Sans Voir, Part II - Recap

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The episode begins and Callen is interrogating The Chameleon. But he doesn’t answer to any of Callen’s questions. Just then Kensi walks in and asks them to spare a minute. The Chameleon asks Callen the time. He tells Callen that exactly after six hours; he will be walking out of this place and Callen will be holding the door for him. Next, Granger informs Callen that NSA Kelvin Atley has gone missing. Atley had accessed a file code named “Cherokee”. It is actually a cover name for a person who has information about the top most military secrets. They believe that The Chameleon has Atley. Callen goes back in the interrogation room and asks the Chameleon about Atley. The Chameleon instead tells them about the Mayfield.

He had set them up so that he could get Renko’s attention. The series of incidents was like a game of chess for the Chameleon. He countered each and every move made by Callen. He then gives Callen a login id and a password to a particular file. Eric tells them that it is a public website where the files are uploaded and anyone with the password can download the files. The password he gave Callen is Muley Hasan. The file is a video file. The video has Lauren Hunter talking on the Chameleon’s behalf, where she tells them that the Chameleon is a French national and his name is Marseille Jean Vier, also he has Atley. She says that if he doesn’t get what he wants then he will put Atley in the market and sell him to the highest bidder. He wants 50 million dollars deposited in his account by today afternoon. After saying this, Lauren tells something in a different language.

The Chameleon hits her and the video ends. So now, it is clear that the Chameleon wants to do a prisoner exchange. He wants to be set free in exchange of Atley. Now, the language Lauren spoke in is Romani and it is a cell phone number; it is a burn phone and the GPS is switched off and it was activated 3 days ago. Callen doesn’t want them to release the Chameleon. Grager tells him that it is not a choice that they could make right away. Next, Callen asks the Chameleon as to how did he get to Atley. He tells them that he got to Atley the same way he got to the rest. Everyone has a weakness. Callen and Hana figure out that if they don’t buy Atley, Iran will. Next, Eric gets a signal on the burn phone. He gives the team the address. But Granger doesn’t want Callen to go as he wants him to keep the pressure on Jean Vier.

Callen stays back and the other three leave. They arrive at the warehouse. Meanwhile, the Chameleon tells Callen that he needs to know his opponent’s next move before he does. Callen realizes that sending the team to the warehouse is a trap. He tells Eric to recall the team. Eric does that and the three try to escape. The warehouse blows up. Deeks and Kensi are fine but they don’t see Hana anywhere. But our big guy stumbles out from the backside of the warehouse; they are relieved to see that Hana is safe. Callen is furious. He tells the Chameleon to try pulling the trigger on him. Callen then has the gun pointed on Chameleon. Hetty arrives and asks Callen to stand down. Hetty wants to know whether Chameleon spoke Roman and he says that he doesn’t as well as she does. So, he knew what Lauren said in the video and he used the number to set them up. Hetty is in pain. Lauren was her favorite.

She knew her for thirty years. She asks Callen if he saw her face before she died and if she was afraid. Callen tells her that Lauren was angry and defined; but she was also afraid. Callen doesn’t want to let Chameleon walk out of this place and Hetty tells him that they don’t have a choice. Next, Eric checks the video footage in that area after the bomb was detonated. There is a car that jumped the red light. Eric begins to tell the license plate number, and Deeks completes it. How did he know? Because he is staring right at it! They walk towards the car and two guys from the crowd gathered around the warehouse, make a run for their lives. They chase the Mercedes. Eric finds out that the car is registered to the Israeli Consulate! Not good! He informs Hana. Granger tells Hana to cut them loose. Their identities have been verified by the State Department. Hana is irritated.

After hanging up the phone, Hana pretends that they are going to arrest them for attempt of murder. But they tell him that they were only looking for some- a French national! The last place they saw him was the warehouse; so they came back and staked it out. But they had no idea that the building was wired. But there is more that Deeks manages to get from them- the SD card from their camera. They are going to be really pissed. They check the photos. It appears that The Chameleon has got himself a new crew. But there is also a mystery man. But no clear shot and hence cannot be identified. They try to track down their cars. They get a hit and tell the team the location. They arrive at the condo. Kensi tells Callen that the condo manager identified Kelvin Atley and that he is on the eighteenth floor and there are seven others.

They barge into the room but find the seven guys dead; and Atley is missing. Just then Kensi sees a message on the wall and alerts the others. It says: “CHECK”. Meanwhile, Eric and Nell try to find out information about the mystery man. Next, Granger tells Hetty that the authorities aren’t happy with the way the Israeli agents were treated and they also mentioned a missing SD card. Just then the team arrives and Granger announces that the exchange will take place. Callen is pissed and thinks that Renko and Lauren died for nothing. Before the argument between Granger and Callen could get heated, Eric butts in with the information about the mystery man. His name is Nazeem Vaziri and he is Iranian. NSA believes that he has close ties with Iranian Intelligence. Callen and Hana tells Granger that the Chameleon would have told Vaziri the name that Atley knows and he is going to get paid.

Also, he will be paid by them as per his demand; Chameleon gets paid from both sides. Hettey tells Eric to check for any fund transfers into the Chameleon (Jean Vier’s) account. Granger puts his foot down and tells that they are running out o time and that they have no other plan. Hetty says that she is sorry. Next, Granger walks into the room with Callen and gives the Chameleon all the documents and a phone as per his demand. He makes a call to confirm the transfer. He then destroys the phone and puts it in a glass of water. He walks out. The four are driving along with the Chameleon. He gets them to the place where they can get back Atley.

There are news channels present. It is a strategic move. He tells Callen that Atley is in the SUV across the park. Kensi and Deeks leave the car to get Atley and Hana and Callen stay back in the car with the Chameleon. Kensi and Deeks see Atley, but he is drugged. Eric hacks into Chameleon’s bank account and there is a transfer for 50 million dollars from Tehran, Iran. So, Callen was right. Meanwhile, at the park, Callen is not ready to let Marseille Jean Vier (The Chameleon) walk away this time. He pulls the trigger on the Chameleon and finally he is dead. Callen is arrested and the entire footage is on the television. Hetty tenders her resignation that she was supposed to in 2010. With a heavy heart, Hetty sees one of her best agents being taken away by the cops. The episode ends.