Chasing Ghosts - Recap

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The episode begins with Callie entering the house with her luggage. She calls out to her husband, Noah, and she doesn’t get any reply. She sees that her place has been trashed and her husband’s phone is lying on the floor. There is lot of blood on the couch and the back door is open. Her neighbor, Ben, arrives and tells her that the back door has been open since morning. He says that he called Noah several times to tell him about it and he got no reply. He says that Noah is nowhere to be found. He is gone.

At NCIS, Tony is getting restless because Ziva is five minutes late. He is sure that something is up with her and that she has been acting weird lately. He tells McGee that he thinks that Ziva is looking for Bodner. Ziva arrives. Gibbs arrives declaring their case for the week. He says that a Naval Officer’s husband has gone missing. On their way out, Lance stops Gibbs and tells him that Homeland called twice saying Ziva has been sniffing around. Gibbs knows why. He leaves. At the crime scene, Ziva tells Gibbs that husband’s name is Noah Daniels and there is no sign of forced entry. McGee clicks pictures of the crime scene. Tony talks to Ben, who tells him that he saw an old sedan with tinted glasses parked in front of Noah’s house.

It was late at night and he couldn’t see the plates. McGee finds Noah’s severed finger inside the trash can in the kitchen. In the morgue, Palmer examines the severed finger and Duckie tells him that it is the fourth finger from the left hand. Duckie is working on a psych profile and he wants some peace and quiet. He tells Palmer to leave. Palmer tells him that he too wants to learn what Duckie is doing. Duckie decides to teach him. At NCIS, the team pulls goes through the couple’s records and they don’t find anything suspicious. McGee tells them that Callie’s unit is working on some classified case and hence he is unable to access anymore files. He goes through the traffic camera footage and spots the sedan that was fleeing with Noah in it. The time is 2.15 am.

In the lab, Abby recreates the crime scene and tells Gibbs that there were no prints found at the scene. She says that Noah’s abductor had trauma training because he surgically severed the finger. She has also found a second set of blood drops at the scene which does not belong to Callie or Noah. Ziva and Gibbs talk to Callie and Callie tells them that she was in San Diego for work. She spoke to Noah around 7 in the evening and he was watching the news and playing on his computer. McGee pulls up a bank account and tells Gibbs that Noah had 2 million in his account that came from his father’s trust. Callie tells them that Noah would never give up that money because his father had worked too hard for it. She says that she too is a signee on that account.

Callie gets a call from an unknown number. It is Noah. They trace the call. The captor tells Callie to meet him and Noah tells her that it is a trap. They hear gun shots. McGee pulls up the address and the team leaves. They find the sedan and there is blood inside, but no Noah. McGee sends Tony a message saying that the car belongs to Landers Orton from Roanoke, Virginia. Later, Gibbs and Tony interrogate Landers. He says that he thinks that his brother, Darryl might be involved. He says that he lent him his car a few days ago. He says that Darryl took his debit card as well. Darryl has served time and was released six months ago.

At NCIS, the team learns that Darryl was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. McGee also tells them that Landers’ debit card has been used at a restaurant and it appears that Noah also used his own card at the same restaurant, same time. Tony and Ziva go to the Mexican restaurant and talk to the owner, Rebecca. Rebecca tells them that Noah comes to the restaurant for lunch almost every day. It seems that Noah had become friends with some of the waiters and he had told them that he got some money. She also knows Darryl, the guy with a terrible temper. She says that Darryl got into Noah’s face once, saying that he heard about the money.

In the morgue, Duckie explains Darryl’s psych profile to Gibbs. He says that Darryl does not fear death and craves to have a family. He feels that he would be somewhere around his brother in Virginia. Next, Lance meets with Tom Morrow from Homeland. He tells Lance that the CIA also knows that Ziva is looking into her father’s death. Lance tells him that Ziva wants closure. Tom tells Lance that they have information that Bodner is somewhere in Rome. He wants Lance to talk to Ziva and assure her that they will take care of this. At NCIS, McGee tells them that the trust account has been compromised and the money is gone. It is impossible because the FBI froze it.

This means somebody hacked into the account. He also says that Darryl opened a new account in West Virginia with a $37,000 deposit. Ziva thinks that Darryl hacked into the trust fund and is spreading the money around. It seems too complex for a high school dropout. In the lab, Abby tells Gibbs that the floor rug and the walls didn’t look roughed up enough to indicate a huge fight. She also points out to certain facts which prove that Noah had to be unconscious when he was taken. Now, Noah was six inches taller that Darryl and weighed much more than him. So, he had to be carried out of the house. This means that Darryl had help. McGee tells the team that Landers has an alibi.

McGee gets a call from the FBI telling him that a man fitting Darryl’s description checked into a motel. Gibbs leaves with Tony and Ziva. They arrive at the motel room and find Darryl’s dead body on the bed with a gun beside him. He also left a note saying: Sorry to all I hurt. He is dead. I threw his body in the Potomac. In the morgue, Duckie tells Gibbs that the wound was not self-inflicted. This was a staged suicide. At NCIS, Abby tells the team that the photo frame was on the wall above the couch and it was found on the floor. There is no scratch on it.

The couch that was flipped over was made of solid oak wood and there is no way that it could have flipped over in a fight. So, this means that the crime scene was staged and Noah staged his own abduction. They play the tip they received about Noah checking into the motel. They realize that it was Rebecca who made that phone call. Tony and Ziva pay her a visit. They know that this is her second restaurant that had fallen into debt and Noah was helping her. They were also flirting with each other. They think that she sliced Noah finger as she had the culinary training. She says that they were supposed to get away and things were not supposed to get messy.

He wanted to avoid a messy divorce so that he wouldn’t have had to part with the inheritance. She agrees to co-operate. Later, Gibbs and Tony find Noah on a bus out of town. They arrest him and bring him to Callie. Noah has nothing to say. Case Closed. At NCIS, Tony is still worried about Ziva. Gibbs gives him permission to look into it. He tells him to go and find Ziva. Tony goes to Abby for help. He tells her that he needs to find Ziva. Abby traces Ziva’s phone and instructs Tony over the phone. Tony knocks at the door and Ziva opens it. He tells her that he wants to help.

She lets him in and he is shocked to find McGee there. They explain their investigation to Tony. They have learned that Bodner is somewhere in Western Europe. Tony asks Ziva when she is planning on telling Gibbs. The next day, Ziva tells Gibbs that she wants permission to travel to Europe to track Bodner. Gibbs tells her that he knows. He was waiting for her to tell him. He tells her that Bodner is in Rome. He gives her permission to go and tells her to take Tony along. Lance approves with a nod. The episode ends.