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Partners - Recap

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Callen and Hannah are in the middle of heist. One of the robbers is compelling Hannah to kill Callen. He smacks in a few punches, after which he is told to finish Callen off. He takes a mighty swing at him. That is when the story moves six hours into the past. The two partners are split over liking beer or champagne, and it doesn’t take long for Callen to show he is impressed at the crate of Belgian beer. However, Hannah has found himself a bottle of champagne, which is not 2002, but 2007 sounds like a good year. Before long, they are arguing about who made the first strike at the warehouse raid. Hannah insists he did, but Callen remembers the opposite. Hannah always takes first strike. Yes, he does, but in all the encounters after that incident. Hannah is still not conceding. That is when Callen gives up, but sarcastically. Kensi and Marty arrive and enjoy the fun. Kensi suggests may be they both went in together!

Hetty arrives with news that they have a new case in hand. A diplomatic security service van was attacked outside LAX about 20 minutes back. It obviously looks like a hijack, and they have reports the hijackers headed to a warehouse in the city. They have information on the carriers – two DSS (Diplomatic Security Service) agents – Diane Dunross and Roger Clark. They have worked at the organization for 10 years, which is information enough for Hannah to suspect something. Hetty warns them and asks for ultimate caution. They are dealing with the State Department in this case. Callen wants to know if the Assistant Director is involved in the case, and Hetty replies he has taken special interest.

When the agents arrive at the crime scene, they canvas the car. However, the carriers are not there. Eric reports from the computer lab that GPS tracker shows the agents have headed towards the federal building in Westwood. And about the car, the agents figure out that it was sprayed with bullets from the front. Although the DSS agents are required to stick to protocol – keeping to inside the bullet proof car during an attack, it appears as though one of them jumped out. That is because a passenger door seems to be hit with bullets as well. The hijackers attacked from the front. When Callen and Hannah arrive at the federal building, they start interrogating the agents, but it appears as though they are more interested in showing good hospitality by serving martini. Why don’t they just answer their questions. What was inside the crate?

They are diplomatic carriers, and therefore do not ask questions. They are in the dark about what they are carrying. They were just following orders. Who gave them orders? In comes Regional Supervising Agent Ed Gornte of DSS. He understands NCIS is investigating the matter, but he would like to debrief his agents first – he has a flight to catch for DC in an hour. Diane lets on she was the one to break protocol by stepping out of the car. She got carried away. Other details – hijackers were four men in ski masks, took the crate into a blue Ford F150, and they were boxed by a black jeep as well. Hannah puts Eric on the job to look out for the cars. When brought to NCIS premises, they are unable to tell what was in the crate. It is impossible because they are not supposed to know. As Callen and Hannah interrogate them, it is being recorded and the DSS agents are unaware of the sharp surveillance cameras. They are not letting on any facts, but Eric has discovered that the crate was reported stolen earlier. It flew out of India. That is when Callen and Hannah leave them alone. They pretend to have no conspiring plans, but soon start communicating in secrecy by writing on a sheet of paper.

In minutes, NCIS agents discover that the hijackers were caught on surveillance cameras as they unloaded the crate. From picture matchers, it turns out that that the hijackers are linked to cartel crimes in Mexico. And from the surveillance tape it turns out they have to get to a winery, because the van the hijackers are using, belong to one. When Kensi and Marty get there, they know the crate they are looking for, and soon identify it with the number. It contains an immense load of the basic chemical that is used to make meth. Before long, gunshots ring the warehouse, and Kensi and Marty take the two attackers down. However, when questioned, the winery seems to have been unaware. Marty explains that is quite possible.

By now, DSS agent Roger Clark has gotten hostile when Callen brought up his love in Malta, suggesting that he would trade his reputation and honor of serving the country, because he wants to start a family with the girl he is seeing in Malta. Now the DSS agents are in separate rooms. Callen interrogates Diane, and Hannah Roger. It turns out that they have always watched each others backs. Besides, for Diane, he is the partner – even outside DSS. However for Roger, he is seeking to start a family with the girl in Malta, but he is glad that he plays an anchoring role in Diane’s life. Listening to the interrogation are Nell and Eric, who realize that they need to get Gornte’s statements. It is three hours before his flight touches down at DC. And Callen and Hannah find out that this wasn’t the first time the DSS agents got hit. It turns out that a professor may be linked to hijacking case, although he has a clean record – the hunch comes from his connection with Gornte.

When they reach the professor’s place, he is dead. Before long, Gronte fires a shot, but Marty takes him out. They have killed Gornte, and the only solution to the case appears to be a confession from either DSS agent. Turns out that they are not revealing anything as yet, and when Hetty sees that Gronte role is dubious, she orders a swap. Hannah will interrogate Diane, and Callen will do the same on Roger. This time it turns out that Diane was ready to trade her entire career for watching Roger’s back. He had a drinking problem, which she kept from DSS, knowing that it could end his career. And with Roger’s appreciation for Diane’s focus and grit, he cannot do anything but hear her testimonial in disbelief. Then comes out the story about cartels, as Eric announces the way to carry this out.

They will use a substance that looks and tastes like the meth base, and send it to the cartel like the crate was supposed to move. Callen and Hannah will pose as the drivers serving through DSS, while Kensi and Marty will be watching their backs from a distance. When they get to the airlift zone, it turns out that Hannah will have to kill Callen as per the terms. After a few punches, when Hannah is about to make his final blow, he strikes one of the cartel goons. At that instance, Kensi and Marty have arrived and start firing. Callen frees himself, and picks up a gun. Hannah and he start shooting the ones left to be taken out.

When they arrive at NCIS HQ, they announce to the DSS agents that they have discovered emails sent from Clark’s account on the days he was in Malta. The village does not have internet, and so someone hacked his account. It turns out the person was none other than Diane, who had already established links with the cartel herself. She explains she did it as a way to get back at him for visiting that woman. He was all she really had, but he was always talking about retiring – which would leave her behind. Roger cannot believe it – she would have always been his best friend. The episode ends.