Season 3

49 :03x01 - Lange, H.

As the team travels to Romania to search for Hetty, Callen discovers new information about his past.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Rocky Carroll as Director Leon Vance |
Guest Stars: Claire Forlani as Lauren Hunter | Cristine Rose as Alexa Comescu | Craig Young as Dracul Comescu | Zoran Korach as Romanian Guard
Director: Tony Wharmby

50 :03x02 - Cyber Threat

The NCIS team joins forces with the NSA to find the creator and controller of a software program linked to a cyber attack against the Department of Defense. Meanwhile, Callen continues searching for more information about his past.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Claire Forlani as Lauren Hunter | Heidi Marnhout as Heather Marcum | Nathan Gamble as Shawn Calder | Anne Son as Patricia Michaels | Bridget Regan as Elizabeth Smith | Jordan Belfi as Dennis Calder | Bradley James as Nicholas Delamico | Stephan Smith Collins as Salesperson | Elizabeth Bond as Receptionist | Amy Rasimas as Assistant
Director: Dennis Smith

51 :03x03 - Backstopped

Special Agent Sam Hanna is sent undercover as a bomb specialist as the team races to locate stolen explosives somewhere in the city. Meanwhile, to much protest, Hunter changes the dynamics of the team and has Callen partnered with Kensi and Sam with Deeks.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Claire Forlani as Lauren Hunter | Andrew Elvis Miller as Calvin Winslow | Ethan Wilde as Charles Redman | Rico McClinton as Bodyguard | Leyna Nguyen as Herself
Director: Terrence O'Hara

52 :03x04 - Deadline

The murder of a news reporter leads the agents to a Libyan resistance movement; and Hetty reveals to Callen some details about his past.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Piter Marek as Farag Hijazi | Tyler Francavilla as Steve Downey | Tony Amendola as Adama Hijazi | Sheetal Sheth as Shari Al-Kousa | Jeannette Sousa as Adriana Gomez | Jay Harik as Manager | Jeff Denton as Navy Commander Gavin Madison | Sam Golzari as Clerk
Director: Kate Woods
Writer: Gil Grant

53 :03x05 - Sacrifice

The LAPD calls upon the NCIS team when a raid links a Mexican drug cartel to a wanted terrorist. Meanwhile, Sam's most prized possession is stolen.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: America Olivo as Eva Espinoza | Brant Cotton as LAPD Captain John Duncan | Doug Rao as Banks (FBI Guy #1) | Danny Nucci as Figg (FBI Guy #2) | Gino Montesinos as Carlos Molina | Farshad Farahat as Jamel Ahmed Shallah | Carlos Arellano as Diego Molina | Cheryl Texiera as Motel Manager | Brian Michael Jones as Clerk | Jennifer Barbosa as Attendant

54 :03x06 - Lone Wolf

A former Navy intelligence officer is murdered, and the agents discover his double life and a possible threat to national security.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Scott Paulin as Larry Basser | Craig McLachlan as Clifford Bosworth | Robin Thomas as Dennis White | Meredith Scott Lynn as Abigail Johns | Charles Parnell as Navy Commander David Forbes | Ursula Taherian as Melissa Peters | Cade Owens as Mark Basser | Javier Calderon as Greg Reyes | Stephan Madar as Casey Freed | Kiralee Hayashi as Stephanie Walters | Jake Vaughn as Ed Basser | Jodie Fisher as Emma White | Frederick Stoverink as Tattooed Man

55 :03x07 - Honor

The NCIS team must determine whether a dishonorably discharged Marine is the target of an international set-up or if he committed murder.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Yuji Okumoto as Akio Tanaka | Drew Fuller as Connor Maslin | Ron Yuan as Yosh | Jerry Kernion as Boss | Yuu Asakura as Maeko Tanaka
Director: Tony Wharmby

56 :03x08 - Greed

When a Navy ID is found on a dead body tied to a hazardous material smuggling case, NCIS is granted permission to investigate in Mexico and asked to help locate the missing materials.

Source: CBS
Director: Jan Eliasberg

57 :03x09 - Betrayal

After Sam’s undercover mission in Sudan turns deadly, Callen and the NCIS team must track down their missing agent before it is too late.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Emeka Amene as Bodyguard #1 | Lamont Hendrix as Bodyguard #3 | Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha as Malitia | Sexton Newby as Sudan Police Officer | Wiley B. Oscar as Kadeen | Kelly Smith (2) as Colin's Assistant | Tongayi Chirisa as Interrogator | Herbie Jackson as Boy | Anslem Richardson as Tahir Khaled | Jack Stehlin as Colin Rand | Ella Thomas as Jada Khaled | Douglas Weston as Alex Elmslie | Garland Whitt as Sudanese Soldier | Indira G. Wilson as Sam's Wife | Robert Powell (2) as Bodyguard #3
Director: Karen Gaviola

58 :03x10 - The Debt

A botched assignment forces Hetty to fire Deeks and send him back to the LAPD. Meanwhile, an awkward goodbye between Kensi and Deeks leaves her with unexpected emotions for her old partner.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jessica Allen as Foot Soldier | Devan Long as Henchman | Meagan Holder as Sporty Girl | John Hillard as Aryan Leader | Mary Page Keller as Angela Tully | Jamie Elle Mann as Monica Lee | Cyrus Farmer as Clarence Fisk | Patrick St. Esprit as LAPD Lieutenant Roger Bates | Michael Weston as LAPD Detective John Quinn
Director: Steven DePaul

59 :03x11 - Higher Power

The NCIS team must locate a classified device with the power to destroy Los Angeles that was stolen from a college research facility. Meanwhile, Sam tries to track down a highly sought-after Christmas present for his daughter, and Eric meets Nell's parents.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Troy Evans as Clarence | Leland Orser as Professor Gareth Carlyle | Nicholas Sagar as Joseph | Sonalii Castillo as Maria | Joshua Sawtell as Hamada Al-Aziz | Barbara Keegan as Mrs. Jones | Rachel Grate as Sara Carlyle | Arlen Escarpeta as Chester Wilkins | Jackson Davis as Seed Marshall | Ramon De Ocampo as Bevan Tao | Ian Nelson as Patrick Quade
Director: Kevin Bray
Writer: Joe Sachs

60 :03x12 - The Watchers

When a researcher with the Department of Defense is found dead, Nell must put her high IQ to the test when she goes undercover as his replacement. Meanwhile, Hetty's ability to lead the team is questioned by the new NCIS Assistant Director, Owen Granger.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Miguel Ferrer as NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger | Erik Palladino as Roger McAdams | Katie Sigismund as Mia Bolton | Sean McGowan as JT | Peter Jae as Joe | E.J. Garcia as Juan Garcia | Yaniv Rokah as Ari Peretz | Michael St. Clair as Faton Hoxha
Director: Tony Wharmby

61 :03x13 - Exit Strategy

When a vehicle transporting Jada Khaled is ambushed, NCIS must track down the culprit to save her and their case. Meanwhile, Sam is forced to confront Jada for the first time since returning from Sudan.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Douglas Weston as Alex Elmslie | Ella Thomas as Jada Khaled | Anslem Richardson as Tahir Khaled | Lothaire Bluteau as Adrien Montalban | Sterling Macer, Jr. as Absalom Bakri | Michelle Van Der Water as Maribel | Bruno Oliver as George | Tom Winter as NCIS Agent Nassir | Jeronimo Spinx as NCIS Agent Thompson | Elise Robertson as Elmslie's Wife | Nicolette Collier as Elmslie's Daughter
Director: Dennis Smith

62 :03x14 - Partners

After a diplomatic service van transporting an unknown package from the State Department is hijacked, the NCIS team must determine who committed the crime and what has gone missing. Meanwhile, Callen and Sam celebrate five years as partners, but face one of their biggest challenges when they go undercover for a case.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Miguel Ferrer as NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger | Currie Graham as Roger Clark | Alana De La Garza as Diane Dunross | Basil Wallace as Ed Gornt | Gabriel Salvador as Luis Marquez | Patrick Y. Malone as LAPD Detective | Daniel Vasquez as Cartel Man 1
Director: Eric Laneuville

63 :03x15 - Crimeleon

The NCIS team hunts an international killer who is able to transform himself like a chameleon to avoid capture, from country to country.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christopher Lambert as The Crimeleon | Miguel Ferrer as NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger | Peter Stormare as Interpol Agent

64 :03x16 - Blye, K. (1)

The NCIS: LA team searches for new evidence to prove Kensi Blye's innocence after she is taken into custody as the lead suspect in a murder investigation involving her deceased father's sniper unit.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Gregg Henry as Alex Harris | Mark D. Clookie as NCIS Agent Mark Clookie | Spencer Garrett as Peter Clairmont | Miguel Ferrer as NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger | Billy Smith (2) as NCIS Agent Carter | Samantha Smith as NCIS Agent Bell |
Co-Guest Stars: Matthew Grant Godbey as LAPD OIC Dan Evans
Director: Jonathan Frakes

65 :03x17 - Blye, K. (2)

Conclusion. The team try to clear Kensi Blye of murder charges, but their task is made more difficult when a private meeting between Blye and a CIA agent turns deadly.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Spencer Garrett as Peter Clairmont | Laura Harring as Julia Feldman | Jes Macallan as Megan Stevens | Miguel Ferrer as NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger

66 :03x18 - The Dragon and the Fairy

The NCIS: LA team investigates a shooting outside the Vietnamese Consulate just prior to an international conference at the venue that the Secretary of the Navy is scheduled to attend.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dan Lauria as James Cleary | Lydia Look as Mai Nguyen | Sumalee Montano as Yen Tran | François Chao as Binh Tran | Christopher Khai as Tuan Nguyen | Vyvy Nguyen as Qui | James Chen as Cadeo Hoang | Sam Medina as Phuoc | Kenji Nakamura as Anh | Brea Cola as Niki | Lee Chen as NGA | Andy T. Tran as Security Guard
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Joe Sachs

67 :03x19 - Vengeance

When the body of a Navy Intel Officer is found, evidence points to a team of Navy SEALs who are about to depart on a hostage rescue mission, leaving former Navy SEAL Sam Hanna to interrogate the group and possibly compromise the mission.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Chris Butler as Navy Lieutenant Commander Dean Westerman | Gino Anthony Pesi as Navy Chief Petty Officer Green | Dustin Seavey as Navy Petty Officer Third Class Doug Foster | Brian Patrick Wade as Navy Petty Officer First Class David Hodgkins | Kate Lacey as Medical Examiner Amy Shuler | Blake Griffin as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Booker | Eltony Williams as Marine EOD Sergeant Revis | Tabitha Morella as Heather Linden | Ka'Ramuu Kush as Navy Petty Officer Second Class Rafael Torres | Verda Bridges as Motel Manager | Coley Mustafa Speaks as Marine EOD Corporal Shaw
Songs: Black Veil Brides -- God Bless You

68 :03x20 - Patriot Acts

When a former Marine is suspected of creating a chemical bomb, the NCIS: LA team joins the FBI's domestic terrorist task force including Operational Psychologist Nate Getz.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Peter Cambor as Operational Psychologist Nate Getz |
Guest Stars: David Furr as FBI Agent Jonas Ambrose | Zach Lewis as FBI Agent Marcus Hinty | Richard W. Blake as Gavin Knowles | Brea Grant as Mia Jameson | Eric Jungman as Adam Malnick | Craig Gellis as Harold | Michael Hyatt as FBI Assistant Director | Pierrino Mascarino as Shop Owner | Christel Khalil as Young Woman | Anna Wood as House Sitter | Sharon Tay as ZNN Reporter
Director: Dennis Smith

69 :03x21 - Touch of Death

Callen and Hanna continue their pursuit of a suspect threatening to spread a deadly virus with help from Danny Williams and Chin Ho Kelly.
Special Guest Stars: Daniel Dae Kim as Hawaii Five-0 Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly | Scott Caan as Hawaii Five-0 Detective Sergeant Danny Williams |
Guest Stars: Robert Patrick Benedict as Jarrod Prodeman | Cynthia Addai Robinson as Female Flight Attendant | Laura Regan as Carol Walker | Helen Eigenberg as Doctor Rachel Holden | Celia Finkelstein as Nurse | Randy Havens as Gate Attendant | Murray Gershenz as Murray Edelstein | Blake Neitzel as Teen | Rachel Rubenstein as Flight Attendant #2
Director: Tony Wharmby

70 :03x22 - Neighborhood Watch

NCIS believes they have found a Russian sleeper cell in the middle of the suburbs, so they get Kensi and Deeks to go undercover as a married couple.
Guest Stars: Vyto Ruginis as Arkady Kolcheck | Scott Elrod as Brett Turner | Brianne Davis as Polina Grafetta | Alaina Huffman as Serena Miller | J.P. Manoux as Bob Wright | D.C. Douglas as Rob Nelson | George Gerdes as Floyd Hobbs | Mandy June Turpin as Jane Felton | Gabriel Suttle as Cody Felton | Stone Eisenmann as Jake Felton | George Tasudis as Mikhail Kroyov
Director: Robert Florio
Songs: Jakob Dylan -- In the Arms of a Ghost

71 :03x23 - Sans Voir, Part I

Callen and the NCIS: LA team confront their vengeful adversary, the Chameleon, when an undercover case ignites a deadly mind game orchestrated by the criminal mastermind.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christopher Lambert as Marcel Janvier | Lauren Sweetser as Mara White | Sarayu Rao as Dr. Susan DePaul | Brent Briscoe as Motel Manager | Scott MacDonald as Rich Mayfield | William Gregory Lee as Blake Mayfield | Dustin Ingram as Jeff Foster | Scott MacArthur as Neil Barlow | Patrick Quinlan as Conrad Weaver | Jack Kennedy as Earl Mayfield | Eyal Podell as The Passenger | Cooper Thornton as Kelvin Atley | Lovensky Jean-Baptise as LAPD Cop #1 | Kim Swenen as LAPD Cop #2 | Yan Feldman as The Driver | Alon Aboutboul as Naseem Vaziri | Miguel Ferrer as NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger | Brian Avers as Special Agent Mike Renko |
Uncredited: Claire Forlani as Lauren Hunter
Writer: Gil Grant

72 :03x24 - Sans Voir, Part II

The third season concludes with the team being drawn into a deadly mind game with a master criminal motivated by revenge.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christopher Lambert as Marcel Janvier | Eyal Podell as The Passenger | Cooper Thornton as Kelvin Atley | Lovensky Jean-Baptise as LAPD Cop #1 | Miguel Ferrer as NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger | Yan Feldman as The Driver | Alon Aboutboul as Naseem Vaziri | Kim Swenen as LAPD Cop #2 |
Uncredited: Claire Forlani as Lauren Hunter
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2009
Episode Order: 24
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