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Recruit - Recap

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The episode begins with three men getting out of a vehicle and entering a small building; this is in Afghanistan. Their movements are being watched by the marines. The marines have a positive id on target AAA and launch an attack on the building. One of the targets exits the building and the building blows up. The man runs away. Next, Callen is standing at his sister’s grave and Hetty tells him that he should replace the hedge stone with the correct name. He tells her that this helps him pretend to think that his sister is out there somewhere. Sam has got a new chair and he wants his old one back. Eric says that it is gone for charity.

Sam is not okay with it and wants Eric to get back his old chair. Well, it is on its way to a girls’ school in Nigeria. Sorry Sam! Sam throws his chair to the ground and breaks it!! Next, Nell educates the team about Adnan Al-Ahmadi; also known as AAA. He is a bomb maker for Al-Qaeda. He nearly escaped a drone strike. When they checked the place, they identified the remains of a lot of his associates and one of them is an American Marine; David Adams. His investment ended 18 months ago and so he isn’t supposed to be in the Middle East. They need to find out what he was doing in Afghanistan. Adams comes from a highly decorated Marine family. The family is refusing to accept that David was in Afghanistan; let alone that he is dead.

Callen and Sam go to talk to Marine officer Denise Young. Young tells them that Ahmadi has always been one step ahead of them and that they have recovered documents from him which show that he has in depth knowledge of their operational procedures. Fortunately most of them are outdated but they are all classified. And that could have gone to them only through someone from the Marine unit. They suspect David. But Sam says that David did not display any such tendencies when he was in the core. So, why turn traitor now? Kensi and Deeks are talk to David’s parents and his mother tells them that David was glad that his tour ended. He liked being a Marine but he was eager to start a new chapter of his life.

His father tells them that he promised them that he would return in one piece. David loved his girlfriend to death and was also planning to join school. So there is no way that he would have gone back to Afghanistan. He doesn’t know much about what David did as it was mostly classified. Deeks asks him that if it wasn’t David, who was killed, then where is his son? Eric and Nell find out that eight days ago, David took his first flight from LA to Cincinnati and then changed multiple flights till he arrived Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Kensi, Deeks, Sam, and Callen try to figure out why David went back to Afghanistan. They think that since David had access to a lot of intel, he probably went to make profit out of something he found.

Eric calls Callen and tells him that they found proof that David went to Abu Dhabi but haven’t found out how he got into Afghanistan. Also, there was a $2500 deposit made into his account that originated in Dubai. Deeks and Kensi go to talk to David’s girlfriend, Mary Clark. Mary is sure that there is no reason for David to go back to his Afghanistan. They tell Mary that David quit his job two weeks ago. Mary tells them that David got a new job in Alaska in an oil company. He changed his job as she is pregnant and that David thought that they are going to need more money now. He didn’t tell his parents anything as he was waiting for the right time. Callen and Sam then talk to Jason Smith, a man who took two tours with David to Afghanistan.

Smith tells them that David was very sympathetic towards the Afghanis and thought that they required a lot of help; but he was not a traitor. Smith thinks that if David went to Afghanistan without telling anyone then his first guess is that David was working for the CIA. Hetty gets off the phone and tells her team that Langley swears that David was not working for the CIA. Eric and Nell find out that David was hired by a company named ATAMA, which provides security and protection all over the world. It is a private security firm; high pay for a dangerous job and that is why David did not tell anybody about his new job. Hetty tells her team to turn the heat up at ATAMA security. Callen and Sam go to the security company.

The place is empty. They announce themselves and a guy begins shooting at them. Nice customer service! They manage to tackle the guy and take him to the office. His name is Danny Levian. Danny tells them that he only answers the phones and there is no one else in the office. There is another guy named Jones who also is in the office; but he hasn’t seen him since last week. Callen tries to intimidate him and asks him about David. But Danny denies recognition. Meanwhile, Eric and Nell are at the ATAMA office. They soon figure that an ATAMA security is a scam; but that still doesn’t explain why David was in Afghanistan. Eric and Nell update the team that four of the employees of ATAMA were former military and the rest are missing. These guys were never heard from after reaching Dubai.

They claim that they are a decade old company, Eric still hasn’t been able to trace their origins before the last three months, and he still couldn’t find out where they are based. So it is a glorified company for identity thefts; but someone still wired money to these guys. Why? It turns out that they aren’t only stealing identities; they are stealing people and supplying them to people like Ahmadi. Callen and Sam tell Hetty that they want to go to Dubai. After a bit of reluctance, Hetty agrees. In Dubai, a man is waiting for someone named John Harris. Hetty, Nell, and Eric are watching them through the button cameras that are installed on the team. Sam stops Harris from reaching this man and Callen walks up to this guy as John Harris. But he doesn’t buy it.

Deeks tases the man and Kensi takes him away on a wheel chair. But all this is done smoothly and no one in the crowded airport senses anything wrong. They bring the man to a desert and ask him about Ahmadi and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t co-operate. Next, they drive to a torn down building. Callen is sitting next to that man with his gun aimed at him. Sam gets off the running vehicle and sneaks into that building. Callen introduces himself as John Harris. Ahmadi senses that something isn’t right. Just then a woman (Kensi) arrives wearing a burkha and Deeks arrives in a cab. A gun fight ensues and the team has Ahmadi and Omar, the guy from the airport, at their gun point.

Hetty is happy with her team’s work. The team is on their flight back home, and Deeks is showing his vacation photos to Kensi. She isn’t interested in seeing them at all. She is glad when Sam shows interests in seeing those pictures and she gets up and sits next to Callen. Hetty is in the ops area and she turns on the surveillance screen. She sees that Kensi is sleeping on Callen’s shoulders and Deeks is resting his head on Sam’s shoulders. She laughs. The episode ends.