Endgame - Recap

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The episode begins with Callen walking out of prison after spending a night. Hana is waiting for him. He tells Callen that he has been suspended and Hetty has resigned. Callen tells Hana that he didn’t have to come. Hana points out that they have got some company across the street; Callen sees the vehicles parked across. Hana is pissed at what Callen said. Callen gets into a cab and leaves. One of the vehicles follows the cab. Hana crosses the street and asks Vaziri what he is doing there. He warns Vaziri to stay away from Callen. Next, we see that Eric is trying to stop Callen’s arrest video from going viral. But a new one keeps popping up. Granger is on the phone with his superior.

Granger tells Hana that the Agency has started a misinformation campaign to prove to the Iranians that Atley’s information was wrong. Also, Director Vance wants to know why one of his agents shot an unarmed man. He also tells Hana that the CIA is looking for someone to take the blame. And if they don’t deliver, they would be shut down. Kensi and Deeks go into the interrogation room to talk to Atley. And they tell him that the CIA is really keen to talk to him. So, if he tells them what he knows, he doesn’t have to talk to the CIA. Atley says that he wants indemnity from prosecution. He then tells them that he only gave the Iranians Cherokee’s name, not the file.

He also says that he downloaded all the encrypted conversations between Cherokee and Langley; it proves that Cherokee was a spy for the CIA. It also lists the names of all the informants who worked covertly for the US in Iran. The file is in a safety deposit box in LA ad Jean Vier and the Iranians know about the file. He then tells them the location of the key to the safety deposit box. Next, Granger goes to meet Hetty on her yacht. He tells her that Iran is paranoid about the fact that CIA is trying to set them up. He updates her with all the information he just received. Hetty says that she wants out of this spy game and asks Granger to leave.

He leaves, but as he is leaving, we see that someone is clicking their pictures. Next, Callen is enjoying his swim in the ocean and Vaziri is waiting for him on the shore. He wants to know about the file and Callen tells him that he is not Atley. Vaziri asks Callen to state his price, but Callen walks away. Hana is watching all this from a distance. Next, Eric tells the team that a car that is registered to one of Vaziri’s company is spotted outside the bank which has the file. Granger tells them that they need to secure the file before the Iranians get to it; else they all might have to look for another job. Next, we see that Hetty drops her plans of sailing into the Atlantic and walks back; only to find Hosein Khadem waiting for her.

She always knew the reports of his death were fake as they were clearly exaggerated. Hetty talks about the current scenario and she finds out that Khadem knows too much. Khadem invites her for a cup of tea; but she declines. She then sees Vaziri in Khadem’s car. She knew that she have never trusted Khadem. She then asks Hana to come out; she knew he was hiding behind the tree as he is keeping an eye on Vaziri. Hana tells her that Langley is breathing down Granger’s neck, looking for someone to blame. He then tells her about the file and that if they don’t find it, the unit will be shut down. She tells Hana to go back home and that Callen and her, are on their own. Hetty then walks into a bar, where Callen is waiting for her.

Vaziri and Khadem also arrive at the bar, but she tells Callen to ignore them. She tells them that Iran id paranoid that they have got the wrong spy and Vaziri is trying to confirm that Atley has given them the right name. She then tells him how she knows Khadem and how he became an enemy from being an ally. She is now waiting for Khadem to make the first move. Callen loses it. He walks up to Vaziri and tells him that he will state his price; he wants Vaziri to keep Khadem away from Hetty. In return he would tell him the name of the spy in Tehran; Cherokee. Next, Granger tells the team that a call has been intercepted, where Vaziri informed Iran that an NCIS agent has confirmed the name of the spy. Now, CIA is demanding Callen’s immediate arrest and this has come from the Sec-Nav.

So, if they want to help themselves and Callen, they need to get the file. Next, Deeks and Kensi are entering the bank; they have managed to secure the key from its hiding place. Sam is also outside the bank and so are the Iranians. Kensi pulls off an amazing act and the bank guy is totally distracted by her. Deeks takes advantage of this and he gets to the safety deposit box. He secures a USB. Both of them leave the bank. But Eric tells them that the Iranians are on the move; someone from the bank must have tipped them off. They have got backup; so, Plan B. They run. They run to the parking lot and a gun fight ensues. Hana comes to their rescue. While running towards their car, Deeks drops the briefcase he had with him.

Hana tells him to leave it and they drive off. Eric, Granger and Nell watch the Iranians get hold of the briefcase. Next, Deeks tells Kensi and Hana that the arrest warrant for Callen just went out. Eric informs the team that something major went down in Tehran after they received Atley’s USB and 30 minutes ago they sent an encrypted email to Vaziri Granger wants that decrypted d Eric says that they aren’t allowed that level of access where they could look over NSA’s shoulders as they decrypt it. Granger asks him to “just do it”. Eric manages to hack into the NSA’s systems. The message reads that Vaziri needs to get back to Callen for confirming conflicting information and take “necessary measures”.

Since Vaziri got the message 30 minutes ago, Granger knows that they are too late to rescue Callen. Next, we see that Vaziri has got Callen. Callen tells him the same thing that he told him earlier. Vaziri is pissed and asks Khadem to kill Hetty. Callen asks him to stop. He then tells him that all this was a lie and a conspiracy by the CIA to eliminate the man they fear the most as he cannot be bought. Atley then traded this information with Jean Vier. Vaziri tells him that the whole world saw Callen killing Jean Vier. Callen tells him that the only one who can tell him the whole truth is Jean Vier himself; he is alive! Cut to Granger and Hana telling Jean Vier that it is time to go for a ride.

Callen tells Vaziri that they staged his murder so that Vaziri would believe that he had nothing to lose. He now offers another trade; him for Jean Vier; the man Tehran paid 50 million dollars for the false information. They agree to the trade. Vaziri arrives at the decided spot with Callen and Hana arrives with Jean Vier. Callen and Jean Vier walk past each other, and Callen says, “Checkmate”. Hana gives Callen his badge and gun. Hetty rejoins work. Time for an operational de-brief: Cherokee has been released and promoted for his troubles. His specific duty now on is to protect the Tehran government from foreign spies.

The Agency wants to know why they worked up this audacious plan and didn’t include them in it!! cut to the flashback where Hetty devices the last part where she fakes her resignation and Callen will shoot Jean Vier; the only way to make them believe. At the bank, Deeks had replaced the USB with another one and all they had to do was make sure it fell into the Iranian hands. Before Granger leaves he tells Hetty that there is one problem; body washed up at the Marina this morning, Hosein Khadem. He was shot; guess he had a fall out with Vaziri. Hetty smiles; she asks Granger that they could talk over a cup of tea, or maybe something stronger. The episode ends.