Sans Voir, Part I - Recap

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The episode begins with a guy, enjoying his drive when suddenly there is another car that drives up behind him and deliberately bangs into his car. A chase follows and later on the guy who is being followed is killed by the bald guy who was following him. But as the bald chap is about to get into his car, he too is shot from a car that is standing at a distance. Next, at the office, the guys are having their usual chit chat, when Eric signals them to come in to the computer room, announcing the new case. The guy who was being chased is Conrad weaver and the bald guy who was chasing him is Earl Mayfield. They both were in Point Blank shooting range which is an FFL, Federal Firearms licensed facility. Richard Mayfield is Point Blank’s proprietor and also earl’s uncle. Earl is an ex- army ranger and a suspected mercenary.

The others that are employed are Richard’s brother Blake, cousin Neil and step daughter Mara. Family that shoots together stays together. There is a new employee at Point Blank, Agent Renko. For some reason Renko is undercover in Point Blank. Hetty is trying to find out more about Renko’s case handler. Eric tells the team that there was a text on Earl’s phone saying that Renko is not what he seems to be. Nell says that they did send a coded message to Renko’s cell but there is no response. Hetty tells her team that before Renko’s cover is blown, they should get him out of PB. They all go to PB. Deeks and Kensi are at the shooting arena, while Callen and Hana go to the weapon store. Callen finds Renko there and he drops a hint. Renko gets out and is about to leave. But just then Blake comes and stops Renko from leaving. Deeks informs Callen that there is trouble and Renko has been made. A gun fight ensues and all the Mayfield men are killed by our team. Mara is arrested and Renko is safe. But just then there is a shot fired and Renko is killed. The cops and the NCIS team are not able to see the shooter. They rush Renko to the hospital.

Hetty is angry as the team failed to secure the area. Hetty asks the team to report to Ops, but Kensi volunteers to stay back with Renko. Neil Mayfield is in the hospital but in a coma. Mara is their only source of intel. She wouldn’t speak, so they check her hard drive. They look at the security footage of the incident. They infer the killer who shot Renko is trained. Just then Granger arrives. Hetty asks him to talk to the team as she doesn’t want to answer his questions. She is irritated that she isn’t able to access Renko’s file. Realization dawns upon her and she figures out that Granger is his handler. Granger tells Hetty that they received a tip saying that Richard’s business was dirty and that he was supplying weapons to a small terrorist ground. Renko was new and so he was telling time. The only thing Granger knows that the buyer was supposed to text Richard about the time and the place for the deal to take place.

At the lab, Eric tells them that there were two other employees in PB; Paul Manning and Walter Henderson. Paul was arrested the previous day by LAPD for DY. When in the army, Walter was enrolled for a sniper program but was washed out for misconduct. In the lab, when team is trying to link all the murders from the beginning, Kensi calls. She informs Hetty that Renko had a cardiac arrest after surgery and the doctors couldn’t save him. Renko is no more. Next, Callen and Hana interrogate Mara. She tells them that the accounting books go back to 2003. On the surface everything looks legit but actually it is not. Mara says that she has a kid and a lot of financial liabilities. Rich knew that and he paid her to keep her mouth shut. Nell tells Granger and Hetty that the deal is supposed to happen soon but she could not trace the call as it was a burn phone.

Just then Eric gets a hit where he tells them that the other employee Walter just checked into a motel. Callen and Hana go to the motel. The motel owner tells the duo that Walter is a psycho; exactly what Mara had told them about Walter. They go to the room and find Walter lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood; he has been shot dead. Now, none of this makes sense. Granger thinks that there could be some other reason for Renko to be killed. Maybe it had nothing to do with PB. Just then there is a text on Rich’s phone stating that time and address for the deal. Mara tells them that probably the earlier deals were bogus and she thinks that Richard hid the weapons.

Mara tells them that there was some problem with the back stop at the shooting range. Normally Richard would ask someone to deal with hit but this time he took care of it himself. The team goes to the shooting range and they find the hidden weapons. Next, Hetty tells the team that they will cover the area where the deal is supposed to go down. Granger says that the team will not be able to cover the entire area. But Hetty insists. Hana, Callen, Deeks and Kensi go to the decided spot. Just then three guys walk up to them and tells them that their boss has gone to get some coffee and that he will write out the check in a while. All of them realize that the three guys are phonies. One of them tells Callen that a man named Carlo picked them up and told them that they could get some extra cash by simply helping him with some crates. Carlo also wanted the three guys to stop the team and delay them. The guy Jeff tells Callen that his guy was using a rental truck.

Callen calls Nell and asks her to check. The get a hit but the driver’s face cannot be seen. Nell tells Callen that either the driver is really lucky or he exactly knows where the cameras are. Callen asks Nell about the shootings that happened. Nell tells them that all of them were shot in their jaw. Callen puts things together and he figures out who the real guy is; it is the Chameleon. Eric tells Callen that the GPS of the truck is on and he tells him the location. The four arrive at the place. They see the Chameleon standing right in front of them. The four get out of the car. Just then the Chameleon’s phone rings and Callen asks him to drop the phone. But the Chameleon still answers it.

They hear a voice screaming “HELP ME”. At a distance, there is a car and there is a woman in it. Her hands are duct taped to the steering wheel. The woman is Lauren Hunter. The Chameleon disconnects the call and the car blows up! The Chameleon surrenders. Next, Hetty is in the morgue with two dead bodies lying in front of her. Hetty is talking to Lauren’s ghost. Lauren asks her if Hetty is angry, but she tells Lauren that she feels like she is drowning. Hetty tells Lauren she is number four and that there are three others. Lauren wants to know if Hetty talks to them too. “From time to time”. Just then Granger walks in and tells Hetty that none of this makes sense. The Chameleon leads them there and then surrenders himself. He hasn’t spoken a word yet. He is going to hand him over to Callen. The episode ends.