Archangel - Recap

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man boarded a tour bus in Hollywood, and looking about, pulled out a gun and demanded, in a loud voice, saying, "Which of you is Matt Driscoll?" When no one volunteered that information, he continued, saying that he would kill all of them. Sam happened to be on that bus and the gunman raised his weapon and aimed it straight at the agent.

Earlier that day, a phone call came for Hetty while she and agent Callen were climbing the FBI headquarters' built in rock wall. Shimmying down the rope, Hetty took the call. It was from "Archangel", a special agent from the Pentagon. Archangel mentioned something about classified documents concerning war in Afghanistan. Archangel, known to Hetty only, was giving Hetty some grief when she piped up and said that she knew all about his girlfriend,Heather Teasdale, him being married, that Hetty might just let that slip to his boss. He quit verbally harassing Hetty and when she asked for further details, he told her that a man named Ray Crossen from Santa Monica had a website about such classified documents and a blog about electroncis, but it seemed he had not been seen or heard from in several days and the agents were asked to check it out. Sam and Callen traveled to Santa Monica, gaining access to Crossen's apartment and finding him dead in his bathtub. Checking Crossen's laptop, there seemed to be a missing file and no encryption key to open it. The file was finally retrieved by Sam and he asked Eric, the resident expert in electronics to try to open the file. Eric set to work on the file immediately. He was able to filter and find some of Crossen's loyal followers on his website. Sam sent false messages from Crossen via his website to meet with whomever had sent Crossen the file in order to get the key to open the file. A meeting time and place, a street side cafe in downtown Los Angeles, was set with this person and agents would be posted around the place to observe and possibly apprehend the person.

Agents Deeks and Kenzie sat nearby in a car, chatting and keeping their eyes open. A woman who called herself Jenny approached Sam as he sat at a table at the cafe and asked him if he was Crossen to which he replied he was. Jenny looked nervously about and saw a tall man who identified himself as FBI, coming close to the table where she sat. Sam told him that he had better be FBI or he would kick him in the FBI balls to which the man just smiled slowly and showed his card. Sam, feeling boxed in and not sure who might be lurking nearby, hustled Jenny away from the cafe and retired to a nearby rooftop where he questioned her further. She told Sam that she was sure that Crossen had been compiling data about the American soldiers who died fighting in Afghanistan, a sort of online tribute for them but was not sure what the rest of the file might contain. Crossen had felt that not enough was being done to help and honor the fallen heroes and their families. A top level security key was needed to access the file and she did not have it. Jenny had been helping Crossen gather the information he needed and wanted for his website.

Jenny called Matt Driscoll, the CPO in Soda Lake. She told him that some agents from the FBI wanted to meet with him and ask him questions about Crossen. He agreed to the meeting. Deeks and Kenzie showed up at Matt's house but were fired upon by four men. Firing back, they managed to kill two of the men. They determined that the men were mercenaries, paid soldiers of fortune. Two of the men escaped by vehicle and left the scene. Sam had Jenny call Driscoll again but she only got his voice mail. She left a message for him and then Sam arrested her, took her back to headquarters. Sam called for back up and had the two deceased soldiers removed, then went after Driscoll.

Where would Driscoll go? Sam decided to go to Jenny's house and sure enough, he was there. Driscoll said that he had not killed Crossen and gave Sam the encryption key to the file. Suddenly, seven mercenaries showed up at Jenny's house and Sam and Driscoll escaped amidst flying bullets and yelling men. Sam suddenly had an idea when Driscoll wondered aloud how the mercenaries knew where he was. The GPS system in Driscoll's phone and Naval watch, which the men had bugged, were what the soldiers were using to track him down and when Sam demanded both, Driscoll handed them over reluctantly only to see Sam stamp them both to bits. The soldiers turned up yet again and Sam told the leader that he was Driscoll whereupon the man fired directly into Sam's chest but Sam was not killed because of the Kevlar vest he was wearing. The vest had saved Sam's life but he was badly shaken. He was bruised and needed help to stand up, his chest ached and stung from the harsh and swift impact of the bullets. He was very glad to be alive.

The soldiers and Sam and Driscoll were on the tour bus and firing began again, Matt being killed in the cross fire. Wounded but not dead, Sam called on his cell phone to Eric for help and backup. The FBI closed in on the tour bus in squeals of tires, blocking the bus with their vehicles and brought the soldiers down, taking the men to headquarters in handcuffs. Jenny gave Eric the decryption key and when the file was opened, it turned out to be a tribute to the fallen American soldiers. Jenny told Sam and Callen that Crossen and Driscoll had had regrets for having served in Afghanistan in the US Army and wanted to make right some matters they had seen and done during their service there, hence the file.