The Gold Standard - Recap

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The episode begins with a robbery at the LA Live Center. The robbers are wearing costumes of a clown, a gorilla, etc. They rob the van, shoot the guards guarding the goods and then blow it off. At the precinct, Sam is doing some paper work and Callen and Kensi didn’t show up on time as they did not want to do it. Deeks is not to be seen. Granger arrives and tells Kensi that Deeks is testifying on a particular case and so he would be assisting Kensi on field. Oh No! Eric signals them to arrive at the ops. Nell and Eric then show them the footage of the robbery. Thanks to lots of traffic cameras; they got a lot of footage and details of what went down.

One of the guards has survived, despite a head injury and the cargo was 100 gold bars, the kind used in international markets, banks and IMF. And the total worth is 70 million dollars!! Hetty arrives and tells the team that the gold is an interest payment on a trillion dollar loan they have from China for a particular project. So, they need to recover it. Sam and Callen reach the crime scene and take a looks around. It seems to be an odd place to conduct a heist. The robbers have left nothing behind. They recreate the scene. Sam finds blood nearby and they follow the trail and Sam freaks out when he sees the clown (who was one of the robbers) lying dead in the trash can.

So, our strong man is scared of clowns!! At the ops, Nell tells them that this clown is Clive Mayfield; he has done time for armed robbery. They have also pulled up information on Clive’s associates. Kensi is on her way to talk to the injured guard. Eric and Nell see that Sam is missing and Callen tells them that he is dealing with something. Eric knows the “thing”; it is coulrophobia, fear for clowns. Nell asks Eric if he has some irrational fears and he begins to tell her about this one nightmare where he arrives at the ops and it is dark. But someone is there and is holding something in the lap.

But before he could finish the story, Hetty arrives and tells them to get back t work if they don’t want their paychecks to bounce this week. Sam and Callen go to check the clown’s house. It looks like he left in a hurry. They find an empty glass cage which is used for holding a large case; and it is empty! They don’t want to look anymore and they leave! Kensi goes to the hospital to talk to Jack Williams. He was shot in the head and he tells her that he doesn’t remember anything. He says that he doesn’t even recognize his wife and children. Kensi hands over her card to him and leaves. Granger doesn’t believe Jack completely.

He wants a guard outside the room. Kensi thinks that Granger doesn’t believe Jack but Granger tells her that there is a possibility that the robbers would come back to finish an incomplete job. Nell calls Callen and tells him that she got a hit on a clown costume. He tells her to give it to Kensi; Callen knows that Sam wouldn’t be comfortable in following that lead. They also tell her to check snake supplies for a big snake. Granger and Kensi go to the costume stoe and ask the owner to hand over the surveillance tapes. At the ops, Eric and Nell tell the team that the guy who bought the costumes id Duncan Walsh and he too has a long rap sheet; somewhat similar to Clive’s.

Callen, Sam and Kensi go to the last address listed under Walsh. The find three bodies on the floor; looks like they were executed. There are all of them except Walsh; the one they are looking for! They identify the three dead men as the robbers at the Live Center. Duncan was the cargo van driver. Kensi tells Callen and Sam that Duncan was spending a lot off late buying dinners, jewelry and women’s lingerie. They check hi sphone list and find lot of calls made to Gloria Bryant. Kensi goes to meet Gloria and asks her about Duncan’s whereabouts. Gloria tries to escape through the backdoor but Kensi had predicted this.

She then shows Gloria the pictures of the dead men and tells her that Duncan could be next and that she has to tell her where he is. At the office, Hetty tells Granger that despite Deeks isn’t an NCIS, he is a part of her team and if anything happens to him, she would take it personally. Sam, Callen and Kensi go to a parking lot where they find Duncan in a car; dead. They also find the gold in the back of the car. Weird. Callen thinks that he was expecting something more festive. At the office, Hetty congratulates her team. But Sam tells her that there is one more man unaccounted for and maybe he is the one who killed all of the others. This was too easy. Something is not right. They drill one of the gold bars; it is tungsten. So, who would want to steal fake gold? Callen thinks that maybe they didn’t know that the gold was fake.

They need to find out who is buying so much of tungsten. Hetty fears that if the word gets out that America’s banking reserves are compromised, it would create havoc. This seems to be like a terrorist attack on the American economy and iif this gets out then their economy would be finished; forever. Now, the guy who was wearing the gorilla mask is still missing. Nell asks Eric to run the tungsten with the smelting facilities. Kensi has a strange encounter with Granger and according to Sam everything about Granger is strange. Nell asks Sam if he still needs to know about the reptile supplies and he says that he doesn’t need that anymore. Eric arrives and declares that one Carlisle Industry received a half ton shipment for tungsten last week. They go to Carlisle Industry and Kensi renders the guy at the front desk unconscious and they three go in.

They see that there are four guys inside and they manage to get one by one. Sam has a close call with the fourth guy who is smelting the tungsten and Callen and Kensi shoot him. They find the identical gold bars lying around. They also find the gorilla costume that the man was wearing during the robbery. Next, Kensi pays Jack a visit at the hospital and is glad to know that he is recovering. At the HQ, Eric tells the trio that they got a hit on the man in the gorilla mask; he is an Iranian, Jahveed Abbasi. He is involved in a lot of terrorist activities. This was an attack on the economy and they stopped it! Hetty is proud but she also wants them to keep this whole thing a secret. This should never get out. They all leave for the day. The episode ends.