Rude Awakenings (Part 2) - Recap

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The episode begins with Hetty walking into the Operations and asking if they have all seven cities online. Eric says Dallas and Houston are audio only and the rest they have. Since the status on all the cities are Phase Line Green, she orders the command to be executed. We see that Deeks and Kensi are in San Diego. Kensi walks towards a house with a package and calls out to Mr. Andrews as his package has been delivered to her house. But no one is answering and Callen gives orders to barge in. the whole team gets into the house and find a man sitting on a chair; dead. All the seven cities have just one thing to report; TARGET DECEASED.

Looks like Andrews had been tortured and the FSBs made it look like they didn’t find what they were looking for, when actually they might have found it. They are pros. Hetty tells them that all the other nine sleeper agents in the other cities have been tortured. So, Sidirov has seven different teams; seems like an expensive operation. So they need to haste up their investigation before Sidirov gets to the bomb. Granger is in the ops and they brief him about Sidirov, who is an arms dealer and how FSB hired him to investigate Turner. Sidirov learned about the sleeper agents and now has this brilliant idea to get to the bombs.

Since FSB inherited the KGB files, they had a good chance of accessing the list of the agents. Hetty thinks it is time to have a conversation with Arkady Kolcheck, a former KGB. Arkady tells Callen and Sam that Sidirov has a wine fetish and Callen asks Eric to checkout some wine storage facilities. Arkady gets worried when he learns that they have discovered a nuclear bomb. Sam and Callen lave and they realize that they are being tailed. They then manage to corner their tail and the guys draw guns each other. Sam knows one of the guys, Agent Snyder, CIA and was with him in the task force. They don’t like each other. Snyder tells them that they need to get an undercover agent into Sidirov’s gang and that too someone he trusts.

Sam says that they will co-operate only if this is a joint mission; else no deal. Snyder agrees. In the ops, Sam tells Nell and Eric to call him first before they call Granger. Sam says that this is personal and the two don’t want him to explain. Callen wants to know what this is all about. Sam tells him that he, Turner and Snyder were together in the task force. Three other agents were put undercover to get to Sidirov. But they didn’t get out alive. Snyder has a plan but he is too careless about the lives of his agents. Sam says that they need to get close to Sidirov first so that they can run this. But Callen knows that Granger won’t keep this from the CIA and he will bring in Sidirov as soon as he knows about Sidirov.

At Andrew’s place, Nell tells Deeks and Kensi that there are no storage facilities in the nearby area. Deeks sees that the cops have found heavy glass lifters in the belongings. What is a teacher doing with those? Kensi asks Nell to pull up the house permits. There are no basements. Deeks has an idea and he starts stomping the floor and asks the rest to do the same. One part of the floor sounds different and they uses the suckers to lift that piece of the floor. In the ops, Nell and Eric track an associate of Sidirov; Dmitri Greshnev. They then scanned the hotel footage where Gresnev is staying and they find one where Sidirov arrives at the hotel. Granger arrives and asks them to get in touch with Snyder.

Just then Kensi calls saying that they found something; it is a room under the floor. Deeks says that it is a good thing that they found Sidirov; as he has got at least one bomb from Andrews’. Granger wants them to inform the FBI about one missing bomb. Granger wants to inform Snyder. Eric distracts him with the working of a 35 year old nuclear bomb while Sam talks to Hetty. Sam wants them to place the agent so that they can keep the agent safe. The duo tells Hetty that they need more time. Eric tells Granger that the bomb is definitely functional. The duo is planning to meet Arkady again. Granger asks Hetty what is going on.

The duo asks Arkady about any man who wants to kill Sidirov and he tells them about Kirkin, who control heroin trade in West Russia and Sidirov killed his brother. Sam asks the guy who Kirkin used for hitting US and he tells him that his name is Varlamov; a professional and proficient guy who takes care of Kirkin’s dirty business. They get to Victor Varlamov and tell him that he killed a girl who his boss impregnated and wanted to rid of. Sam pulls a fake attack and Victor takes that moment to flee. Kensi gets a pic of him running and Deeks tackles him on his way out of the building. But they are all stumped when they see Granger. Granger tells Sam that he has got his back. Hetty is going down the line for him and so is he.

Sam asks Callen if Quinn is ready. Who is Quinn? Well, she is what all this is about. Next, Callen is on the roof with a rifle and Granger is outside the hotel. Deeks enters Sidirov’s room and bugs it. Callen fires shots on the ground and Sidirov runs into the hotel. Two men are headed towards Callen and Kensi. Callen walks past them and Kensi is on the phone telling the cops that she saw a man running down the stairs. The men check her phone and see the video of Victor running down the stairs. In the ops, they see that Sidirov recognizes Victor from the video and wants Kirkin dead. He wants his lieutenant to hire a hit-man. Sam says that they need to get in touch with Quinn fast.

He then checks with Nell who is preparing a rock solid fake for Sam. Sam tells Callen that this is what he was afraid of. Next, we see that Sam is walking out of a prison and gets into a car and kisses the woman waiting in the car. Someone is clicking his pictures. Quinn and Sam are in bed and Sam says that it has been a long time since they made love like that. Guess marriage changes everything. Sidirov’s men barge into the room searching for Quinn. Later, we see that Quinn and Sam meet Sidirov and Quinn introduces Sam as David Forman and her partner and he is very good. Sidirov tells her the job is to kill Kirkin and he doesn’t want to see Sam as he doesn’t like him. He hates sharing his women. Sam walks away.

Next, Sam is frustrated and is punching at everything in the gym. He hasn’t heard from Quinn. In the ops, the team learns that there are three bombs with Sidirov now. Granger arrives with the news that a woman’s body has been found. But we then see that the dead woman is Anna, the girl Sidirov was travelling with. Snyder thinks that Sidirov didn’t want his style to be cramped since Quinn is back. Sam receives a message and Snyder knows it s Quinn telling him that she is fine; and he is right! Sidirov is on a flight but Snyder knows that he will be back as he gave Quinn a quarter of a million in advance; won’t be for nothing.

And then the fun begins. But later, they get into an argument about Quinn and Sam bashes up Snyder. Deeks and Kensi are lost. Callen tells them that Sam and Quinn worked together in the same task force and they fell in love. Next, Sam is home with Quinn and he says that he thought that marriage would put an end to all of this. We see that Quinn is a cop and his wife. She says that returning to this makes her feel alive. And they need to get Sidirov first. Sam agrees and he removes his wedding ring. The episode ends.