Season 1

1 :01x01 - Identity

Newly located in a Los Angeles mission, the NCIS Office of Special Projects (OSP) welcomes Callen back to the team and races to solve a kidnapping case.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance |
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Clare Carey as Helen McGuire | Mathew St. Patrick as Bobby Nixon | Alex Fernandez as Luis Perez | Ariel Gade as Emma Perez | Daniel E. Mora as Emilio

2 :01x02 - The Only Easy Day

A case involving the murder of a drug dealer turns personal for Special Agent Sam Hanna when he discovers his former Navy Seal comrades are involved.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Rodney Rowland as LAPD Detective Douglas Grozen | Brian Gross as Navy Seal Morris Raspen | Seidy Lopez as Navy Seal Gail Ramirez | Whitney Anderson as Waitress | Kinga Philipps as Heather | Barry W. Levy as Sheriff | Matt Battaglia as Kurt Holgate | Kathleen Rose Perkins as Coroner Rose Schwartz | Albert Garcia (1) as LAPD Detective Mekowitz
Director: Terrence O'Hara

3 :01x03 - Predator

The team is assigned to track down a missing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) after it is compromised during a training exercise killing a marine before it disappears.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Gino Salvano as Hamzi Kahn | Nick McDow as Yousef Kaleem | Brian Kubach as Joel Hardy | Warren Kole as Air Force Captain Mark Holden Briggs | Andrew Borba as Arthur Janson |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony DeSantis as Man in a Suit | Patrick Robert Smith as Trucker | Brooke Kuchuris as Party Girl | Andrew Slamet as Tech Student
Director: Tony Wharmby

4 :01x04 - Search and Destroy

The NCIS team searches Los Angeles for the lead suspect of a murdered Iraqi businessman, a former Marine who had been hired by a private security firm to protect him

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance |
Guest Stars: Chris Tardio as Walton Flynn | Jeanette Brox as Cherise Dawson | Jonathan Adams (1) as Peter Caldwell | Rob Evors as Jim Rivers | Jay Malone as Adriano Carlson | Fay Wolf as Delores | Isaiah Mustafa as Brent Duffy | Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal
Director: Steve Boyum
Writer: Gil Grant

5 :01x05 - Killshot

When a United States citizen of North Korean descent is murdered, the secrets to classified software are thought to be lost until NCIS uncovers a suspect from Director Vance's past.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Pauley Perrette as Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto | Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance |
Guest Stars: Kelly Hu as Lee Wuan Kai | Kelvin Yu as Jimmy Su | Kathleen Munroe as Aimee Su | Michael Ornstein as Frank Davis | Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal
Director: David Barrett

6 :01x06 - Keepin' It Real

The NCIS team must find a motive when they discover the body of a marine who had been living a double life as a wealthy bachelor.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Monet Mazur as Secret Service Agent Natalie Giordano | Gregory Scott Cummins as Rick Pargo | Mark Rolston as Marine Sergeant Jerrold "Pallet" Mulhearn | Brandon Scott as Marine LCPL. Alex Walder | Rachael Carpani as Amy | Burnadean Jones as Denise | Nicolas Pajon as Eddie | Tyler Jacob Moore as Marine LCPL. Brandon Valdivia
Director: Leslie Libman
Writer: Matt Pyken

7 :01x07 - Pushback

Following the murder of a Russian woman, the NCIS team uncovers evidence that answers who and why Callen was shot six months ago.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance |
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Vyto Ruginis as Arkady Kolcheck | Charles Esten as John Cole/Ethan Stanhope | Gregory Sims as Max Tyrus | Andrew Rothenberg as Teddy Morgan | Andre M. Johnson as Tanner | Dylan Kenin as Jax | Liisa Evastina as Hannil Rostoff | Kyle Michael Dietz as Young Callen
Director: Paris Barclay

8 :01x08 - Ambush

While Hetty is attending a Senate hearing in D.C., the investigation of a murdered Marine Lance Corporal leads the NCIS team to stolen anti-tank missiles and a dangerous militia group.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance | Brian Avers as Special Agent Mike Renko |
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Michael Reilly Burke as Malcolm Tallridge | Brian Letscher as Marine CPL Scott Reilly | Owen Beckman as Jay | Steven M. Gagnon as Secaf | Jennifer Chang as Staffer | Cory Tucker as Capitol Policeman | Richard Brake as John Bordinay | Jeronimo Spinx as Thompson
Director: Rod Holcomb

9 :01x09 - Random on Purpose

Forensic scientist Abby Sciuto joins the Los Angeles NCIS team when a murder case resembles the pattern for a serial killer she has been tracking.
Special Guest Stars: Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance | Pauley Perrette as Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto |
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Kris Lemche as Tom Smith | Sean Wing as Ted Brock | Tanya Clarke as Magda McEllon | Dawn Stern as Gretchen Jenkins | Adrian LaTourelle as Navy Chief Petty Officer Frank McEllon | Kinga Philipps as Steampunk Barback | Taja V. Simpson as Female Receptionist | Matt Lasky as Steampunk Bartender
Director: Steven DePaul
Writer: Speed Weed

10 :01x10 - Brimstone

As the courtyard is being transformed with holiday decorations, the NCIS team races to solve the murder of a Marine by an exploding cell phone and to find the remaining men of his former EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) unit before another deadly explosion kills someone else.
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Rich McDonald as Stanton Olin | John Siciliano as Hastings King | Assaf Cohen as Tariq Barad Al-jabiri | Caitlin Keats as Kim Johnson | Patrick Pankhurst as Mister Ross | Ray Stoney as Paul | Nikki Hahn as Elly Johnson
Director: Terrence O'Hara

11 :01x11 - Breach

The death of a Petty Officer leads the NCIS team to a teenager in Sam's life.

Meanwhile, Hetty is concerned about the effect that the workload is having on the team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kathleen Rose Perkins as Coroner Rose Schwartz | Henri Lubatti as Safar Jaddalah | J.R. Bourne as Dallas | Ronald Auguste as Mowahd Moe' Dusa | Josh Kelly as Navy Petty Officer Mostel Renney | Jana Kolesárová as Jana Kolesarova | Bambadjan Bamba as Deng Oyat | Tony Tambi as Yassan | Jason Hastings as Navy Petty Officer Derrick Dolenz
Director: Perry Lang

12 :01x12 - Past Lives

The murder of a recently released convict forces Callen to go undercover solo as an old alias, while Sam and the LA team track him from a distance.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Barrett Foa as Tech Operator Eric Beal | Jeffrey Pierce as Navy Commander Neil Corby | Audrey Marie Anderson as Kristin Donnelly | Kenny Johnson as Tommy Boyd | David Monahan as Jon Donnelly | Michael Irby as Montrell Perez | Aaron Norvell as Guard | Charlie O'Donnell as Michael Donnelly | Robert Alonzo as Joey Gale
Director: Elodie Keene

13 :01x13 - Missing

The team rushes to a crime scene after receiving an "agent needs assistance" page and learns that one of their own is in peril.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Onahoua Rodriguez as Claudia Taro | Maurice Compte as Rafael Taro | Parry Shen as Ty | Gonzalo Menendez as Jose Caro | Matthew Grant Godbey as LAPD Detective
Director: David Barrett

14 :01x14 - LD50

A crime scene poses a national security risk when the LA team discovers the location was used to create a deadly toxin which is now missing.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Julianna McCarthy as Esther Balmore | Andrew Connolly as Jacobus Troyger | J.R. Bourne as Dallas | Dameon Clarke as Gage Jenson | Burt Bulos as Simon Amputuan | Bru Muller as Blond Man | Vachik Mangassarian as Sadiki Hassan
Director: Jonathan Frakes

15 :01x15 - The Bank Job

While opening a safety deposit box at a local bank, NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye is shot after three armed assailants enter and hold everyone in the building hostage.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Brian Avers as Special Agent Mike Renko | Devon Sawa as LAPD Detective Matt Bernhart | Brian Goodman as Damien Salerno | Mac Brandt as Mick Benelli | Scott Alan Smith as Scott Alan Smith | Ian Harding as Curtis Lacross
Director: Terrence O'Hara

16 :01x16 - Chinatown

The death of a lieutenant commander appears to be suicide but the NCIS team uncovers evidence corresponding to murder.

Also, Operational Psychologist Nate Getz joins Special Agent Kensi Blye in the field.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tzi Ma as Jun Lee | Elizabeth Sung as Ming Lee | Angela Oh as Jane Lee/Lipsger | James Harvey Ward as Nave Lieutenant Commander Vic Stearnard | Elaine Kao as Xue-Li | Fernando Chien as Bobby Tang | Rachel Sterling as Hot Girl | Lindsay Taylor as Bride | Katerina Mikailenko as Video Girl
Director: Alan J. Levi

17 :01x17 - Full Throttle

After a sailor is killed during an underground street race, the NCIS team determines that his car had been sabotaged and contained confidential Navy equipment.

Meanwhile, Callen is forced to take traffic school.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dichen Lachman as Allison Pritchett/Allysia | Scout Taylor-Compton as Angela Rush | Jake McLaughlin as Keith Rush | David Andriole as Navy Commander Garrison Timmons | Walter Perez as Omar Alvares | Lew Temple as Mr. Loobertz | Helena Mattsson as Johanna
Director: David Barrett

18 :01x18 - Blood Brothers

The investigation of a drive-by shooting has the NCIS team searching Los Angeles for the dead marine's younger brother who may be the next target and the one with the answers.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sticky Fingaz as Rashad "Slide" Hollander | John Lafayette as Mr. Dobbs | Paul James (1) as James "Junior" Dobbs | V.J. Foster as Ronnie Miller | George Sharperson as Tiny | Noel Arthur as JJ | Aaron Toney as Puppet
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writer: Tim Clemente

19 :01x19 - Hand-to-Hand

When an undercover operation has the NCIS team investigating a MMA gym and its fighters, Sam Hanna is tasked with donning gloves and entering the cage for a one-on-one fight.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Eric Christian Olsen as LAPD Detective Marty Deeks | Matt Gerald as Victor Janklow | Graham Hamilton as Scott Davis | Dayo Ade as Nelson Shabazz | Sean Carrigan as Craig Mangold | Jonathan Kowalsky as Dale Johnson | Henry Barrial as Barry | Winston Story as Eddie Fisk | Marvin Jordan as LA County Deputy Sheriff | Dominic Rambaran as Cop | Jack McCarthy (1) as Ref | Frank Shamrock as Himself | Josh Thomson as Himself | Cung Le as Himself | Dan Henderson (1) as Himself | Gilbert Melendez as Himself
Director: Paris Barclay
Writer: Matt Pyken

20 :01x20 - Fame

NCIS investigates the murder of a Navy officer entangled in the world of Hollywood glitz and glamour as the team is joined at Hetty's request by LAPD liaison Marty Deeks.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Louis Leonardo as Chaz | Nicholas Jandl as Jerry Tyre | Eric Christian Olsen as LAPD Detective Marty Deeks | Bernard White as Ben Darva | Faran Tahir as Hassad Al-Jahiri | Cherilyn Wilson as Aubrey Darva | Mandell Butler as Ron Ostrawski | Edward Finlay as Slick Guy | Tiffany Brouwer as Drunk Hottie | Justice Smith as Bouncer | Jeremy Shranko as Brian Roth
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Speed Weed

21 :01x21 - Found

The NCIS team races to save one of their own when they receive video evidence of Special Agent Dominic Vail being held hostage months after he was kidnapped.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Mo Darwiche as Jihadist | Adam Jamal Craig as Special Agent Dominic Vail | Ronald Auguste as Mowahd Moe' Dusa | Daniel Hugh Kelly as man | Carlo Rota as Kalil Abramson | Ben Youcef as Yari | Abdoulaye N'Gom as Iza | Indira G. Wilson as Woman in Bed | Tom Winter as Agent Nassir | Aliah Whitmore as Ameenah Shah
Songs: Peter Gabriel -- I Grieve (Miss)

22 :01x22 - Hunted

The NCIS team is on the hunt for a terrorist who escaped Army custody during a secretive transfer in Los Angeles.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance |
Guest Stars: Ronald Auguste as Mowahd Moe' Dusa | Yancey Arias as Army CID Special Agent Rick Medina | April Parker-Jones as Susan Brosnan | Mark Saul as Ethan | Brian Norris as Randy | Taso Papadakis as Guard | Zadran Wali as Solider | Everton Lawrence as Ala A Din Keshwar | Nondumiso Tembe as Linda Pierce
Director: Steven DePaul

23 :01x23 - Burned

After Callen's cover is blown and compromises the unit, the NCIS team races to find out who is behind the security breach.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Brian Avers as Special Agent Mike Renko | Peter Wingfield as Eugene Keelson | Steve Bacic as Ruman Marinov | Gregory Alan Williams as Vendor (Phil) | Benjamin Byron Davis as Waiter | Isa Jonay as Security Man | Miranda Russo as Store Clerk | Rachael Kahne as Young Woman
Director: Steve Boyum

24 :01x24 - Callen, G

Callen races against a ruthless adversary to locate a woman who knows the whereabouts of a forgotten fortune earmarked to fund a new war in the Middle East - and also holds the tantalizing key to his unknown past.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: David Dayan Fisher as Trent Kort | Jacqueline McKenzie as Amy Taylor | Eli Danker as Karim Akbari | Nancy Linehan Charles as Jessica Haymes | Lily O'Donnell as Lily O'Donnell
Director: Tony Wharmby
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2009
Episode Order: 24
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