Skin Deep - Recap

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The episode begins with the driver of an ambulance reporting a case of multiple fractures and pulmonary contusions. The ambulance is taking the victim to the hospital and a van pulls up in front of the ambulance. A man gets out and shoots the ambulance driver. A man who is standing next to his car clicks pictures of all this on his phone. The shooter then shoots the ER guy sitting with the victim. He then pulls out a knife, works on the victim and leaves. The guy who is taking the pictures hides. At the precinct, everyone is waiting for food and Deeks has gone to pick it up.

Deeks comes with a hazelnut and mango chutney sandwiches and the others run to the kitchen to get some food; whatever is remaining that is. Eric calls them to the ops. Hetty tells the team that the victim was a Civilian Naval technology scientist Kevin Stone. He was already in a critical condition and the attacker used the knife of him for some kind of a personal touch. This was shot on a smart phone and uploaded online on a file sharing website. Stone was looking into some surveillance project for a while now and he is single and has no priors. Callen and Sam are supposed to meet Stone’s supervisor at the naval lab. Deeks and Kensi need to work on the report and Eric and Nell need to trace the id of the man who shot and posted this video.

Callen and Sam meet Andrew Hughes and he tells them that Stone was working very hard off late as he was looking forward to attend a conference in London. Stone was developing tools to streamline the surveillance process; nothing sensitive and most of their work is pretty mundane. In the coroner’s lab, Rose Carlyle enquires about Nate and Kensi tells her that since he is undercover, they don’t know much about his personal life. Rose then tells them that there was something implanted inside Stone and it seems to have been removed by the killer. They inform Callen and he confronts Hughes. They want to know what Stone was working on.

He tells them that Stone was working on a high end surveillance technique and if it gets in the hands of the enemies, it will set their program back by five years. Now that is not mundane work! Nell tells the team that the technology is called ISEEP. It is a small device about the size of an aspirin and some motors are as small as a grain of sand. Hetty tells them tha the military has been developing this technology for years. The enemies could never manufacture a device like this but they could develop technology to render it ineffective. They find out that Stone was going to London; but he was also going to make a stop in Istanbul. The smart phone shooter is Lance Eddings and he lives in a small apartment in Hollywood. He was abandoned by his parent at the age of 3 and was raised in foster cares.

Kensi and Deeks go to Lance’s apartment and Sam and Callen search Stone’s house. Callen learns from Stone’s laptop that he was into day trading and had accounts with several brokerages. And his recent transactions show that he was pretty desperate. He was on painkillers and antibiotics prescribed two weeks ago. And the doctor is Adam Keller from Westside Beautification Center. Kensi and Deeks go to Lance’s apartment. Kensi looks at some magazine and states the he seems to be into conspiracy theories. He is also a surfer. Time to go surfing! Sam and Callen go to a clubhouse to find Adam Keller and they find him in his car with a bullet in his head. Eric and Nell tells Hetty that Homeland has flagged a Turkish diplomat Demir, arriving in the States and has Iranian agents working for him.

The Turkish government is aware of the accusations but since Demir is highly respected, their hands are tied. Deeks tells the team that Lance spends his weekend with the famous surfer Sonny Amador and his boys. He was big at one time but then a knee injury laded him on the sidelines and he was then arrested for some low level crimes like weed possession etc. Hetty tells them that Lance is their last chance and so Deeks and Kensi will have to go surfing and meet Sonny so that they could get to Lance. Deeks does a good job befriending sonny and he agrees to buy him and his guys’ beer. Kensi arrives at the bar and Deeks flirts with her. He buys her an expensive drink; double. Eric tells Hetty that forensics reports say that they found aluminum silicate at both the crime scene and when this is mixed with water, it forms clay.

Nell gets a hit on Demir’s credit card and gets the name of the restaurant he is in. Sam and Callen go to the restaurant and talk to the owner. He admits that Demir is a family friend. He needed his car and so he gave it to him. At the bar, one guy recognizes Deeks as Deeks had arrested him a while back. Lance walks in. this could be trouble. Before the guy could blow his cover, Deeks punches him. Kensi follows Lance who runs towards his van and he drives away. In the ops they trace the van to a girl named Freedom Weinberg. Deeks and Kensi get out of the bar. They get hold of Lance, and bring him in for interrogation. Lance agrees to help and leads them to a guy named Martinez. But Eric and Nell find out that Martinez is a small time drug dealer and has an alibi that he was someplace else during Stone’s murder.

Lance is protecting someone. Lance then tells Deeks and Kensi that he wants to talk to Sonny. Eric informs the team that moments ago Sonny’s body was found by the cops; shot to death. They realize that Sonny was connected to this and lance knows something. This time Callen goes in to talk to Lance. He shows Lance the picture of Sonny’s dead body and he tells him that this is because of him as he is protecting the man who killed Stone in the ambulance. Callen manages to get Lance to talk. He tells him that he called Sonny after he saw what happened and Sonny told him to send him the video. Sonny planned to extort some money from the killer and asked Lance to follow him. Only a part of the video was posted online to show the killer that they could screw him if they want.

Lance admits that he led them to the wrong guy so that Sonny could go to the killer and get the money for the video. But Sonny ended up losing his life. Eric then downloads the entire video from Sonny’s cell phone and the killer is Clint Sears. He is connected to the Al-Qaida family. Sears and Stone frequented the same restaurant over the past month. Sam feels that Sears is the middle man between Stone and Demir. Sears must have been following Stone to make sure that he got to the airport and saw that he got into an accident. So he followed the ambulance and cut the device out of him. Eric and Nell hack into Demir’s and Sears’ computers and they figure out where both of them are headed. Nell then finds out that Sears is into ceramic classes and has entered a lot of competitions.

That explains the aluminum silicate. Hetty is sure that the exchange will take place somewhere at the classes as Sears would like to be on familiar grounds. Demir is headed towards Malibu and Eric figures out a way to slow him down; he hacks into the traffic system and slows down the traffic and Demir is stuck. Sam, Callen, Deeks and Kensi go to the ceramic classes and they find Sears hiding there. A gunfight ensues and Sears is shot. They retrieve the device from Sears. Next, the fantastic four are on the beach; Callen and Sam waiting for food and Deeks and Kensi are surfing. Hetty calls Callen and tells him that the device is back to the naval base and Demir is on his way back to Turkey and the CIA is keeping a close watch on him. The episode ends.