Revenge - Recap

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The episode begins with a green SUV slamming into Tony’s car. Tony passes out and Ziva is barely able to move. A man from the SUV gets out and walks towards their car. He then picks up the small pouch of diamonds that Ziva was carrying. Ziva looks at their attacker. Her vision is slightly blurred, but she manages to identify the guy. It is Ilan Bodnar. Ilan tells Ziva that he had warned her to stay away. A black sedan arrives and Ilan quickly gets into it and the car drives away. Ziva, with great difficulty, removes her gun and fires at the sedan.

At the hospital, the cop hands the ‘evidence’ box to Gibbs. Vance arrives and asks Gibbs if Ziva is positive that it was Ilan who took the diamonds. Gibbs says yes. They go to meet Tony and Ziva. They are both put on desk duty till the time the doctor signs off. Gibbs also tells Ziva that her gun is being held because it was fired. He says that it is a part of the investigation. McGee arrives and tells Gibbs that the SUV that rammed into Tony’s car was registered to an Imam, who reported it stolen last week. Since Ziva managed to get a partial plate and a good description of the getaway car, they were able to track down the address.

Gibbs, McGee and a team go to the address and open fire at the house. They then break into the house and find a dead body on the floor, but it is not Ilan. McGee thinks that it could be the getaway driver. Tony and Ziva sneak out of the hospital and arrive at NCIS only to find the office empty. At the house, Duckie and Jimmy examine the dead body. McGee finds the victim’s fake id under the name of Carl Miller. The address is also bogus. Duckie tells them that the man doesn’t have any fingerprints. Gibbs finds a note in the dead man’s pocket which says “See Reiseger 19”. They also find some diamonds in a pills bottle, his payment for helping Ilan. Ziva and Tony meet Abby and ask her about Gibbs and McGee. Abby tells her that she is sworn to secrecy.

She then shows them the green SUV that rammed into their car, and Abby is sure that the accident was premeditated. At the house, Gibbs talks to the land lady and learns that Miller had a motorcycle. McGee goes to the garage to look for it. Tony and Ziva arrive at the scene. McGee tells Gibbs that the motorcycle is nowhere to be found, but he did find a picture. Gibbs thinks that Ilan got away on it. Gibbs asks Ziva if the word “Reiseger” means anything to her. She says no. At NCIS, Tom Morrow is not happy that Gibbs conducted the raid on the house. Vance tries to defend Gibbs, but Tom tells him that it is up to Homeland Security and FBI to find Ilan. He tells Vance that NCIS has to keep a distance from this case. Abby tells the team that the diamonds retrieved from Miller’s pocket are worth 75k. Ziva talks to her contact Adam, to find out about Reiseger, but he says that there is no one with that name.

McGee also gets nothing from the FBI and the Interpol. Tony’s insurance company is giving him a tough time. Tony is upset that he does not have his car with him. In the morgue, Duckie tells Gibbs that he hasn’t been able to identify the dead body. He says that Miller had gone great lengths to conceal his real identity. Almost everything on his face and body has been altered. In the garage, Abby and McGee tell Gibbs that they found evidence that Ilan was living with Miller for around two months. They also found a bottle with Amir Mantel’s, the dead Mossad agent, fingerprints. This proves that Mantel and Ilan were working together. The next day, McGee gets a call from the Metro Police, informing him that the motorcycle was found at the Union Station. They figure out that Ilan is on the move.

In the morgue, Duckie and Palmer have a lead. They find out the name of the plastic surgeon, who restructured Miller’s jaw, Madison Fielding. Tony and McGee go to talk to Fielding and ask him for Miller’s pictures before the surgery. The duo is shocked to see the way the plastic surgeon changed Miller’s looks. At NCIS, Ilan video calls Ziva. He tells her that her father was going to sell their country and Mossad, to Iran. He also says that he did not kill her father’s Iranian friend, Kazmi. He tells Ziva that she will never hear from him again. Ziva tells him that she will find him. In the garage, Abby gets a hit on Miller’s pre-op photo, Clive Goddard, a mercenary involved in blood diamond smuggling. McGee tells the team that he analyzed Ilan’s video chat with Ziva and he figured out that Ilan is in New York.

Vance tells Ziva that they need to let Homeland Security into this investigation. Ziva agrees. In MTAC, Gibbs and Vance talk to Tom Morrow and tell him that Ilan is in New York. Tom is not happy that NCIS is still pursuing this case. Gibbs tells him that Ilan called Ziva and that is how they figured out. Tom tells them that Homeland Security will take it up from here. Vance is not too happy that NCIS did not get to catch Ilan because Ilan killed Jackie. At NCIS, Ziva tells Gibbs that Clive and Amir Mantel were working for a mercenary group involved with smuggling blood diamonds. Mossad was tracking blood diamonds that were used to fund terrorist activities. That is how the three of them met. Later, McGee tells Gibbs that he screwed up. He says that Ilan played them and he fell right into Ilan’s trap. He says that Ilan superimposed his image on the background. This means that Ilan is not in New York.

The next day, Gibbs tells Ziva and Tony that Vance is talking to Tom and explaining the current situation. Gibbs tells Tony to stop Duckie from releasing Clive’s body to the South African government. Tony goes down to the morgue and tells Duckie that they should hold on to the body. Tony learns that Duckie speaks Afrikaans, and asks him if the word Reiseger means something to him. Jimmy uses the translator app on his phone and finds out that the word means traveler/voyager. He then checks the word ’see’ and learns that it means ‘sea’ in English. So, the message found in Clive’s pocket means “Sea Voyager 19’. McGee does a search and finds out that there is a freighter named the Ocean Voyager at the Port of Baltimore, which is scheduled to leave for Cape Town tonight. He also says that it is docked in Pier 19. Tony and McGee go to inform Gibbs. Ziva leaves to find Ilan.

She arrives at Pier 19 and sets fire to some cargo, to create some distraction. She sneaks into the freighter and finds Ilan. A fight ensues and Ziva throws Ilan off the deck. He is dead. Gibbs, Tony and McGee are at a loss of words. They stare at her in amazement. Case Closed. Next, Gibbs brings Ziva to Vance’s office. He asks her if she’s alright. He then asks her if it is over. She replies, “It is over”. The episode ends.