Exit Strategy - Recap

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The scene opens with Federal agents taking Jada with them. Carefully, they proceed from one zone to another, and reach a car that will take Jada wherever necessary to testify against her brother Khalid for war crimes. After they reach a car with heavy caution, and are rolling out of the parking lot, an SUV tries to bulldoze them off the roof. However, one of the agents is quick to go full force in reverse gear and resist the force. Not before long, he is out with his gun, and starts shooting at the driver in the SUV. However, he cannot get the masked driver, who manages to skid away. Callen and Samuel arrive at HQ, and learn from Eric and Nell about the attempted assassination of the high profile witness. They watch a replay of the ambush as caught on a surveillance camera. When Samuel learns it is Khalid's sister Jada, he is visibly worried, and wants to know if she is okay. Eric confirms he is.

About Khalid, he was last reported to be in Sudan, but thereafter, the trail went cold. Moreover, if anyone can find information, it is Homsley. When Kensi, Callen, Marty and Samuel are on the way out, Hetty, aware about the plot between Jada and Samuel, tells him he could sit out on this one. But Samuel does not sit out on anything. When the team arrives at the parking lot, they learn how bad it exactly was. Samuel sides up to the broken railing in mental disquiet, and Callen tells him he will have speak to Jada at some point. Moreover, it seems someone leaked out information that Jada is in their custody. Callen points out they need to get Homsley. Later, when Kensi and Marty get to Jada, they know it's been a tough morning for her, but they are going to ask her a few questions. She does not have any idea who tried to kill her, and says they should know the answer to if she thinks Khalid tried to kill her. She has not spoken to him lately, but has a name of Khalid's contact in the US. Bakri.

Callen gets back to office and tells Eric to dig up what he can about the name. He spells it out for him, and Nell reports she cannot get through to Homsley. He is missing. Alerted, the team gets to Homsley's place. His cars are outside, the engines are cool, house doors open and there is no sign of a forced break in. Moreover, the place is empty. Callen immediately asks Eric at the lab to find out if Homsley is catching a flight. It turns out he isn't. They cannot even track Homsley, or his wife and daughter, because their cell phones are switched off and are lying in a bin at their place. Callen wants Eric to find out who Homsley has contacted over the phone in the last 48 hours. Apart from the Federal building phone numbers, he finds Darryl Marru. He is part of GCT and has been in close contact with American authorities. Nell reports she has found Khalid's man, Bakri, to be operating under multiple aliases, one of which is found to be operating from a leased warehouse in Koreatown. Callen tells Eric to try establishing contact with Marru, and sends Kensi and Marty to get a hit on Bakri. Eric is sending the address and photos.

Kensi and Marty reach the warehouse. As soon as they say 'Federal agents, don't move,' the entire staff under Bakri is running away. The agents give chase, and ground Bakri. When Samuel and Callen interrogate him, he accuses them of racial profiling - he is a businessman and does not know about any Khalid or murders. However, Samuel manages to intimidate him by waterboarding, and he ends up telling them he spoke to Khalid about three weeks ago. However, he does not know about Jada, or any attempted murder at the parking lot. Later, Nell reports she has a hit on the SUV that was used to try to kill Jada. The car is right now in downtown, and they get live pictures in which the car stops in front of a surveillance camera. Homsley steps out of the car, and he is talking to a bunch of men. Kensi reads his lips - 'welcome to Hollywood'. They deduce he is purposely parked the car in front of the camera because he wants them to know what's going on. Moments later, the agents canvas a building near the location. Homsley is standing with hands up, but in one of them, he is carrying a grenade. He explains that his family is in grave danger, and now since he is talking to them, they might be watching him.

They want him to kill Jada if he wants his family alive, and he cannot say anything more. He wants them to forgive him, drops the grenade and escapes through an improvised tunnel leading him directly to the road from one of the higher floors of the building. He gets in a different car, hooks off the tunnel and escapes. No one's hurt, because all he had was a smoke grenade. Back at the office, Nell reports she has been able to identify the people Homsley has been working to please. Two of them are previously assigned French intelligence officials, and the third one happens to a French citizen and the chief of a multinational corporation with branches in Los Angeles. His name is Montbain. They need to get to his office, but they need a warrant. Callen approaches Hetty, when she appears to be packing or going for hunting cleaning her gun. However, she is just doing some routine weapon cleaning. She will make a call about the warrant, but tells Callen that Samuel will sacrifice his life if required in order to save Jada or Homsley's family. So Callen needs to be exceptionally careful.

Marty, dressed as a firm owner, and Kensi, as his timorous secretary approaches the reception desk for Mr. Montbain. Nell has already reported they need to get to the server room on the second floor to access the company's database. When Marty claims he is 110 percent sure he is on time for the appointment with Montbain, the receptionist insists there must have been a mistake, because Montbain is not in office. He chides Kensi over the apparent mistake, and she pretends to break into tears. Not before long, the office security is dragging Marty out for creating a scene, but his secretary wants to use the toilet to freshen up. Kensi sneaks into the server room, and not before long she has her phone connected to the database section. Nell has the downloading process on at her end. Later, Eric establishes connection with Khalid's computer. He applauds the ingenuity of the Americans in being able to trace him. While he calls Samuel a liar, Samuel returns Khalid's a murderer. Moreover, he would never have his sister killed - he would rather do it with his own hands. Besides, everyone wants to be friends, and when the agents don't get what they want, they decide to throw him to the wolves. And he is not the one who kidnapped Jada. When Samuel argues they rescued her, Khalidis sure she feels differently. They have brought shame to his family, and he will to all of theirs.

Callen and Samuel discuss the game the French might be playing. They have had a long history in Khalid's area, and now they might be waiting for a foothold there. Not before long, after Kensi and Marty get back, it does not take them long to figure out that Homsley will be trying to get Jada once again. They pretend to be moving Jada, and Homsely follows in a car. He manages to skid up in front of the car, get off and open the back door, but Kensi is waiting with a gun pointed at him. After they get him into the office where they are holding Jada, he agrees to call Montbain and tell him about what they know of his deals with Khalid. Besides, the deal is they give him back his family, and he gives them Jada. He is not killing her like they wanted.

Homsley arrives at the texted address with Jada in the back seat. Montbain shows him his wife and kid tied to each other in the back of a truck, and closes the shutter. He has to hand Jada over, and one of his men will be waiting. After they move away to a safe distance, he can take his wife and kid back with him. Homsley's no fool and as the altercation builds up, the agents start a successful gun battle. They manage to take down the men, but Montbain is gone. When Callen gets back, Hetty reports Homeland Security has captured Montbain trying to board his private het to Morocco.