Berlin - Recap

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The episode begins with an Israeli agent waiting in a parked car, in a garage. An SUV pulls up to meet him and the agent is surprised to see the person (face not shown) behind the wheel. The driver shoots the agent. At NCIS, Tony rubs his trip in McGee’s face. Gibbs arrives and announces that Tony and Ziva will not be going to Rome to track Ilan Bodnar. Instead, they will be going to Berlin, where Bodnar is truly headed. At that moment, Orli Elbaz, the New Director of Mossad, arrives to meet Vance. Ziva is not too happy to see her. Ziva introduces Orli to Gibbs. Orli wants Ziva and Gibbs to join the meeting.

In Vance’s office, Orli tells the group that the previous night, a Mossad officer, Amir Mantel, was murdered in a parking lot in Virginia and he was off the books. She says that five officers went rogue in support of Bodnar, and Mantel thought that this faction was meeting in Virginia. She thinks that this group is a threat for anyone looking for Bodnar. She wants NCIS to investigate. Ziva asks permission to leave, and Orli realizes that she is going to Berlin. In the garage, Abby is examining the agent’s car when Gibbs walks in. She tells him that Mossad is really fast. The victim’s body is in a body bag, in the trunk. Abby tells Gibbs that the Mossad crew cleaned up the crime scene, making sure that no Mossad intel/secrets were revealed.

They have handed over a laptop and a watch. On their flight to Berlin, Ziva remembers seeing her dad fighting with a woman when she was a child. Ziva explains that they are going to Berlin because her father led her there. She tells Tony that her father told her to set up a secret network of diamond dealers, who are difficult to track, in case she wanted to disappear. She is sure that that her father taught Bodnar the same trick. While every agency was tracking Bodnar’s bank accounts, she was tracking diamond dealers. She noticed a spike in dealer transactions in Berlin. In the morgue, Duckie pulls out a rubber earwig piece from Mantel’s ears.

Abby video conferences in, and tells them that the bullet is a 9mm, the same kind of gun that was purchased by the rogue officers, according to Mossad intel. Duckie is having bad thoughts about working with Mossad. The next day, Orli meet Gibbs and she worries what Ziva may have told him about her. She hands over a flash drive, with specifics on Mantel and the information he had on the faction. At NCIS, McGee, Vance and Gibbs go through the contents on the drive. They decide to check Mantel’s hotel room in Baltimore. Later, McGee tells Gibbs that Mossad crew cleaned up Mantel’s hotel room. McGee also says that the manager recognized one of the rogue officers, Tomir Gottleib.

Gibbs notices that they are being watched, but the green SUV drives off. Gibbs arrives to meet Orli for more information. He tells her that NCIS is being watched and tells her about the green SUV. Gibbs feels that Mossad is hanging NCIS out as targets. Gibbs warns her to stay away from his crime scenes. Vance meets Tom Morrow, Homeland Security Senior Division Chief, who is not too happy that NCIS is working with Mossad. He doesn’t like the fact that there are other agencies looking for Bodnar. He also knows that Ziva and Tony are in Berlin. In Berlin, Ziva gets a call from her contact, Adam Eshel. She tells Tony that Adam has information. Later, they meet Adam, and go through the pictures he emailed Ziva, of a hired courier known as ‘K’.

Adam tells Ziva that K used Bodnar’s identification to empty the safety deposit boxes and he has also heard chatter that there’s a hand-off happening tonight. At that moment, Ziva receives a video call from an unknown number. Tony and Adam get up and leave. Ziva takes the call, it is Bodnar. She tells Tony to get McGee to trace the call. Bodnar tells Ziva that she doesn’t know the whole story about her father’s death. He tells her that “nothing is as it seems”. He wants her to forgive him and walk away. He disconnects the call. McGee traces the signal to a subway station, which is very close to their current location. They rush to the subway station. McGee sees the signal on a train, but he loses it.

Later, Ziva and Tony talk to Gibbs and McGee in MTAC. They show them K’s picture. McGee runs a facial recognition and IDs him as Edward Kraus, a drug trafficker, who works at a night club called Gasthaus. McGee thinks that the club could be the hand-off location. Ziva tells Gibbs not to trust Orli, unless she earns it. In the lab, Abby tells Gibbs that the earwig that Duckie pulled out of Mantel’s ear, works on an old technology which Mossad no longer uses. She also tells Gibbs that Mantel’s laptop was fed with useless files, just to send someone running around in circles. Gibbs goes to Lance’s office, where he learns that Vance is trying to get into Mossad’s database.

McGee manages to hack in, and Gibbs tells him to get everything on Mantel. They learn that Mossad has red flagged Mantel and labeled him as a rogue officer, which means that Orli lied. Later, Gibbs and Vance talk to Orli in the interrogation room. Vance confronts Orli about Mantel. He knows that there is no faction, and the only one who worked with Bodnar, was Mantel. He also knows that Mossad tracked down Mantel and killed him. He now wants to know as to why she had his men working on a case that didn’t exist. Orli gets up to leave, but Vance refuses to let her go. He tells her that he is not letting her go until she gives him some answers. In Berlin, Tony and Ziva are at the night club where Edwards works.

Ziva keeps an eye on him, but she ends up losing him. As the music turns slow, Tony pulls Ziva on to the dance floor, and tells her to act as if she is there with him. While dancing, Ziva continues to keep an eye on Edward. She sees him making the hand-off to someone, who she thinks is Bodnar. She walks up to them and quietly presses her gun to Bodnar’s back, and tells him to turn around. She is shocked to see that the man is not Ilan Bodnar, but his brother, Yaniv Bodnar. In the interrogation room, Gibbs tells Orli that Bodnar was arrested in Berlin. She asks for her phone, to confirm. Gibbs knows that Mossad thought that Bodnar was in the US. That is why she brought them a dummy case so that Mossad could get permission to be on the US soil.

She admits that is true. Gibbs tells her that it was Yaniv Bodnar who was arrested. He tells her to order her people to send over everything they have on Ilan Bodnar. On their flight back, Ziva asks Yaniv what Ilan did, to win him back. She knows that Yaniv is not Mossad, and also that Yaniv was supposed to hand over the diamonds to Ilan. She wants to know the location where he was supposed to meet Ilan. Yaniv doesn’t say anything. At NCIS, Orli turns over all the intel on Ilan to Vance and Tom. They see the pictures of Yaniv switching clothes with Ilan at the airport, and boarding the overseas plane. They let everyone believe that Ilan was in Berlin, so that Ilan would let his guard down.

Vance suggests that Homeland Security and NCIS look in the other direction. He also warns Orli that this one pass, is the last one Mossad gets from them. Next, Ziva and Tony have handed Yaniv to the Federal Marshalls. On their way back, Ziva tells Tony that Orli was the reason her parents split. She thinks Orli is after Ilan because she loved her father. She thinks that if not for Orli, she would have been a different person. Tony holds Ziva hands and tells her that he should catch Orli before she leaves, and thank her. At that moment, a green SUV slams into their vehicle. To be continued.