Seek - Recap

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The episode begins in a warzone, where two marines are on their daily rounds with their K9, Dex. Dex is sniffing around for hidden explosives. They see two young kids playing soccer and one of them chases the ball and goes outside the boundary lines on to a mine field. Teddy asks the kid to stop and stay still. The ball rolls over a hidden bomb and it explodes. Teddy then asks Dex to sniff the other bombs and he carefully avoids the explosives and rescues the kid. His commends Teddy for his good job. At that moment, a fire is shot and Teddy falls dead on the ground.

At NCIS, Vance is trying to find a nanny for his kids and he walks in with the 12th applicant. Tony finds it weird, but Ziva defends Vance. At that moment a woman walks in, wanting to talk to someone in charge. Based on seniority, Tony introduces himself. The woman is Rubina Miller and she tells Tony that her husband was a marine stationed in Kabul. Gibbs arrives and Rubina tells Gibbs that Ted was killed two days ago and the COD is a Taliban sniper, but Rubina thinks that is not true. She shows them a video message that Ted sent her. In the video, Ted tells his wife of having done something stupid which could piss some people off. Rubina thinks there is some foul play in Ted’s murder.

In the morgue, Duckie examines Ted’s body and tells Gibbs that the COD is a sniper bullet, but he isn’t sure about the distance. The helmet trapped a piece of the bullet fragment in it. Abby examines the fragment and tells Gibbs that this particular shard is made up of an armor piercing alloy produced in the US. Gibbs now thinks that the wife could be right. The team tells Gibbs that James Virgil, a civilian contractor, witnessed Ted’s murder. Ziva tells Gibbs that eight rounds of unused fire clips went missing from the unit’s ammo. Gibbs tells them to question Virgil. At MTAC, Ziva and McGee talk to Virgil and Virgil tells them that he did not see the sniper but only heard the shot. He says that it was shot from a hilltop. He says that Ted and Dex saved their lives.

Virgil gets angry when Ziva and McGee ask him if Ted had any enemies. Virgil says that he had offered Ted a job and Ted never wanted any trouble. Next, Gibbs goes to meet Rubina and finds Dex in the house. He asks her about Ted and Rubina tells him that Ted was an easy going guy. She then mentions a fight that took place six months ago. The fight was with a trainer named Pit, who Ted thought was rough with Dex. At NCIS, the team tells Gibbs that Pit’s real name is Norman and he is the official dog whisperer for the Marines. He is a civilian contractor and he recently returned to the United States. They tell him that the report shows that Ted and Pits threw punches at each other and they were ordered to stay away from each other. Gibbs asks Tony and McGee to meet Norman.

They arrive at Norman’s house and they see that he is a grumpy, 61 year old man, who ill-treated his nephew. Before they could talk to him, Norman lets two dogs lose on them. Later, Norman is brought to NCIS and he tells them that there was no bad blood between him and Ted. In fact he praises Dex and Ted and tells them that the duo was “top shelf”. Later, Rubina arrives with a pendant and tells the team that she got it in the mail this morning, but it was sent two weeks ago. Ted had told her to expect a surprise, but she had no clue that it was going to be something this expensive. Ziva takes the pendant to Abby and she tells her that it is real gold and the emeralds on it are the real deal. Ziva notices a pattern on the pendant and it appears to be Middle Eastern.

Next, Gibbs drops Rubina home and Dex starts growling as soon as he enters the house. He realizes the presence of an intruder. He runs into the room and manages to pull something out of the intruder’s hand and forces him to drop the jewelry. Gibbs thinks that the jewelry is not what the intruder was after. At NCIS, the team tells him that the pendant belongs to a wealthy Afghani family, who owned a jewelry store but has left the country for Pakistan. The necklace is worth 9k. Gibbs goes to Vance and tells him that he wants to go to Aghanistan and has decided to take McGee and Dex along with him. The team arrives in Afghanistan and Officer Martins tells Gibbs that they have found the sniper. Martins, tells them that Virgil and the contractors were the ones to kill the sniper.

Back at NCIS, Ziva asks Vance what he is looking for in a nanny. He says admits that he is a little worried. He thinks that hiring a nanny means that he is moving on, and that sort of makes Jackie’s death more final. Ziva tells him to take his time. In Afghanistan, Gibbs feels that something is not right. The sniper would have first killed the dog and then Ted. It is the dog who finds the bomb. McGee arrives with Virgil and another military contractor. Virgil tells Gibbs that the Marines were the one who rounded up the suspects. He then shows Gibbs where the shot came from and the exact location where Ted was standing when he got shot.

Gibbs analyzes the scene and tells Virgil that the shot did not come from the mountain and what he heard was the echo. The shot came from a nearby building and the shooter is still out there. In the lab, Abby analyzes the shirt sleeve and tells Tony and Ziva that the sleeve has three hair samples. One is human, the second is Dex’s and the third sample belongs to a Doberman. It is the same breed that Norman has. They inform Gibbs. They also tell him that Marty Hagan, Norman’s nephew was trying to help smuggle stolen items from Afghanistan using his uncle’s business. The people in Afghanistan used to load Norman’s baggage and Marty used to unload it over here. Marty is reluctant to give them a name. Corporal Ryan,

Ted’s replacement arrives and tells Martins that he wants to take Dex to sniff around, so that they get to know each other well. Ryan tells them that Virgil wants him to take Dex to a few buildings around the city before they start renovating. Gibbs doesn’t allow him to take Dex. Instead, Gibbs and McGee arrive to meet Virgil and his team. Gibbs knows that Virgil was using Ted and Dex to clear the buildings of bombs that they were looting. Ted found out and Virgil tried to buy him off with that pendant. Virgil had enlisted Marty’s help to steal it back from Ted’s house. Virgil tells them that he was trying to offer Ted a job. Gibbs says that when Ted refused, he killed Ted. Gibbs also knows that Virgil’s partner was former Special Forces and had sniper training and he thinks that the partner was the one who shot Ted. The partner gets angry and tries to shoot Gibbs. Dex leaps at him and Gibbs shoots down the guy. Unfortunately, Dex also gets hit.

At NCIS, another nanny named Laura arrives for the interview and Vance tells her that he is no longer hiring. She is pissed that he has been wasting time of some of her fellow nannies. She tells him that she needs the job and is very well capable of taking care of his children. She is sorry that he lost his wife and she assures that she will never try to replace the children’s mother. Vance asks her to meet the kids. At Ted’s funeral, Gibbs arrives to meet Rubina. She says that Ted would have liked to know that Dex helped. Gibbs tells her that Dex has officially retired and that he can go back home with her. Rubina is delighted. The episode ends.