Gut Check - Recap

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Sarah Porter gives a speech to four men about the future of the navy. Alarms go off and Tim says that network security detected an unauthorized electronic transmission. Sarah asks if someone is hacking in from the outside but Tim says that the attack is internal. Leon Vance says that the threat is from within the room.

Tony tries to talk with Norma Hench but she isn't listening. Gibbs walks in and tells Tony about the breach. They head upstairs to find the source of the bug in the debriefing room. They don't find anything on the corporate partners but Sarah beeps when Tony scans her. A pen in her pocket is what set the alarm off. Inside the pen is a flash drive attached to a microphone. Gibbs tells her that it's a bug and she's the breach.

Sarah tells Gibbs that she doesn't know where she got the pen and didn't know it was recording her. She talked about deployment plans yesterday and worries about the safety of sailors.

Tony finds that the bug has been recording for over 30 hours. They get in contact with the NSA and there is a paper from two years ago that exactly predicts what happened to Sarah.

Gibbs leaves with Tony to talk with the author of the paper. They meet Chad Flynderling but find that he's not the one who wrote the report. Flynn takes them to NSA analyst Ellie Bishop. Tony tells her that her paper came true and Gibbs asks if she has any idea about who may have used the plan. She handed it in to her boss and it was distributed after that. Gibbs receives a text about another pen that was found and tells Bishop that she will be coming along with them to help.

Gibbs brings Bishop to the morgue to meet Ducky. He enters the morgue and tells Gibbs that the medical examiner found another pen when he searched the belongings of a dead man. He's on the phone with the FBI because the body arrived without the pen. Bishop thinks she may have something and heads out with Gibbs.

Tim and Tony walk in on Bishop with her work spread all over the floor. They question her about what the thief is doing with the information. She thinks the man will either release the information in the name of full disclosure, sell it to the enemy, or sell it back to NCIS. They believe it's extortion and wonder when they will hear from him. Gibbs enters to tell them that the thief emailed them and the clock has already started.

The email from the hacker states that they have one hour to deposit $10,000,000 into an offshore account or the intel will be leaked. Bishop thinks that the best way to find him is to put the money in the account and track it. She thinks the hacker wants money but Gibbs tells everyone to dig deeper. Vance enters and tells them that SecNav approved Bishop's plan.

Sarah Porter meets with Ward Davis and Marc Attencio, who are both angry about the leaks. She informs them that their best agents are working on it. Gibbs thinks they are off the clock but Sarah says they are just being helped by the NSA. She needs all the help she can get to prove that she is worthy of the SecNav position.

Bishop finds Abby talking to the pen in her lab. She assures Abby that the NSA doesn't bug everyone and says she's there to help. Bishop has found that the fake FBI agent is Rudolph Stalin. Abby is impressed by Bishop's drawing of the suspect and thinks it's almost as good as Kate's. She receives a call from Gibbs and tells Bishop that maybe they should talk about Kate.

The NCIS team is called in to investigate the murder of Flynn. After the money drop, he attempted to follow before calling in a task force. Ducky shows three gunshots to his chest and they find Bishop's report in his coat pocket. Bishop arrives and tells Gibbs that he was right.

Tim, Tony and Gibbs discuss the case and Rudolph's relation to it. The money has not been dropped and Bishop wonders why Flynn was shot. She believes that the money drop was a test to see if the information that was stolen was true. Bishop gets to work but Gibbs warns her not to stress too hard.

Abby calls Gibbs into her lab and shows him what she has found on the bug in the phone. She can't tell what was transmitted but she can tell when it was. It was transmitted when Sarah was out to dinner with her daughter. Abby pulls in an image of Rudolph in his car in the parking lot.

Sarah comforts Bishop on her loss. Bishop says it's tough not being able to tell her parents what she does. Tony tells her she can't go back to the NSA yet because they have found where Rudolph is.

Tony, Gibbs and Bishop arrive outside of the movie theater where Rudolph was last seen. Gibbs instructs her to stay with the car while they go inside. Bishop spots Rudolph just as Tony exits the theater and chases after him. She moves the car and Rudolph runs into it. They bring him in to interrogation when Bishop comes up with a plan. She wants to pretend to be Rudolph's lawyer. Her plan works and Rudolph tells them who killed Flynn, Edward Gracy. He also provides them with Edward's address. Tony, Tim, and Gibbs head to Edward's office but Bishop receives orders to head back to the NSA to debrief them.

Gibbs is the first to enter Edward's office but it looks empty. In one of the desks Tony finds a photo of Edward with two women. Tim finds the desk where Edward's makes his bugs and also raises awareness about heart disease. The bugged pens are being sent with charity letters. They are all sent from the same post office.

Back at the NSA, Bishop reads through her report. She smiles when she finds something on her computer. She arrives at the post office and receives a call from Gibbs. He tells her to get back in the car because Edward is inside. She didn't realize that but it's too late because Edward is leaving the office. He spots Bishop's NSA badge and pulls his gun. Gibbs tells Tony and Tim to converge on him. Edward runs at Bishop and but she subdues him on the ground. As Gibbs takes the gun from her, Bishop is happy that they were both right and caught him. Gibbs tells her that she's still missing the point. Edward has been arrested before for corporate espionage but Bishop doesn't think it makes sense that he jumped from corporations to SecNav and a crime that carries a life sentence. She thinks that he was trying to impress his boss. Bishop searches through files and finds that bugs have been sent to every company except Ward Davis'.

Gibbs meets with Ward and pretends to be upset about Sarah's job as SecNav. Ward admits that he was up for the appointment of secretary but he declined because he had no military experience. Gibbs shows Ward the bugged pen and Sarah walks out. She says that he put the entire country at risk because of what he has done. Gibbs leads Ward away and says it take more than a uniform to make a team.

Bishop apologizes for bothering Gibbs so late. She's sorry that she hasn't been a team player since she has worked alone for so long. Gibbs tells her she forgot something and points out a paper on a desk. It's her NCIS application from many years ago. He brought her along today because he wanted to see if she was still up for the challenge. He wants to keep her around for joint duty assignments.