Hit and Run - Recap

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The episode begins with Lance and Marty, two old men driving and discussing about the women they are going to meet. Marty asks Lester to stop the car. The two men rush to a spot; it is an accident site. They call 911. Civilian Lila Cutwright and Marine Lance Corporal Chad Dunn are the victims of the car crash. At the scene, Duckie notices Lila has a wound on her head that doesn't match the accident and there is splatter and blood on the air bag on Lila’s side which shows that Lila was hurt before the accident. There are no skid marks at the scene. Gibbs declares it a possible murder-suicide and orders the car taken to Abby.

In the garage, Abby looks at the spider-web impact on the windshield. Cut to flashback where young Abby is playing in the junkyard with Luca, wondering how a truck windshield got the same crack. She wonders how the accident took place. She finds a teddy bear in the truck and infers that there was a kid in the car and resolves to get it back to the young owner, whoever she is. Back in the garage, she doesn't want to talk to McGee about it. Gibbs comes in for a report. Lila Cutwright was 19, attending community college. Her father dropped her off at class yesterday. Chad Dunn was 20, last seen leaving the barracks on weekend leave. Cutwright's father owns a dry cleaner at Quantico and Dunn's father was stationed there 10 years ago. They knew each other as kids, but don't seem to have been in touch since fourth grade.

There have been no signs of contact between the two of them. A decade ago the dads got in a fight and both men were charged with disorderly conduct. Could it be possible that the whole thing is a part of a family beef? Gibbs asks his team to bring in the families. Gibbs visits Duckie in the morgue. Dunn was ejected from the vehicle and died of blunt force trauma. He confirmed Lila was dead before the crash. She was hit with some blunt object and there were fragments found in the lacerations and Duckie tells Gibbs that Abby is testing them now. There was some material found under the nails which is also being tested. Duckie says that the lack of defensive wounds suggests that it was a surprise attack. Duckie warns Gibbs that Abby is acting stranger than usual. Gibbs visits Abby in the garage, where she has laid out all the evidence on the ground.

She didn't find any DNA under Lila's nails and the murder weapon was made of chestnut. She looks totally off, but she tells Gibbs that looking at the wound, it seems that Lila was facing outside when she was hit. So, why was Dunn standing outside his car; or could the attacker be someone else and Dunn drove off. Cut to flashback, young Abby cuts opens a 2 liter bottle and pours water in to magnify the name on the teddy bear's tag: Ricki Evans. Next, Ziva arrives with Walter and Meredith Dunn. Lila's dad Scott Cutwright arrives. He accuses the Dunn's son of killing his daughter. Walter punches him. Ziva sets the families up in separate interview rooms; neither side wants to talk about their feud. McGee finds a phone record that Lila Cutwright called 911 and hung up last week.

Dunn called a disposable phone the night before the crash was discovered and multiple times in the days before. Gibbs asks Tony to go to the woods and find the murder weapon made of wood. Huh? Gibbs talks to the Dunns and Ziva talks to Scott. Walter says a decade ago Scott's wife died and he started spreading lies about his family. Scott tells Ziva that he had an affair with Meredith and told Walter about it so she could leave him. Walter beat him up badly. The kids knew about it. Scott and Meredith exchanged letters last year and Scott says she was ready to leave Walter this time. In the lab, Abby tells Gibbs that Dunn did not kill Lila as at the time of the crash, Chad was unconscious. First the killer hit Lila on her head.

Shad got down and the killer then then shoved Chad's head against the car and put him behind the wheel. He then drove the car off the ridge by using the murder weapon to push down the pedal and the killer ran alongside. She says that she was wrong about chestnut; the murder weapon is made of aluminum. Cut to flashback, Abby brings Ricki her teddy bear back. Ricki's mom died in the car crash and her funeral is today. Ricki tells her that she cannot keep the bear as it was given to her by her grandfather, who she was allowed to see only with her mom; and her father doesn’t like the teddy. Her father arrives and takes Ricki with him; he is angry seeing her with the bear. Next, McGee and Gibbs trace the disposable phone Dunn called to his cousin, Brandon Singer, who owns an alternative energy company.

They find him working with solar panels. Brian says he was supposed to go hiking with Chad, but he canceled. Chad and Lila were dating secretly. They reconnected after Chad found the love letters Scott wrote to Meredith and Chad went to the dry cleaning shop to confront Scott; but Scott wasn’t there and Lila was. Brian says Chad was afraid what his dad might do if he found out about them. Back at NCIS, Gibbs arrives and declares that Walter said he was home at the time of the accident. Gibbs says Abby called in sick, so they'll have to cover her. He wants McGee to run DNA. Gibbs meets with Meredith for coffee. She says she doesn't love her husband anymore, but he was home with her at the time of the crash. In the garage, Tony and Ziva try to catalog the evidence; but they find Anny’s system very complicated.

They find a bank receipt for a $15,000 cash withdrawal in Dunn’s leather file. Gibbs visits McGee in the lab, he's been trying to run Walter’s DNA but he is unable to. Everything seems haywire without her. Gibbs tells McGee to find Abby and make sure she's OK. Meanwhile, Abby calls out Bingo numbers for old people. McGee finds her there after tracing her phone. He tells her everyone is worried about her. She shows him a small pink felt heart. Cut to flashback, Abby takes the teddy with the pink heart stitched on it to Jake’s barbershop. Jake is Ricki's grandfather. Abby suggests he take the bear to her, but he says it's bigger than what she can understand. In the present, Abby gets overwhelmed by the idea that bad things outweigh the good things, in which case why should she even try?

Back at NCIS, they find the $15,000 came from Lila’s trust account. They found job searches on the Cutwright's computer in the city where Dunn was being transferred. They think Lila was moving with Chad. Chad also tried to get a loan for $5,000, but was turned down. Tony and Gibbs talk to the loan officer, who really wanted to give Chad the money but couldn't. Chad said he wanted to use it for an investment in something solar, but the paperwork did not look right and she warned him against it. Ziva and Gibbs take a search warrant to Brian, and accuse him of taking their $15,000 in a ponzi scheme. He denies killing them, but Tony finds an aluminum bat in his dumpster. Case closed. In the office, Abby tries to write an apology note to McGee.

Cut to flashback, Abby watches Ricki's dad pack their things into a moving van. She watches as Ricki comes out and sees the stuffed bunny Abby left for her. Abby hangs onto Ricki's teddy bear. Next, Gibbs finds Abby with the pink felt heart from the bear. She tells Gibbs about having a bear as a kid that she loved so much that it fell apart. But Gibbs tells her that she is left with the most important part, the heart. She tells Gibbs she's trying to find a way to be OK with not being able to do enough good. He tells her she can't always see the payoff of the good she does. He reminds her of the first day they met, when she gave him the fortune from her cookie because she wanted it to be about him. He pulls it out of his wallet and hands it to her, and leaves.

Cut to flashback, Abby tells Luca that she could not get Ricki to unite with her grandfather. He tells her that Ricki will never forget that Abby gave her the bunny. Back in the present, Abby reads the fortune: "Today's new friend is tomorrow's family”. The episode ends.