don’t know about this visit. She tells him that her father wants to spend some time with her. Gibbs tells her to do the same and keep him updated. Ziva talks to her father and he hints that he is retiring. But she tells him that there is a difference in retiring and repenting and only the latter would make a difference to her.

He tells her to consider this as his first step towards redemption. Vance’s wife gives him a visit and tells him that they have the whole house to themselves at night and asks him to “prepare” himself. He will clear his schedule! Gibbs arrives to meet Vance and Vance knows that Eli is “not” in his office and wonders if there is a change in the political climate of Israel. But Vance is not too worried as Eli is flying under everyone’s radar. But then there is another named that popped up under high level threats; Arash Kazmi, Iranian Intelligence. Arash and Eli grew up on the different sides of the same border. Arash’s first visit to the US and Eli just “happens” to be here. Hmm. Vance and Gibbs appear in front of Eli and Eli was counting on Ziva’s loyalty towards Gibbs!

Vance tells him that he won’t let him kill Kazmi. But all of them are surprised when they find Arash Kazmi waiting for them in Eli’s house! It turns out that the two of them have always been friends but have been working for the enemy nations. They want to stop the bloodshed that could take place but for this they would need Vance’s help. Eli’s position in Mossad is on shaky grounds and he wants Vance to pull his strings to ensure that Eli stays in power so that he could control the Mossad activities and ensure that there won’t be any chaos. Vance agrees. Kazmi is relieved and he leaves. But Vance and Ziva are still not sure what just happened! The first step to redemption!! Gibbs gets a call from McGee.

Later, McGee tells him that they found the victim’s car in a parking lot outside an airport in Reagan. But the records don’t show anyone flying under the names of Luke or Tyler. Abby says that the fight started in the car. They also found Tyler’s stuff and also the camera whose memory card was wiped clean. Could be the work of the killer! But since it is Wi-Fi enabled, it has all the data as auto backup on Tyler’s laptop. They have the entire picture that Tyler shot before he was killed. There is a man whose face cannot be seen in any of them and hence cannot be identified. This man could be the reason why Tyler did not get on to that plane. Vance arrives home early with flowers. His wife at once realizes that Eli is here and wonders why he is in town. Vance is having dinner with him and wants her to cook. She reluctantly agrees but Vance has lost his “night” for sure.

At NCIS, they find the latest story Tyler was working on but the man with the coat and hat doesn’t seem to be a part of that story. Tyler’s story tells about the addiction of a former rack mate who is now getting treatment. Tony thinks that the four roommates figured it out and did not want the story to go public. But they still would not bring it up by killing Tyler! Gibbs asks to release them. Ziva does react looking at those pictures but she brushes it off saying that it is nothing. Next, Ziva confronts her father about killing Tyler. He says that it was an accident and only wanted those pictures as his visit was meant to be a secret. But she says that he did try to dispose the body.

She is angry with him and feels that he has been lying all along. They go to Vance’s house for dinner and Ziva leaves the table to tell Gibbs that her father murdered Gibbs. Just then someone opens fire at the house. Ziva follows that guy and fires several shots at him. The guy runs off and hides. Gibbs arrives and they follow the trail of blood.

But the moment they find the guy, he tells them that he had one last job to do; to kill her father. He then kills himself. Ziva is enraged. At the house, McGee tells Gibbs that Mrs. Vance was hit and she is taken to the hospital; but Eli is dead. Ziva cradles her father in her arms and cries. At the hospital, Gibbs is shattered to learn that Vance’s wife is dead. To be continued.