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Dead Body Politic - Recap

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The episode begins with Clay talking on the phone with Tom telling him that he wants to talk to Monica. He tells him that he doesn’t like the neighborhood as it feels like a war zone. As he is about to cross the road, he is run over by a car; it looks like a hit and run. Two people from the pizzeria Clay had just visited, witness the accident. Next, Callen, Hetty and Sam are working out and Nell realizes that Hetty is a political”junkie’. She is about to discuss about the Presidential debate that will be held tonight and she says that she will if she is in front of the TV. The group warns Nell against discussing politics with Hetty.

Granger calls Callen. He is waiting for the team in ops. He shows them the recorded footage of Clay’s accident and tells them that he died on impact. Clay worked for Monica Tenez, who is running for Senator. So, why is a hit and run case an NCIS case? Well, Granger shows them footage where they see that the car that hit Clay arrived at the scene and waited for Clay to appear. Granger wants them to find out if this murder had to do something with Tenez’s Campaign and are the others in danger as well. And if it is, it is an issue of national security. Clay lived alone and Callen tells Kensi to check out Clay’s house with Deeks. Kensi find that Clay was working on his resume; looks like he was planning to quit; maybe because of Tenez was slipping on the polls.

They wonder if his plans of quitting the campaign had something to do with his murder. Callen and Sam visit the campaign office. Eric and Nell brief them about the guys involved in the campaign. Jack Caldwell, the campaign manager. He has a 90% success rate and is disliked by his opponents. Rebecca Collins heads Tenez’s fund raising campaigns. Andrew Ryan, head of Security. They then talk to Tenez who happens to know the names of all her employees. She tells them that Clay was liked by everybody. He used to mail receipts to the donors. She tells them that Clay wanted to talk to her about something and that he called last night; but when she was on the line, he wasn’t there. This was around 9.30 at night. She knows she has a lot of enemies; and some of them wished that she would just “go away’. As they leave, Lisa comes up to them and tells them that Clay was scared of something that he found in the mail.

She hands over a picture to them which has five faces and KILL written across them; Tenez is one of the faces. At the office, Nell knows that all the five faces are running for the Senate. Granger asks Nell and Eric to find out what they have in common. Sam and Callen show Tenez the picture and they advice her to ramp up the security. But, Ryan says that it is not necessary. They also want access to their campaign servers. Caldwell says that this will take a week. Deeks and Kensi go to meet Tenez’s opponent, Senator Dick Osborne. He knows about the list as it is very difficult to keep secrets in this game. Osborne says that the reason he is able to beat Tenez is that she is too nice and that makes her weak in politics.

He also tells them that “a little birdie?’ told him that Tenez is planning to drop out of the race. At the office, the entire team watches Tenez on TV where she says that she is not going to back out from the race just because she is threatened. This one has some spirit! And Kensi thinks that the country needs a politician of her kind. So, Hetty says that they need to get her out of this. Eric and Nell find nothing in common between the five candidates (targets). Hetty feels that they should place some in the campaign office; someone smart and irresistible; and that is Kensi. Hetty knows that Kensi likes Tenez and so she needs to be extremely alert and not let her passion cloud her judgment. Kensi then goes to the campaign office and Caldwell likes her confidence.

She then accidentally (intentionally) drops coffee on Caldwell and he goes in to change his shirt. Taking advantage of the moment, she plugs in a drive on his computer and Eric downloads all the files. Kensi gets the job of a ‘glorified envelope licker’. She needs to post receipts to all the donors. Nell finds a weird email sent to the office and one of them says that ‘last night was just the taste of what is to come’. Eric traces the IP and Callen and Sam arrest the guy. His name is ED Mosker and he maintains a fringe blog, the Anarchist pastry book. He denies sending the last message. He feels that someone has set him up or sent that message using his screen name. Callen feels that he is telling the truth.

Deeks arrives and tells them that Caldwell has been making political promises for a good pay and these promises are in conflict with Tenez’s position on those issues. At a campaign rally, Kensi gets a chance to meet Tenez. She introduces herself as the ‘new girl’. Kensi looks around and sees a sniper at the top of the building and she quickly pushes Tenez to the ground. Tenez realizes she isn’t an ordinary campaign worker and Kensi tells her that she is a Federal Agent. Tenez gets back in her car and drives away. Later, Tenez declares to her team that she is dropping out of the race as she doesn’t think that her campaign is worth losing another life. She is going to declare it at the fund raiser tonight. Hetty feels that they have been focusing so much on the outside threat that they failed to check the in-house threat; the campaign itself!

At the fund raiser, Kensi learns that today’s event was organized by Rebecca. Ryan tells her that Rebecca hasn’t managed to raise enough funds and he is surprised that they have managed to keep the lights on for this long, given the current state of things. Nell, Erica, Hetty and Granger manage to get a peek into the financials of Tenez’s campaign and they find that the funds are being reverted elsewhere. At the fund raiser, Kensi recalls the incident and realizes that Tenez wasn’t the target at all; it was Rebecca. No one knew where she was except for the people in the office. Nell finds out that there are two signatories on the second account where the money is being reverted. One is Rebecca and the other is Lisa!

Lisa is after the money. At the fund raiser, Kensi takes Rebecca and Lisa to the kitchen. When she learns that it was Lisa behind all this, she aims at Lisa. Lisa too has a gun on her. Lisa tries to shoot at Kensi, but Kensi gets her shot at Lisa. Tenez arrives and Kensi tells her that it is all over. Tenez says that it is not and leaves. Next, Kensi arrives to meet Hetty. They discuss the case where Clay had found out about the money being reverted but didn’t know that Lisa was behind it. And he turned to Lisa with his funding and Lisa took care of him. And she always planned to kill Rebecca.

Kensi leaves and it is time for the Presidential debate. Hetty picks up the phone and tells the person on the other side to direct the first question to the President! The episode ends.